Death sparks ‘unfathomable’ new feud on The Block

It’s been an especially difficult final week on The Block for couple Leah and Ash, who had to deal with news from back home that their beloved family dog had died.

Eager to get home to comfort their young children, the couple instead had to knuckle down for the final push on The Block, getting their house’s landscaping ready for judging.

But even in a time of grief, Block divisions still run deep – and they paid close attention to which of their fellow contestants actually took the time to offer their condolences.

Namely, former besties Kristy and Brett, who spoke to Ash in person but not Leah, and Leslie and Kyle, who only sent a text sometime after the news spread.

“It probably should’ve been earlier … that’s on us, we should have acknowledged it,” Kyle conceded of their delayed text.

Kristy explained to the cameras that, while they’d offered their condolences to Ash, “we don’t speak to Leah under any circumstances.”

As the week wore on, Leah said the lack of response from some of her fellow contestants had really stung.

“I’ve raged about it – how are you that delusional that you can’t grasp what this is? You can’t get out of yourself for just a minute to send your condolences?” she asked the cameras.

And in a late-night rant to Steph – one contestant who had checked in on her – Leah didn’t hold back.

“I cannot fathom the lack of empathy from them. They are poison, they are true, true poison,” she said of those who hadn’t been in touch.

“I’m at the point where if any f**ker wants to speak to me on Sunday, it’s game over. I’m beyond p**sed off … it’s irreparable. The lack of empathy is sociopathic.”

Leah said she was unsure how she was “going to continue dealing with these people.”

It all amounts to perhaps the most acrimonious cast in the show’s history, as The Block houses head to auction in this year’s finale on Sunday November 5.

In an interview on 101.9’s The Fox breakfast show, Fifi, Fev & Nick this week, sisters Eliza and Liberty confirmed they wouldn’t be keeping in touch with some of their fellow contestants.

“Kristy and Brett aren’t our people, and we won’t be WhatsApp-ing them,” said Eliza.

“We are just such different people and we I think we’ll probably have nothing to do with them after the show,” said Liberty.

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