Every Facility At Base Camp And What You Can Make There In Silent Hope

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While you’ve got plenty to do in the Abyss alone as you play through Silent Hope, you’ll need to constantly be processing raw materials into usable goods back up on the surface. Thankfully, heroes that aren’t busy exploring the Abyss occupy themselves with helping the team on the expedition.



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With six regular facilities (each with several levels of available upgrades) and the Princess’ Great Crystal waiting at Base Camp up on the surface, you and your seven heroes will be in top shape for the expeditions ahead. In this guide, we’re detailing what services each facility in Silent Hope provides.

What Are Facilities?

the caster using the cauldron at the atelier at base camp in silent hope

In Silent Hope, the facilities up at Base Camp are your means to process resources you collect in the Abyss into usable materials for things like making dishes, creating new weapons, upgrading gear, and more.

Each layer of the Abyss has its own regional resources, with the material in the lower levels required for the best gear in Silent Hope. Regardless, you can process every kind of one resource at one shop.

While you’ve already no doubt seen how your seven heroes behave in combat, walking through Base Camp shows that your heroes each run a facility. These jobs may be related to their combat expertise – the Farmer uses a pitchfork in combat and also runs the Fields – or a simple act of service to aid in the mission at hand.

Bringing a working hero into combat does not stop the work at their facility. The Wanderer takes over facilities for active heroes, so their work never has to be paused.

Interact with the hero to use their shop. From here, you’re able to select items to process either individually or in a group of three, with grouped items requiring more time to process.

the ranger at the fields at base camp in silent hope

Your hero will process materials while you’re in the Abyss, and you’ll receive pop-up notifications in the top-right corner that tell you when a product is ready to be picked up when you’re back on the surface the next time you return to Base Camp.

Items from the Atelier, Workshop, Farm, and Fields require time to process before they’re ready to be picked up. Much unlike those facilities, though, items from the Kitchen and Forge are available immediately.

Upgrade Facilities To Unlock New Slots

By default, you start with three slots at each facility, and this works out in the earlier levels of the game. But as you dive deeper into the Abyss and find new resources in Silent Hope, you’ll quickly need more options for processing.

Thankfully, you can upgrade your facilities periodically as they gain enough experience – denoted by the white and blue triangular meter in the bottom-left corner – which will provide additional slots for the cost of runes.

Each facility can be upgraded ten times, so while this does become quite expensive before long, be sure to expand their capabilities as you get further into the Abyss.

All Base Camp Facilities And What They Do

the warrior crafting a weapon at the forge in silent hope

In the table below, we’ve detailed each facility at Base Camp in Silent Hope to help you process your materials quickly.

Every Facility At Base Camp In Silent Hope

Facility Name


Wait Times?

Run By

Great Crystal

Appraise the mysterious Mementos you’ve found in the Abyss, change class, or check in on challenges


The Princess


Process fodders into animal products for use in dishes at the Kitchen




Process seeds into crops for use in dishes in the Kitchen.




Prepare a variety of dishes to bring with you into the Abyss, which grant different stat boosts and effects depending on the recipe




Processes stones, ores, and crystals into usable material for weapons and accessories at the Forge




Processes logs into lumber to make usable material for weapons and accessories at the Forge




Fabricate the items in your Memories to create new weapons and accessories, or upgrade the ones you’re currently using



Just to the right of the entrance to the Abyss is a wooden chest where you can change gear for your heroes before an expedition, or check your storage to de-clutter.

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