Every Edgerunners Reference In Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is one of the best video-game-to-TV show adaptations ever made. The animation style, voice acting, and story are all incredible. After the 13-episode miniseries finished airing, Cyberpunk 2077 saw a resurgence.



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Naturally, CD Projekt Red saw an opportunity to capitalize on the success of the Edgerunners. Since the story of David Martinez and his gang happened in 2076, just one year before the start of the main story, there was a lot of room to add Easter eggs and references to the show into the game without messing up the timeline. If you’re a fan of Edgerunners, here are the references you can find in the game.

12 David’s Ripperdoc

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of David’s Ripperdoc Location On The Map Screen

When you are first introduced to David Martinez in the show, he is just a good-willed, misunderstood kid trying to make it through life in Night City with his single mother.

Like any kid his age, David likes a little bit of fun and mischief, and he sometimes gets that fun by visiting Doc, the local ripperdoc in the area, and trying out his new BDs. Doc is no longer in business by the start of the game’s story in 2077. However, you can still locate his clinic in the Santo Domingo District.

11 Jacked And Coke Bar

Cyberpunk 2077, Split Images Of The Jacked And Coke Bar In The Anime And Game

Mercs in Night City are often charged with dangerous tasks involving retrieving tech or murdering unsuspecting people. These missions are usually handed to the mercs at casual locations like bars or restaurants.

During the Edgerunners show, David and his crew met up with a client who tasked them with retrieving some data. They meet up with the client at the Jacked and Coke Bar, which you can find in the game owned by the Tigerclaws. The bar is located in Heywood, within the Vista Del Rey district.

10 JK’s BD Lab

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of JK’s BD Lab

Jimmy Kurosaki is a renowned brain dance editor who crosses paths with David and his crew during the Edgerunners storyline. At first, they are at odds, but then they come together to fulfill the mission that brought them together in the first place.

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Although JK ultimately died in the show, his BD lab is still around, and you can find it in the game if you head to Northside in the Watson district. The BD lab is under new management, of course.

9 Rebecca And Pilar’s Apartment

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of Rebecca And Pillar’s Apartment

Rebecca and Pilar are two of the funniest and most eccentric characters in the Edgerunners show. The brother and sister duo are members of David’s crew and share everything, including their home.

Fans of Edgerunners formed an understandable attachment to these characters throughout their time on the show. If you’re one such fan, then you’d be glad to find that if you visit Northside in the Watson district, you will find their apartment building, and depending on how far along you’ve gotten in the game, you may even be allowed into the building.

8 Kiwi’s Apartment

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of Kiwi’s Apartment

The brilliant, dangerous, and treacherous netrunner Kiwi was a member of David’s Edgerunners. Although she never really said much, she still managed to get herself on the wrong side of most fans of the show by betraying her crew.

However, she redeemed herself towards the end before ultimately flatlining. It’s completely understandable if you’re not a fan or can’t bring yourself to forgive her. Still, you can find her apartment in the game if you head to Kabuki in the Watson district. You can easily find her apartment building if you fast-travel to Sutter St. and turn left to find a tall glass-walled building. Head inside and use the elevator to get to the 13th floor.

7 Turbo Bar

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of Turbo Bar

Turbo Bar is a lively, vibrant, and colorful bar where the Edgerunners go to celebrate and hang out after a successful mission. It appears several times throughout the show, and you can also locate it in the game.

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Simply head to Japantown in the Westbrook district, near the fast travel station of Megabuilding Eight. Following these directions, you can hang out at the bar where David and the Edgerunners partied.

6 Lucy’s Rooftop

Cyberpunk 2077, Split Images Of Lucy’s Rooftop From The Game And Anime Respectively

Lucy is an incredibly prominent character in the Edgerunners TV show and the main love interest of the main character, David Martinez. She is also a significant reason why the plot plays out the way it does.

The show follows Lucy to several different locations, including her apartment. You can locate her apartment building across the road from Turbos Bar. Unfortunately, the building is not accessible. Still, you can climb up the side of the building to get to her rooftop, which is the setting for one of the most iconic scenes in the show. The view in the game does not disappoint, either.

5 David Martinez’s Apartment Building

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of David Martinez’s Apartment Building

At the start of the show, David is just a high school kid living with his mom in one of the many megabuildings in Night City. The megabuilding that David and his mom lived in is very similar to one of V’s earlier apartments. However, they are two different buildings in two different areas.

You can find David’s apartment building by heading to Arroyo in the Santo Domingo District. David’s apartment building is Megabuilding four, and if you check behind the closed entrance, you will find the iconic Edgerunners symbol painted on the wall next to a trash can. Inside the trashcan, you will find a BD that plays a scene from the anime and unlocks a side quest.

4 David’s Drink At The Afterlife Bar

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of David’s Drink At The Afterlife Bar

As you know, Night City legends are honored at Rogue’s bar with a drink named after them. Johnny Silverhand got one, and so did V’s friend Jackie Welles who lost his life during The Heist mission.

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After the events that unfolded at the end of Edgerunners, it’s no surprise that David Martinez would also have a drink at Rogue’s bar named after him, seeing as he became a Night City Legend. You can find the drink and even purchase and drink it in honor of the legend David Martinez.

3 Rebecca’s Shotgun

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of Rebecca’s Shotgun Guts On The Inventory Screen

Rebecca is easily one of the best characters from the Cyberpunk show. Her appearance, eccentric behavior, and gung-ho approach to everything from friendship to violence have cemented her as an epic character in the Cyberpunk universe.

Being the explosive and colorful character she is, it is not shocking that she sports a massive, destructive, and bright shotgun with which she deals devastating damage to her enemies in the show. You can find Rebecca’s shotgun, Guts, at the top of the Corpo Plaza. This weapon is a nod to one of the show’s best characters and an iconic weapon to have in the game.

2 David And Lucy’s Apartment

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of David And Lucy’s Apartment

After David and Lucy get together in Edgerunners, they have a long period of success from jobs that allow them to move into a lovely luxury apartment featured a few times during the show.

In Cyberpunk 2077, after one of the game’s endings, you will acquire an apartment with a very similar floor plan to the one owned by David and Lucy. The buildings are in two separate areas and cannot be the same. However, it is still a nice nod to the show.

1 David Martinez’s Iconic Edgerunners Jacket

Cyberpunk 2077, Screenshot Of V Sporting David Martinez’s Iconic Edgerunners Jacket

After you’ve found David’s first apartment and located the Edgerunners symbol on the wall next to the trash can containing a BD recording of a scene from the anime, you will trigger a side quest for a character named El Capitan.

During the sidequest, you will receive a message from a character named Falco, who was a prominent member of David’s Edgerunners crew in the show and one of the few survivors. At the end of the side quest, you’ll get the best Edgerunners Easter egg in Cyberpunk 2077, David’s iconic Edgerunners jacket, and you can even wear it.

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