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With the series keeping itself modern through expansions and additions, being a content creator in The Sims 4 has never been easier. Though your options are limited in the base game, two add-on content packs offer the chance to make any kind of content you’d like – both Get Famous and High School Years.



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So whether it’s making well-timed vlogs to hop on a trend, masterful mixing and production for songs, or a lucrative career in video game livestreaming, The Sims has a content creation job for you. Below, we’ll help you become the best content creator in The Sims 4.

How To Be A Content Creator With The Sims 4: Get Famous

Sims 4's Penny Pizzaz using a computer

Although you’ve got plenty of more traditional methods of becoming a celebrity in the Get Famous expansion pack for The Sims 4, doing freelance content creation is a great way to earn both money and fame right from home!

The Media Production Skill

Both freelancing careers in The Sims 4: Get Famous lend to your Sim building their Media Production skill. Whether your YouTuber Sim is creating or editing videos for their channel, or your producer Sim is making music on their mixing table, they’ll be building this skill with their work.

As a minor skill, Media Production only has five skill levels before completion. Your Sim will create progressively better-quality content the higher this skill is, and they’ll unlock new editing options as they build the skill.

Edited content tends to perform better, meaning Sims with higher Media Production skills often earn more income and produce better content.

How To Be A Music Content Creator

If the traditional music career in The Sims 4 isn’t the right fit for your Sim, you can always get to producing music at home on your own.

With the Mix Master Music Station, your Sim is able to create music tracks from the comfort of their own home. Once you’ve made a track, you can edit and improve it before you license it for income.

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You’ll unlock more genres and mixes as you improve at music-making, and licensing your songs is a good way to earn income and fame for your work.

This freelance work is valuable as a side hustle at first before your Sim has much notoriety, as you’ll put in a lot of work for not a lot of Simoleons in the earliest days. That said, as your fame increases, your songs will bring in progressively more money.

You earn royalties on your music just like with other pieces of media (other songs from traditional instruments, published books, etc.). Keep making content to keep royalty payments coming, as the payouts decrease gradually the older your songs are.

How To Be A YouTuber

If videography is more your speed than music, consider becoming a video content creator. You’ll likely start out by purchasing The More Views Video Station and working from there, but there are plenty of ways to expand.

At the Video Station, you’ve got the option to create content of varying types depending on your niche. These include mood-based blogs, fashion looks, product reviews, and more.

To get the most out of your time at the Video Station, it’s always a good idea to check trends before recording a video. If you can jump into a type of video content that’s trending, you’ll receive higher payouts for trending content.

A Sim from The Sims 4 filming a video where they put on makeup

You can also upgrade the Video Station to have better features that lead to better video quality when you’re finished. Additionally, be sure to edit your videos before posting them to boost their quality, as unedited videos don’t tend to do as well monetarily.

As your Media Production skill builds, you’ll unlock new editing options like adding transitions or effects to your videos. These don’t always improve the quality – you may accidentally make it worse – but it’s always worth a shot.

Additionally, Sims pursuing fame should pour their Fame Points into the Media Production and Branding fame perk tree.

You’ll begin getting messages from companies allowing your Sim to make sponsored content for additional cash, receive gifts in the mail, and even start your own brand at the highest level of this skill branch.

So as not to be tethered to the Video Station, buy one of the two video-producing drones for your Sim. From here, you can either record footage for later use or directly stream your life to increase your fame.

If recording footage with the drones, you’ll need to move footage from the drone to the Video Station to edit it. Streaming from the drones has no such restriction.

Drones are a great choice if your Sim is making video content outside their home lot, and you can edit and post your videos as normal once you’re back home and have unloaded your footage.

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The Sims 4: High School Years Introduces The Video Game Streamer Career

45-The Sims 4 High School Years How To Become A Simfluencer

Technically labeled as a part-time career, your Sims will be able to choose a streaming window that works best for them. These are either 5:30AM – 7:30AM, or 9PM – 11PM.

The hours and classification as part-time work means this career is available for Teens as well as adults, making this a great way to start a career before you’re even finished at Copperdale High.

There are only three levels to the career, but each one comes with progressively more cash per hour, as well as requiring you to further level both the Video Game and Entrepreneur skills.

You’re able to livestream when you’re not on shift, too, for additional income, followers, and more. You can also talk about games to other Sims, too.

You can select a SimTuber icon and check your follower count at any computer, before or after streaming.

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