Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes shares devastating family news on Hughesy, Ed and Erin radio show

An emotional Dave “Hughesy” Hughes has choked back tears as he shared heartbreaking news about his mum on his radio show.

The comedian and radio host told 2Day FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin listeners on Friday that it had been “a tough couple of weeks” as his beloved mum, Carmel Hughes, was “unwell” and in the final stages of her life.

“My mum’s unwell, and the family have gathered around her, and we’re celebrating her life,” Hughesy told co-hosts Erin Molan and Ed Kavalee.

“She’s still with us, but it won’t be long. She’s a beautiful woman who’s been a great matriarch of the family, and we’re all around her at the moment.”

A devastated Hughes then revealed that “she’s asleep now and she probably won’t wake up again”.

He explained the family had been “going through photos” recently in celebration of Carmel’s life.

“Mum grew up in an orphanage, and there’s a photo of her teaching a class with nuns looking over her … She had to leave the orphanage because she didn’t want to be a teacher, so she left with nothing and went and became a nurse, and met Dad.”

Hughesy tragically lost his father, Des Hughes, in 2010 following a battle with cancer.

Reflecting on his mother’s legacy during the segment on Friday, Hughesy told his co-hosts: “She’s been a beautiful mother, who really supports her children.”

He went on: “Everyone goes through [losing their parents] … but the memories of all the sacrifice, and all the good times … She’s done so well in her life. We’ll miss her a lot.

“She’s always been stoic and never complained.”

Despite the tragic circumstances, Hughes managed a laugh as he praised his mum for keeping her sense of humour “until the end”.

“We were around and didn’t think she could even speak again, and one of the nurses was lifting her and said, ‘I’m sorry if I drop you’, and Mum just whispered, ‘it doesn’t matter now’, and made the nurse laugh.”

The family’s “matriarch” also managed to crack a joke about the situation during a visit to her bedside from Hughesy’s niece.

“My niece was by the side of the bed the other day, and her foot touched the bucket beside the bed, and Mum said, ‘I’m the one kicking the bucket, not you!’”

“So she was still coming out with zingers … she’s a beautiful woman.”

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