Elden Ring Fan Discovers Datamined Sword Hiding In Plain Sight

Elden Ring is a game constantly throwing up new mysteries, but one head scratcher involving a datamined sword had Elden Ring fans stumped for the past couple of months. Dataminers had discovered several icons depicting three unique swords, one encased in a stone sheath, and two more unsheathed and with intricate designs. After searching high and low for these mysterious weapons, fans had chalked these icons and swords off as cut content.



However, over a year and a half after release, it seems like the sword encased in the stone sheath has been found, and it’s been staring us all in the face the entire time. First discovered by Twitter user PinoPinisimo and shared by Elden Ring YouTuber Ziostorm (thanks GamesRadar), the mysterious stone sword that’s been alluding fans is actually identical to the ones lodged in the ground in the game’s many Stone Graveyards.

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Rather than completely scrap the sword, it seems as though FromSoftware just reused the asset to create the Stone Graveyards dotted across The Lands Between that many see as Berzerk references. The other two mystery swords haven’t been found and likely never will be, as the theory is that both were to be crafted by using the sword in the stone sheath as a base. The intricate designs and hilt shared by all three have led fans to believe this weapon was intended for use, and that you could choose which form to get as part of a longer questline.

It’s not the most helpful discovery admittedly, but it’s interesting to see the inner workings of how FromSoftware develops games and how cut content is sometimes reworked for different purposes entirely. It’s also yet another example of how laden with secrets Elden Ring actually is. If a secret like this has been staring us in the face this entire time, it makes you question if there are any other obvious objects or items that may have been a reworked side quest or item.

Even the enemies of Elden Ring are hiding secrets and various pieces of lore, but you won’t find any as gruesome or unsettling as a recent discovery regarding the game’s Giant Land Octopuses. If you check out the item description of the Land Octopus Ovary, you discover that these hulking abominations actually need to eat humans to reproduce.

The item description of the Octopus Helmet you can find adds to the horror too, as it explains that headpiece has a “lingering warmth reminiscent of human skin”. You’ll never look at a Giant Land Octopus the same ever again.

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