‘Don’t want to do this’: Chris Hemsworth struggles through interview

Aussie action hero Chris Hemsworth is the latest celebrity to fall victim to infamous YouTube interview show Hot Ones.

The show sees host Sean Evans chat with a celeb, as the pair eat a series of chicken wings smothered in increasingly spicy varieties of hot sauce.

And like many a star before him, Hemsworth started out confident – cocky, even – before the intensity of the game caught up with him. By about the halfway mark of the 21-minute interview, Hemsworth was seriously struggling.

“I don’t want to play anymore … I don’t want to do this anymore,” he begged midway through the interview, before begging for some milk to try and counteract the spiciness.

As the interview wore on and Hemsworth had to reach for ever-spicier sauces, he compared Hot Ones to “being sunburnt, and then sunburnt again. Then your skin peels off, and you’re sunburnt again.”

While he struggled to remain focused, Hemsworth did keep it together enough to give Evans some interesting answers to his questions – including his secret trick when he runs into people whose names he can’t remember at events.

Hemsworth revealed that, if his wife Elsa Pataky is by his side, he’ll fake a coughing fit, giving the person time to introduce themselves to her. Once he’s heard them say their name, he’ll miraculously recover from the cough and say hello.

Hemsworth is on the publicity trail this week for his latest film, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, which hit cinemas yesterday. The handsome A-lister is unrecognisable as the film’s villain, Dr Dementus – and he’s leading a big cast of notable Aussies who have roles in the movie.

Hemsworth got his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week and, while Mad Max director George Miller and co-star Anya Taylor-Joy were there to support him, it was a co-star from his Marvel past who took centre stage.

Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr. delivered a gushing tribute to Hemsworth at the ceremony, but followed it up with a roast of the Aussie star that had contributions from fellow Marvel actors Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson and more.

And while Hemsworth’s Hot Ones interview is a fun watch, he doesn’t scale the heights of comedian and talk show host Conan O’Brien, whose appearance on Hot Ones last month became an instant classic of the series.

Eager to deliver the laughs, O’Brien threw caution – and personal safety – aside, taunting the host as he smothered himself in the increasingly hot sauces.

Evans watched in disbelief as his guest rubbed hot sauce into his hands, all over his face – and then all over his shirt, screaming as he ran his hands over his nipples.

The interview wrapped with O’Brien spitting milk down his chin as he somehow managed to promote his new TV show through the pain.

“Absolutely unhinged and instantly iconic,” was one fan’s summation of O’Brien’s performance.

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