Companion Rework And Bond Mods Explained

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Companions are an integral part of your Warframe loadout, offering invaluable utility boons such as vacuuming nearby loot or enhancing your minimap with information on loot pickups. Every build in Warframe can benefit from a trusty companion, and thanks to the Pet 2.0 rework in the Abyss of Dagath update, companions are stronger than ever before.



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Beasts are now incredibly tanky, Sentinels can dish out high damage, and all companions can no longer die during missions. These radical changes have changed how companions work on a fundamental level, and a new category of mods provides additional flexibility when creating the perfect companion build. This guide will cover how Warframe’s companion system works, covering all companion types, acquisition methods, and explain every new system added in the Abyss of Dagath update.

Companion Types

Warframe Khora In Sanctuary Onslaught

Every loadout in Warframe can equip one companion at a time, located under the second tab of the arsenal UI. Companions are categorized into two types:

  1. Robotics: Inorganic companions, including Sentinels and MOAs.
  2. Beasts: Organic creatures, notably Kubrows and Kavats.

The type of companion you equip will determine what types of mods, weapons, and cosmetics it can equip. You cannot equip more than one companion at a time, although you can freely switch between companions between missions. Companions have ten mod slots and use a unique suite of mods, labeled “Companion” mods in-game. The robotic and beast subtypes also have exclusive mods to choose between, subdivided further depending on what type of robot or beast is in your loadout. Companions are also unkillable as of the Abyss of Dagath update. Should your companion lose all HP, they will enter a downed state temporarily before resurrecting themselves. You can speed this process up by using certain companion mods.

Robotic Companions

Warframe Sister of Parvos with Hound

Beast Companions

Warframe Vasca Kavat preview image.

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How To Obtain Companions

Warframe Carrier Crafting Blueprint

Companion drop sources vary wildly depending on what type of companion you’re chasing. Most robotic companions are crafted, while beast companions tend to be incubated. This isn’t a set rule for every companion, but this is a good rule of thumb to follow. Robotic companions simply require a crafting blueprint or components to forge, while beast companions can’t be made until you complete the “Howl of the Kubrow” quest on Earth.

Exact acquisition methods for every companion can be found below. The tables are separated between companion categories and subfamilies.

Robotic Companions

Prime versions of Sentinels may be obtained by opening Void Relics during Fissure missions. All Prime Sentinels require a main blueprint, carapace, chassis, and systems to craft.



Market Blueprint.


Market Blueprint.


Market Blueprint.


Clan Dojo (Infested Lab).


Clan Dojo (Corpus Lab).


Railjack missions (Neptune Ice Mines)


Fortuna (Rank 5 Required).


Market Blueprint.


Venus Junction.


Market Blueprint.


Speak with Legs in Fortuna.


Defeat Sister Liches.

Beast Companions

Kubrow Breeds


Incubate a Kubrow Egg.


Incubate a Kubrow Egg.


Incubate a Kubrow Egg.


Incubate a Kubrow Egg.


Incubate a Kubrow Egg.

Predasite Breeds


Tranquilize Medjay Predasites on Deimos, then speak to Son.


Tranquilize Pharaoh Predasites on Deimos, then speak to Son.


Tranquilize Vizier Predasites on Deimos, then speak to Son.

Kavat Breeds


Incubate a Kubrow egg with scanned Kavat DNA.


Incubate a Kubrow egg with scanned Kavat DNA.


Incubate a Kubrow egg with two Vasca DNA templates.

Vasca DNA templates are created by imprinting a Kavat that was attacked by a Vasca Kavat. They appear in the Plains of Eidolon during night.

Vulpaphyla Breeds


Tranquilize Crescent Vulpaphylas on Deimos, then speak to Son.


Tranquilize Panzer Vulpaphylas on Deimos, then speak to Son.


Tranquilize Sly Vulpaphylas on Deimos, then speak to Son.

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Downed State And Recovery Time Explained

Warframe Downed Kubrow

The Abyss of Dagath update overhauled how companion downed stats work. Companions are unkillable in Warframe. They still have HP values and can be downed, but companions cannot permanently die during a mission, regardless of your mod configuration. This goes for all robotic and beast companions, not just Vulpaphylas and Predasites as was the case before the Abyss of Dagath update.

When a companion fully loses its HP, it will enter a downed state for the next 60 seconds. While in this state, your companion will be unable to attack or use its abilities, but all utility mods on your companion will still function. For example, if you installed the Vacuum mod on your Sentinel and it becomes downed, it will still pull nearby items for you while it’s repairing itself. Once 60 seconds pass, your companion will automatically revive itself with no input from you. This downed state period, referred to as Recovery Time in-game, may be sped up by installing certain companion bond mods.

Reviving Downed Companions

Excluding Sentinels and Deimos companions, all companions may be revived while they are in a downed state. Hold the interact key while over their body to revive them, skipping the downed state outright.

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Modding Companions

Warframe Smeeta Kavat Mod Example

Modding a companion is slightly different from modding a Warframe or weapon. Unlike Warframes, each companion comes with at least one ability mod with a unique effect. These ability mods are socketed into the companion itself, hence why companions have ten mod slots over the standard eight mod limit seen on Warframes and weapons (excluding Exilus and Aura slots).

