Collingwood great Darcy Moore defends umpires from getting dropped for making bad calls

Collingwood great Darcy Moore has come to the defence of umpires after Australian cricketer David Warner said umpires should be dropped from matches for making multiple wrong calls.

Currently in India for the Cricket World Cup, Warner said he’d like to see umpires be held more accountable for their decisions, after a clash in Australia’s match with Sri Lanka on Wednesday.

“You know, obviously players get dropped for poor performances. It’s never explained to us about what goes on with the (umpiring) panel as well,” said Warner, who is currently in India for the Cricket World Cup.

Despite this, Moore, who appeared as a guest host on Thursday’s episode of The Project, couldn’t be moved to speak out against umpires. However, he did offer a slight dig at Warner.

“I feel sorry for the umpires! They get a hard time,” said the Collingwood skipper.

“Everybody makes mistakes, the players make hundreds of mistakes, how many mistakes has David Warner made over his career.”

While Moore admitted it was difficult to remain calm when a decision goes against your team on the field, he said he believed the right call was made most of the time.

“It is almost impossible when you’re in the heat of the moment and there’s just adrenaline and you know it was the wrong call and there’s nothing you can do,” he said.

“I’m pretty sure no umpires ever actually watch the replay and change their mind and reverse (the decision).”

Asked whether Moore had objected to a decision, before rewatching the play and realising the umpire was correct, the Magpies star said: “100 per cent”.

His response shocked panellists Waleed Aly, Sam Taunton and Sarah Harris.

“Football in particular, it happens in 360 degrees, you’re under fatigue, the umpires included are running and moving and they don’t have perfect camera angles like commentators and fans do and people forget that a little bit,” he said.

“They’re out there exercising and trying to make decisions at the same time in what is a pretty complex game. So … It’s a tough job.”

The Project host Sarah Harris turned to Moore and said: “Could you get any sweeter, Darcy?”

“Hey, this is just the start of my campaign to get some more free kicks,” he replied.

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