Counter-Strike 2 Players Are Angry About The Lack Of Left Hand Options

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you could flip the view model of your weapon by typing ‘cl_righthand 0’ into the console, letting you play left-handed. However, when CS2 shadow dropped, the command was removed entirely, leaving left-handed players stuck with a right-handed view.



Ever since launch, players have been asking for Valve to re-add the option to no avail. However, Beat_Crazy made an interesting discovery yesterday. They shared a photo on the game’s subreddit of the terrorist on the cover art, pointing out that he is holding a rifle on his left side, despite ‘cl_righthand 0’ still being absent.

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Granted, he’s only holding the weapon on his left because the image is flipped, but that’s exactly how the command worked, so it’s even more fitting. Not to mention that the key art features CT and T skins that are no longer in the game. Not exactly the most representative cover, eh?

Counter Strike 2 Limited Test

While many are upset at the lack of the console command and asking for it to be re-added, some have a more user-friendly request – add it to the settings. “We shouldn’t ask for cl_whatever,” matolati commented. “We should ask for this option in the main menu, with a proper key mapping to swap between hands when needed”.

There are a few theories as to why this hasn’t been done yet, though Valve itself has not commented. One idea is that, because the command flips the view model, Valve may be concerned with flipped stickers. Another possibility is that it’s absent because of CS2’s updated first-person view and shadows, as you can now see your legs when you look down. Or it could be due to the more interactive smoke which is aligned with your model.

Whatever the reason might be, fans still want it back. Take one look at the subreddit and you’ll come across a wall of posts about the missing command.

“CS2 needs left-hand view model,” SaggayFive posted. “For years, I have played on the ‘cl_righthand 0’ to put my view model in the left-handed orientation. Now in CS2, we can suddenly no longer do this. Kinda disappointing”.

“So… where’s my left-hand model at?” TheDinorino said. “This was something I really thought would be added in today [after the game shadow dropped]. I had high hopes, thinking, ‘Yes, it’s beta, they won’t have it. But for sure release day.’ Unfortunately not.”

Maybe Valve will add it down the line in an update, but the lack of communication is leaving fans to speculate and wonder, constantly asking the void for the feature’s return. Of course, it’s not the only feature that’s missing, as CS:GO’s achievements are still gone, player skins and maps remain absent, and several game modes have yet to be added back.

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