Cyberpunk 2077 Players Are Only Just Realizing That V Can Fall Over

Cyberpunk 2077 launched all the way back in late 2020, as I’m sure many of you remember all too well. However, with a bunch of updates aiming to improve the game from its poorly received release, there always tends to be something new to find in Night City, even after all of this time. Take, for example, today’s discovery – that V is actually clumsy as hell.



Turns out, there’s a rare chance that V can trip over in Cyberpunk 2077, something most players have never encountered before. It’s not totally clear what causes it, but according to fans, being low in certain stats increases the odds, putting V at risk of tripping over themselves while running throughout the city. Still, the chances must be quite low, because many players say they’ve never encountered this and had no idea it was a feature at all.

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This discovery was made by Reddit user NewHousing8228, who shared it on the Cyberpunk 2077 subreddit. Here, we can see that they were just running around Night City as usual, while waiting for a mission in Phantom Liberty to complete, only to trip over absolutely nothing.

Only a few others reply to say that this has happened to them too, adding that it’s a very rare occurrence. Some say it could be attached to your Cool attribute since this skill focuses on precision and stealth – something V certainly seems to lack in this clip.

In my 150+ hours in Cyberpunk 2077, spread across two playthroughs on three different platforms, I haven’t experienced this either. Maybe it was only recently added with all the other gameplay overhauls – or perhaps it’s just that rare. Admittedly, I have a high Cool build too – I just like sneaking around and taking out enemies from a distance. So I’m rarely running to and from battle.

If it is part of the recent changes, then it definitely isn’t the only one shoved in there to inconvenience players. As some unfortunate soul found out earlier this week, the amount of money you give to homeless people in Night City now scales with how much you have on you. So, if you have millions of eddies in your pocket, you might not hand over the usual five eddies – and could instead part with thousands in one go. That’s assuming it’s not just a hilarious bug, of course. In which case, maybe avoid being overly generous for a while, especially with the new DLC location having new items for sale.

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