Complete Guide To Miles Morales Combat

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 co-stars veteran Peter Parker and newbie Miles Morales. You… probably knew that already. But after playing the original Marvel’s Spider-Man and its cross-platform Miles-centered interquel, you likely also know the two heroes play appreciably differently.



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To be sure, at their core they’re both fast-paced web-slinging superheroes. But one’s a little faster than the other. Miles is all about the marriage of speed and well-timed zaps to the face.

Shocking Speed

Miles Morales firing a web towards the camera in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Miles shares a suit skill tree with Peter, upon which the basics of being Spider-Man can be found. Web-slinging upgrades, basic combos, and a few more tricks await you there. But when it comes to Miles’ own skill tree, speed’s king. We’re not calling Peter old – goodness, we shouldn’t, he’s only 25 – but there is a certain alacrity to Miles Morales that fits in fine with his more nimble even-greater youth.

Miles’ mastery of electricity gives him an edge over Peter in crowd control, too, as he’ll be able to keep plenty of surrounding foes in check with all those sparks. You don’t need to manually control the sparks (thank heavens); they generally do a decent job of hitting baddies on their own so long as you’re nearby.

Well-Timed Jumps

Spider-Man 2 screenshot of Miles Morales swinging through New York City, carrying an injured person to hospital

Venom Jump is a particularly savvy play in this regard. Miles jettisons nearby enemies up into the air, simultaneously stunning them. What goes up must come down, and when it comes down stunned, it’s easy meat for Miles.

Along your way down Miles’ unique skill tree, you’ll be able to power up his Chain Lightning by increasing its bolts and raw power. Again, this makes Miles so good for crowd control.

If there’s a flip side to any of this, it’s that some of Miles’ attacks are a little more technical than Peter’s, which is to say that finding the right timing, the right rhythm, can be more challenging. But truly, with this many bad guys to beat up, we have the utmost faith you’ll find that steady rhythm in due time.

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