Early Amazon Prime Big Deal Days 2023 Disney Deals

Amazon’s Big Deal Days event is here to save Prime subscribers money. Whether you’re starting your holiday shopping early, can’t wait for Black Friday weekend, or a combination of the two, those of you with Amazon Prime will have a lot of deals to sift through across the two-day event which begins on October 10 and carries on through October 11. That’s why we’ve done most of the hard work, sifted through most of the deals, picked out the very best ones, and sorted them into neat and tidy categories.



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This is the Disney corner of those categories. There is an array of great Disney savings to be found across Amazon in the build-up to Big Deal Days, and then throughout the two-day event. Whether you’re looking for board games, Funko Pops, or even Lego sets designed in conjunction with the Hosue of Mosue, we’ve got you covered. Best of all, if nothing below grabs you, keep checking back as deals will be cycled in and out of this guide and all of our other Big Deal Days guides as items sell out and others become available.

Funko Pop! Figures

mirabel from encanto as a funko pop
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Encanto Mirabel Glow In The Dark Funko Pop!

$9 $14 Save $5

Mirabel, the lead character in Disney’s hit animated movie Encanto, as a Funko Pop! Based on the character before she realizes she’s the one who needs to save the Madrigal family, the Pop! hasMirabel holding a candle.

wendy from peter pan as a flying funko pop
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Wendy Peter Pan 70th Anniversary Funko Pop!

$6 $13 Save $7

Wendy, one of the lead characters from Disney classic Peter Pan, transformed into a Funko Pop! figure. Released to celebrate the animated movie’s 70th anniversary, it includes a transparent stand to make it look like Wendy’s flying.

disney funko pop advent calendar
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Disney Funko Pop! Advent Calendar

$40 $60 Save $20

Disney and Funko have teamed up to create an advent calendar for the holidays. Instead of chocolate, each of the 24 doors has a miniature Disney-themed Pop! figure waiting behind it.

Funko Pops are among the most popular toys on the market, and Disney is responsible for some of the most popular and recognizable characters in history. It makes all the sense in the world that the two entities team up so those characters can be turned into Funko Pops, and whether you’re looking for your very first Disney Pop! or trying to fill gaps in a collection for a reduced price, there should be options for you above. There are always Disney Pops on sale, but during Big Deal Days, there are even more than usual.

Lego Sets

a lego set of the house from disney pixar's up
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Disney Pixar’s Up Lego Set

$48 $60 Save $12

Created as a part of Disney’s 100th-anniversary celebrations, this Lego set lets you recreate the house from Up in toy brick form. Made up of just under 600 pieces, it naturally includes the balloons that made the movie’s house float, and even mini-figures based on the main characters from the film.

LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse's Camping Trip set
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Lego Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s Camping Trip

$20 $25 Save $5

Lego Disney’s Mickey and Minnie camping set is the perfect starting point for any young Lego fans. With only 103 pieces in the box, and various smaller models to make, not to mention three mini-figures, Pluto included.

Lego Disney Mickey and Friends Castle Defenders Set
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Lego Disney Mickey and Friends Castle Defenders Set

$49 $55 Save $6

Disney and castles go together like peanut butter and jelly. The Castle Defenders Set combines that pairing with Lego to make it even better. Suitable for anyone over four years of age, the set is made up of a little more than 200 pieces and includes various Disney characters as mini-figures.

Lego might well be the king of the toy world, and Disney the leader for an entire century when it comes to animated movies. The two companies that appeal to kids more than any other were always going to make a formidable pairing when they eventually teamed up, and above are just some of the examples to come out of the collaboration. Whether you’re after a complicated set you can do alone or help your kids with, or something that may well kickstart your children’s Lego journey, there should be discounted sets above to suit you during this Big Deal Days event.

Board Games

the magical world of disney trivia board game
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The Magical World of Disney Trivia

$33 $45 Save $12

The Magical World Of Disney Trivia is a board game for all the family that includes 2,000 questions from Disney’s history. Up to six people can play at a time, and there are easier questions with picture cues for younger players.

5 Second Rule Game Disney Edition
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5 Second Rule Game Disney Edition

$17 $25 Save $8

5 Second Rule is a series of games that challenges you with listing things in a, you guessed it, five-second period. The Disney edition includes 300 questions all about its movies and characters, and as much as you might think you know about Disney, wait until the pressure’s on and the clock is ticking.

Board games are great, but convincing your kids of that can be tricky. Try to explain the rules of Monopoly to your average six-year-old and they’ve probably stopped listening before you’ve even told them what happens when you pass go. Slap some Disney characters on a game and you might well stand a chance. Above are some of the best Disney board games out there right now for all the family, and best of all, they are all available for less as a part of Amazon’s Big Deal Days events. Again, if you already own the above, come back soon as new deals will have been added and potentially taken their place.

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