Dream Responds To Groomer Allegations In Hour-Long Video

Last year, YouTuber and Twitch streamer Dream came under fire following accusations of grooming underage girls. Since then, two more alleged victims have come forward.



The latest allegation was levied at the end of November. In light of these claims, Dream released a video over an hour long addressing everything that has happened over the past year.

The First Allegation

There are several sections to the video, each focused on a different controversy. The first allegation, which he begins to address at the 24-minute mark, was made the day after his face reveal on October 3, 2022.

Anastasia tweeted, “He’s only face revealing because he’s scared I’ll do it first”. She alleged that he flirted with her while she was underage, sending a selfie on Snapchat. Dream denied this and claimed that her bio said she was 18 at the time.

The Second Allegation

Amanda, a self-described Dream fan, posted another allegation a few days later. She claimed that, while she was 17, Dream sent pictures of his penis and a “nut pic” while talking inappropriately about things such as a “chest full of sex toys”, again over Snapchat. She said that she was a Dream stan and “wanted him to trust me” and believed that she was building a bond with her favourite YouTuber.

In Dream’s new video, he argues that Amanda failed to put forward any substantial evidence, denying the allegations.

Guess what? She never posted proof, because this never happened. She tweeted out thanking people for the support and claimed that I deleted all the DMs […] Well, I just want to point out that this is impossible. There is not a single mainstream media platform that lets you delete both people’s messages

Amanda also posted a picture of the inside of a police station, claiming that she was filing a report against Dream. He has since found this police station and reached out to them, alleging that there is no record of such a claim. “She tweeted saying that she would get the law involved and go to the police, that she would put me in jail unless I confessed,” Dream said. “She said she would provide more evidence, she didn’t […] She said she would sue me, she didn’t.”

The Third Allegation

The third and most recent allegation was made by a Twitter account called Burner 22. They posted Snapchat videos of what they allege to be Dream sexting and moaning to an underage girl called Jamie, who they claim permitted them to post the allegations on her behalf.

Dream said that he had never met Jamie prior to this allegation. To back up his claim, he reached out to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office where Burner 22 alleges that a report was filed. They told Dream that there was nothing under his name and no claims against him.

He then reached out to Jamie and alleged that this was her response to Burner 22’s claims, “I definitely am not a victim of Dream. I don’t know how or why people are using my information without having ever asked me if any of it is true. Everything claiming to be about me was posted without my consent. Leave me alone.”

Burner 22 responded, “Either this person lied to us about the allegations being true, sent us fake proof, and then gave us permission to post it, for whatever reason. OR they lied in Dream’s response video about the allegations being false and the allegations are true.”

Amidst the allegations, Dream is stepping back from Twitter and putting more distance between himself and fans, opting to hire a social media manager to promote his content on his behalf.


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