Elden Ring’s The Lands Between Collection Is Going To Cost You A Lot Of Runes

It will have been two years since the launch of Elden Ring not long after we turn the corner into 2024. A game that has left such a mark on the video game space that despite receving the bare minimum when it comes to additional content, it remains almost as popular as it was on day one. The Souls game will be getting a boost in 2024 too with its Shadow of the Erdtree DLC coming soon, and now you’ll be able to jump back into The Lands Between while wearing some very expensive official Elden Ring merch.



FromSoftware has teamed up with Ark/8 to create a The Lands Between collection. Consisting of eight items, the clothing on offer varies in price, but whatever you choose is going to cost you. The cheapest item in Ark/8’s collection is the Boss Door t-shirt which costs £100 ($122). The t-shirt is black with an Elden Ring boss door printed on the back. If you have a few more runes to spend, then the prices keep going up, all the way to £1400 ($1697).

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If you want to flaunt your Elden Ring fandom in the most expensive way possible, then the Ark/8 collection has a Faux Fur Runes Coat you can grab for the lofty price above. An aptly-named item considering how much it costs, while the fur on the outside is what drives up the price, the inside of the coat is far more interesting. The pricey faux fur is line with a map of The Lands Between. Perfect to study whenever you’re away from the game and plotting where to go next.

someone wearing the elden ring faux fur runes coat
via Ark/8

Elden Ring Faux Fur Runes Coat

FromSoftware has teamed up with Ark/8 to create a clothing line it has dubbed The Lands Between Collection. The Faux Fur Runes Coat is the most expensive item in the collection and includes a Runes badge on the back and is lined with a map of The Lands Between.

There is a slightly cheaper option in the collection that has Elden Ring’s map printed all over it, but it’s still going to cost you more than $1,000. The printed bomber jacket, which has the map on the outside rather than the inside, is £875 ($1061). Also available is a hoodie with Tarnished printed on it, and a long-sleeve shirt with Queen Marika printed on the back. Some of the items are available now while others will need to be pre-ordered.

someone facing away from the camera wearing an elden ring boos door t-shirt
via Ark/8

Elden Ring Boss Door T-Shirt

FromSoftware has teamed up with Ark/8 to create a clothing line inspired by Elden Ring. Dubbed The Lands Between collection, the Boss Door t-shirt has a boss door from the game printed on the back and is the cheapest item available in the collection.

You can tell that FromSoftware wants to make sure Elden Ring hype isn’t dying down ahead of the DLC’s arrival as it continues to remind people how great its game is through new merch. If the items in The Lands Between line are a little expensive, perhaps the official action figures revealed recently are more your speed. The Malenia and Blaidd options are $30 each and available for pre-order now.

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