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If you’ve played some of the earlier 2D Super Mario games, you’ve probably popped into a spot on the map before where a Toad’s either got a couple of treasures for you to choose from, or has something hanging around for sale, or a free power-up, or you know, something. And that’s how it goes in the Mushroom Kingdom, where Toad Houses always have something nice in store.



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The stores are covered by Poplin Houses in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which stands to reason, since Poplins are effectively the ‘Toads’ of the Flower Kingdom. The entrepreneurs have some good wares to peruse – here’s what you’ll find, where you’ll find them, and what we think you should bear in mind.

Every Poplin Shop Location In Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Poplin Shopkeeper in Petal Isles Super Mario Wonder

Straightforward enough – here’s where they all are! We’ll list them in order of the worlds you’ll unlock, albeit with Petal Isles at the end since it’s sort of a ‘middle hub’ that you’ll gradually traverse throughout the game en route to the showdown with Bowser.

  • There’s one Poplin Shop in World 1: Pipe-Rock Plateau.
  • There are two Poplin Shops in World 2: Fluff-Puff Peaks.
  • There’s one Poplin Shop in World 3: Shining Falls.
  • Two more in World 4: Sunbaked Desert.
  • Back to one in World 5: Fungi Mine.
  • Still one in World 6: Magma Bog.
  • Two Poplin Shops are in World 7: Petal Isles.
  • Just for the record, there are no Poplin Shops in the Special World.

What You’ll Find At Poplin Shops

1-Up Mushroom In Poplin Shop Super Mario Wonder

Each Poplin Shop contains a Wonder Seed exclusively available for purchase there. So, in your quest to obtain every Wonder Seed – or at least, enough to complete the main storyline – there’s no good reason not to scoop these up. And you’ll be scooping them, as well as anything else that catches your fancy, with Flower Coins for currency. These are the purple coins you’ll frequently come across in almost every stage.

You’ll also be able to purchase extra lives, either one at a time or in a stock of five, though you should bear in mind that it’s been a long time since Nintendo dropped us a Mario game where game over means starting all over from the beginning. A game over’s a minor inconvenience in this case, and in fact, it’s the only way to reach a (rather superfluous) bonus stage that can get you back lots of the Flower Coins you’ve lost.

Standee Surprises are, to be blunt, utterly unnecessary unless you’re a completionist and/or just really like the way the system works. You can help folks out in multiplayer by placing these in spots, but if you’re not playing online, it won’t come to pass. Think of them as randomly-chosen purchasable trophies.

It’s Badges you really want to be on the lookout for at Poplin Shops. Here’s where you’ll find each shop-originated badge.

  • Coin Reward Badge at the Poplin Shop in World 1.
  • Safety Bounce Badge at one of the two Poplin Shops in World 2.
  • Timed High Jump Badge at one of the two Poplin Shops in World 4.
  • Add “!” Blocks Badge at the Poplin Shop in World 7, which you’ll actually come across prior to reaching World 2.

There are, of course, plenty more badges in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but these four are exclusively from Poplin Shops, making them a very important place to swing by with all your hard-earned coins.

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