Don’t Move Codes (October 2023)

Earn free UGC in Don’t Move, a Roblox game where you literally shouldn’t move! Redeem these codes for still points.

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We added a new code on October 25, 2023.



Redeem these Don’t Move codes for Still Points, the in-game currency to get your hands on pets, upgrades, and eventually free UGC in this pretty bizarre little Roblox game. The aim of the game? Don’t move. It’s that simple. Load up and stand still for 30 minutes and you’ll earn more points (or wins.) With those wins, you can buy eggs, which hatch into pets, which grant you more wins and Still Points per game.

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We check for new Don’t Move codes regularly – new ones are usually added for updates and milestones.

Don’t Move Codes




21,000 Still Points (NEW)

Expired Codes

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How To Redeem Codes

don't move codes

  • Codes can be redeemed via the Codes button located on the bottom left of the screen, under ABX.
  • Enter the code into the box and hit enter or redeem.
  • Your rewards will appear on the screen.

Be careful, don’t move!

Roblox codes can only be redeemed once, are generally case-sensitive, and will expire after a short time.

Codes will expire for this game, so make sure to grab those Still Points when you’ve got the chance.

New codes are sometimes posted on the game page, or more regularly in the Discord server.

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