Counter-Strike 2 Players Angry At CS:GO Achievements Being Removed

Counter-Strike 2 shadow dropped yesterday, and for those of you who eagerly jumped into the sequel, you might have noticed something different about the achievements. They’re gone.



CS:GO is no longer in your library, it has been completely replaced by CS2. This is likely to make the transition of cosmetics and progress smoother, and to avoid splitting the player base as with 1.6 and Source, but Valve took it a step further by deleting CS:GO’s achievements. As of writing, there is only one achievement in CS2, “A New Beginning”, and it’s unclear how you get it. According to Steam, only 0.1 percent of people have unlocked it so far, with varying accounts on how.

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Supposedly, all you have to do is open the game. However, I got it after finishing a game of deathmatch, while others say they got it after killing a bot, winning a match, or playing the training mode. Whatever triggers it appears to be inconsistent, evident by the very low number of people who have it. But getting the new achievement isn’t the main concern right now, the lack of achievements and the loss of CS:GO’s, some of which were tough as nails to get, is what has fans upset.

“Wait, what the fuck? They got rid of the achievements?” mubi_merc said. “Man, I’m pretty bummed about that. That was a lot of damn work.”

“I finally got 100 percent achievements in CS:GO last year and now it’s gone, so that kinda sucks,” MLG_Skeletor said. “No worries, you still have 100 percent achievements,” ulufarkas joked.

CS2 probably gutted CS:GO’s achievements as many were map or mode-specific, and not every map or mode has been ported over to the new game yet. It’s possible Valve will gradually re-introduce the achievements over time, or simply add new ones.

Until then, it’s barebones for completionists. However, many who are frustrated by the removal of CS:GO’s achievements suggest that Valve should have tweaked the existing ones to fit different maps, rather than scrapping them completely.

“They could have made the Aztec one be Ancient,” Bardomiano00 said. “The only ones that needed removing were the hostage ones. But they deleted it.”

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