Erin Molan in tears as she shares tragic news about brave youngster Maddy Suy

Erin Molan cried on air on Monday after she announced some tragic news to listeners.

The 2Day FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin co-host announced that brave youngster Maddy Suy has lost her battle with brain cancer.

Nine-year-old Maddy was a regular on Hughesy, Ed & Erin, and recently got to enjoy her final Taylor Swift concert — despite the massive brain tumour that was assaulting her body. Statistically speaking, Maddy had already beaten the odds – the average survival time for patients with malignant high-grade brain stem glioma, known as diffused intrinsic pontine glioma, is nine to 12 months.

With her doctor’s help she managed to live to nine-years-old before losing her battle with the tragic disease.

“Little nine-year-old Maddy. We’re so sorry that this beat you. But we promise we will continue to fight for your legacy because it’s an important one.”

Molan then became emotional as she shared some of Maddy’s heartbreaking but inspiring journey with listeners.

“I know Maddy because she’s come on my show a couple of times. Three years ago she was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer,” explained the host. She then played a clip of Maddy explaining how she overcame challenges.

“Usually, I just think of the people that miss me and I think of my friends and those who support me. And I think of my mum and dad,” said the youngster in the sweet clip before her father added: “I’m very proud of her. She’s the best.”

Maddy leaves behind an incredibly rich legacy, one which she fought for up until the very end of her life.

In April, the Australian government answered Maddy’s pleas by providing $20 million for cancer research.

The $20 million will be made available over seven years through the Medical Research Future Fund for clinical trials and research into new treatments. As part of this program, a new national childhood brain cancer clinical trial consortium will be created.

The news was major victory for Maddy, her family, and the children and grieving parents across Australia who have been tirelessly campaigning for funding.

“I am happy the government is helping and supportive,” Maddy said after hearing the news. “I will continue singing and staying strong to help my friends.”

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