Detail in Bindi Irwin’s Xmas snaps shocks fans

Bindi Irwin has taken to Instagram to celebrate Christmas by sharing a heartwarming family portrait with her loved ones.

Irwin posed alongside her mother Terri, brother Robert, husband Chandler Powell and daughter Grace.

The touching series of photos saw the tight-knit family posing with each other as they all glanced over at little Grace, whose appearance immediately caught the attention of Bindi’s followers who rushed to the comments to express their shock.

One commenter wrote: “Grace is getting so big, wow!” while another replied: “Cannot believe how big Grace has gotten already!”

Another thanked the star for giving a glimpse into their family Christmas, saying: “Grace is getting so big! Thanks for sharing photos!”

Another expressed how similar Grace looks to her mother, adding: “I watched you grow up and it’s awesome getting to see Grace grow as well. She is a mini you for sure.”

The 25-year-old wildlife conservationist welcomed daughter Grace with husband Powell in March 2021, describing the little girl’s arrival as “the most beautiful light”.

However, it hasn’t all been plain sailing for the beloved star.

She recently bravely revealed the terrifying effect endometriosis had on her pregnancy – stating at one point the condition was so painful, she feared she was miscarrying.

“Along my pregnancy journey, I would often have times where I thought I was miscarrying because I would have severe unexplained pain,” she told Good Morning America. “I would think that I was losing our beautiful daughter.”

Bindi broke down in tears as she spoke about her struggle for a diagnosis, describing her “journey” as “a long 10 years” and revealing that it is often misdiagnosed as something else entirely.

Symptoms and severity varies from person to person with endometriosis, but for many it can be crippling – and can also cause infertility.

“I was tested for cancer, I had MRIs, I had ultrasounds, I had CT scans, just you name it. I was checked for everything,” she said. “The scariest thing was – there were no answers.”

To make matters worse, during her pregnancy, Bindi shared that the pain “magnified” to a point where it was “out of this world”.

“I had a pain in my pelvis, pains in my belly, every day. But every now and then, the pain would get so much that it would literally just knock me over,” she said.

It even continued after Grace was born, sometimes leaving her “lying on the floor in agony” as she tried to care for her young child.

Bindi said that she had shared her story in a bid to stop other women from suffering in silence.

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