Every Ending In Cyberpunk 2077, Ranked Best


  • Cyberpunk 2077 has six different endings and an additional secret one, all of which end with a pull-out of the main character.
  • The Path of Least Resistance ending is the worst and most unsatisfying, leaving many plot threads unresolved.
  • The Star ending is the most satisfying and has a romantic sendoff, while the Temperance ending nicely wraps up Johnny’s story.



One cool aspect of Cyberpunk 2077, compared to other ARPGs, is that the endings are completely different. A lot of times, there are variations in the ending that matter, like The Witcher 3. That game only has three core endings, but much of the details depend on other choices.

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Cyberpunk, on the other hand, actually has six completely different endings and an additional secret one. All of them end with a pull-out of the main character, so you’re directly observing it, which is a nice way of making them feel special. Most of the endings are really good, so it’s tough to pick favorites.

Spoiler Warning

7 Path Of Least Resistance Ending

Cyberpunk 2077 V and Johnny silverhand during bad ending

Easily, the worst ending available in Cyberpunk is the Path of Least Resistance. Instead of entering Arasaka Tower for the big climatic finale like every other ending, you simply end it all on Misty’s rooftop. Not only is this ending incredibly unsatisfying, but it leaves so many plot threads unresolved.

Adam Smasher is a very well-built-up villain, and his final boss role fits the story perfectly. What’s the point of all that build-up if there’s no resolution to that in this ending? There’s not even an achievement for getting this ending, unlike all the other main ones, which should be an indicator that even the developers don’t want you to choose it.

6 Devil Ending

Cyberpunk 2077 arasaka engineer in arasaka Devil ending

While not the worst outcome, the Devil ending is still pretty bleak. You trust and go along the side of Arasaka here, and it’s a big mistake. The final mission takes place in a space station, highlighting how distant and isolated you have become from the rest of the game’s cast.

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You’re given a choice of spending your final six months on Earth or merging your engram. The ending’s quite effective in how bleak it is and definitely makes you regret your choices. The issue with it is that it makes V look incredibly dumb. Arasaka has been portrayed as the bad guys throughout almost the entire plot, so V choosing to trust them obviously leads to a bad outcome.

5 Secret Ending

Johnny about to do the secret ending mission in Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red didn’t need to include a secret ending to this game. They did, however, and the results are pretty sick. Accessing it is a bit complicated, including having to wait three minutes, but you get a total power fantasy in return. You break into Arasaka Tower through the front gate all by yourself, like your Neo from The Matrix.

Fittingly, this is the hardest final mission to do. Bring your best weapons here, and complete as much as you can beforehand to prepare. If you die, the credits roll, making it even harder. The one downside that keeps this ending rather low is that while the mission itself is different, the outcome is unfortunately not. That’s a bit disappointing, but it is a secret ending, so it’s excusable.

4 Star Ending

Cyberpunk 2077 panam palmer in the Star ending

In terms of romantic companions, the Star ending is the most satisfying. Some of the other endings include your romantic interest, but this finale really has that romantic sendoff. You must complete Panam’s questline first, then ask for her help in the finale.

In the end, leave as V, and the Star ending will play out. You’ll leave Night City with your romantic interest and ride off into the sunset. It’s really satisfying and has a nice Hollywood feel to it. It just doesn’t sit among the top endings, though, as the remaining ones have more of a special quality.

3 Temperance Ending

Inside the bus during the Temperance ending of Cyberpunk 2077

You can get the Temperance ending in two separate ways. You can either ask for Panam’s help or Rogue’s help, but regardless, you must leave as Johnny at the end. This essentially gives Johnny a second life to live, and it nicely wraps up his story. The conclusion is quite lengthy, visiting several important areas before the final zoom-out, which ultimately makes it more satisfying.

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This ending might not be for people who disliked Johnny throughout Cyberpunk, but for those who enjoyed his character and banter between V, this ending might be your favorite. Plus, it’s nice to see your other half live on, which doesn’t usually happen in stories like this.

2 Tower Ending

Misty and V in the Tower ending of Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077’s excellent Phantom Liberty DLC not only added endings to the main questline of the add-on but also included an extra ending to the core game. You get it with half of Phantom Liberty’s endings, but it involves you finally getting cured. There is a drawback, though, in that you can no longer make use of your cybernetic abilities.

Going back to your previous life is out of the question, so you must start anew. It does not feel like a bad ending, but instead, a new beginning for V. V still has some of his old friends around, and things will just be different. V even smirks in the closing moments. Think of the ending for Spider-Man: No Way Home in terms of its feel.

1 Sun Ending

Cyberpunk Sun ending casino in space

The most fitting ending for a lot of Cyberpunk 2077 players is going to be The Sun. You must infiltrate Arasaka Tower with Rogue’s help and leave as V at the end. You’ll awaken as a legend of Night City and even have your own awesome penthouse.

It ends in space with V about to perform a data collection heist of a major casino. That’s a great open ending, although it’s unlikely you’ll ever see the outcome. In consideration of the “Seize the Day” ad campaign and what many want in an open-world title like this, most will desire this ending. You want to be a legend of this town, just like in GTA, Sleeping Dogs, and other crime-based open-world titles.

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