When multiple ability mods are installed on your companion, the game makes a priority list of what mod to activate first. Abilities installed on the top-left mod socket trigger first, followed by mods on the top row. If you plan on installing multiple ability mods on your companion, be sure the most important one is in the top-left socket ot maximize its uptime. Passive abilities such as Vacuum, Fetch, and Assault Mode are always active and don’t follow this activation hierarchy.

Warframe Dethcube Prime Rifle In Arsenal

Finally, all companions have the capacity to damage your foes. Robotic companions must use a targeting mod to enable weapon usage, the most common mod being “Assault Mode” which is usable on all robotic companions. Beast companions don’t need any targeting mods to attack nearby foes, although beast companions do not have a separate modding space for weapons; you’ll need to sacrifice mod space to buff their damage output. Robotic weapon modding works identically to Warframe weapon modding, sharing the same mod pool and eight-slot limit as your standard firearms.

What Mods Should I Be Using?

Warframe Fetch and Animal Instinct

Every companion you use should have these two mods installed:

  1. Vacuum (Robotics), Fetch (Beasts)
  2. Animal Instinct

The former mod will grab all items within an 11.5m radius of your Warframe. Items include dropped resources, ammunition, and Energy Orbs. This makes looting rooms substantially faster and is considered essential on every companion build in Warframe. Animal Instinct is a quality-of-life mod that adds information on enemy whereabouts and dropped resources on your minimap, making it easier to navigate larger tilesets. Equip both of these mods on every companion you own.

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How To Acquire Bond Mods

Warframe The Business Store Inventory

Bond mods were introduced in the Abyss of Dagath update and offer unique synergies between your Warframe and companion. For example, the Duplex Bond mod allows your Warframe to temporarily duplicate their companion by spending large sums of Energy. Bond mods can also offer major buffs to your Warframe if your companion meets certain criteria. There’s no limit to how many bond mods you can install on a companion.

Companion bond mods may be purchased from conservation specialists in each of Warframe’s open world hubs—Cetus, Fortuna, and the Necralisk. Bond mods require that you at least Rank 3 with the hub’s respective Syndicate to purchase. Each mod costs 20,000 Standing and comes unranked.

Every Bond Mod

Warframe Bond Mods

Each mod requires you to be at least Rank 3 with the hub’s respective Syndicate. Bond mods cost 20,000 Standing each.

Cetus (Master Teasonai)




Restorative Bond

9 (D)

Health Orbs restore 60 more HP and reduce Companion Recovery by 3s.

Manifold Bond (Robotic Only)

9 (D)

Companion Precept mods apply status effects from companion weapons.

Killing enemies with 3+ unique status effects reduces companion ability cooldowns by 3s.

Covert Bond

7 (–)

Finisher and Mercy kills grant your companion 10s of stealth that will not disrupt.

The duration can be extended, up to a cap of 60s.

Mystical Bond

9 (–)

After your companion uses an ability with a cooldown 5 times, your next Warframe ability drains no Energy.

Tandem Bond (Beast Only)

7 (V)

Companion melee hits increase your Combo Count by 6.

Heavy attacks increase companion damage by 30% multiplied by your Combo Multiplier for 30s.

Fortuna (The Business)

Reinforced Bond

9 (–)

While your companion has 1,200+ shields or overshields, your weapons gain 60% fire rate.

Reloading restores 150 overshields to your companion.

Aerial Bond

7 (D)

Airborne kills reduce Companion Recovery time by 3s, increased to 9s if it’s a headshot kill.

While airborne, your companion creates a 10m AoE that slows targets by 35%. The AoE persists for 3s after landing.

Momentous Bond

9 (V)

Killing Eximus enemies grants 120% bonus random elemental damage to your companion for 30s.

Killing Eximus targets reduces your Companion Recovery timer by 18s.

Tenacious Bond

7 (D)

Headshot kills reduce your Companion Recovery timer by 3s.

While your companion’s critical chance is greater than 50%, you gain +120% critical damage.

Astral Bond

7 (V)

Damage dealt by the Operator or Drifter grants 120% Void damage to your companion for 10s.

Companion Void damage grants +30% Amp efficiency to your Operator or Drifter for 5s.

Necralisk (Son)

Vicious Bond

9 (V)

Companion melee attacks strip 15% of enemy armor.

If the target was damaged by a Warframe ability recently, the armor strip applies to all enemies in a 9m radius.

Seismic Bond

9 (V)

While a channeled ability is active, companion melee attacks create a 4m shockwave for 30% of their melee attack damage.

Damage dealt by your companion increases your Ability Efficiency by 3% for 12 seconds. Stacks 10 times.

Contagious Bond

9 (V)

When your companion kills an enemy afflicted with a status effect, 50% of the status effect spreads to other enemies within 9m.

Duplex Bond

9 (V)

After spending 100 Energy, duplicate your companion for 30s. Up to 3 clones may exist at a time.

Clones cannot use abilities and have a 50% chance of dropping Energy Orbs on kills.

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