Collapsing Krat Walkthrough In Lies Of P

Your return to Krat in Lies of P is met with a view so distorted it’s wholly unfamiliar. City streets held captive by Decay and Disruption, we hope you’ve gotten your hands on plenty of resistance and purification ampoules. Your health and sanity are sure to need them.



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Status effects, however, are not your only trial in the area ahead. Like in your journey to the Estella Opera House, you’ll find yourself in the company of two bosses in this area. Between the series of twisted, corrupted faces of familiar enemies, new monsters, and two bosses, you’re sure to have your work cut out for you. Thankfully, that’s what we’re here for.

How To Reach The Workshop Tower

P opens doors and enters Collapsing Krat for the first time in Lies of P

Go up the stairs from the Abandoned Apartment Stargazer and take the “Fairytale of the Three Brothers of the Workshop Tower” ahead.

Then, open the doors to the left to enter the Collapsed Street of the Workshop Tower.

Welcome to Collapsing Krat.

There is a merchant in the Abandoned Apartment’s upstairs area near the door. He sells defensive parts that boost your resistance. We recommend buying these as they will be immensely useful in the areas and bosses to come.

Gemini talks to P as he looks up the hill at Collapsing Krat entrance in Lies of P

Take the path down right and ignore the sign-bridge for now, preferring to go up the hill.

There’s another new enemy here: a hammer carcass. This new enemy has balled hands that deal significant chunks of damage if they hit you. It also lunges over far distances which can be misleading at first.

Thankfully, it has terrible defenses. Defeat it quickly and carry on.

There’s another hammer carcass at the top behind the crates. Defeat that one, take the Resplendent Ergo Fragment, and destroy the nearby yellow crystal.

P picks up the Lover's Letter in Lies of P

These crystals, Disruption crystals, exude an aura of Disruption that grows as you stand beside it.

Go down the hill and across the bridge. Destroy the nearby Disruption crystal and take the “Lover’s Letter.

P looks down path near locked shortcut door in collapsing krat in Lies of P

Continue on the path, destroying crystals where possible, and defeat any carcasses you find along the way. There are no ambushes or new enemies here, so continue until you hear the chime of a Dimensional Butterfly.

When you hear the chime, continue straight, ignoring the bridge to find a Shot Put at the ledge’s dead end.

P goes down bridge in collapsed krat as Monad's Lantern glows for Dimensional Butterfly in Lies of P

Go down the bridge and begin destroying the Disruption Crystals and the hammer carcasses.

When all are destroyed, you can track down the butterfly on the far left side (beside a crystal). It drops a Balance Crank.

P goes up flight of stairs to spot Disruption Dogs chewing on corpse unaware of third nearby in Lies of P

On the left side of this area, you should find an open gateway leading into a new area. This is an item detour you can choose to ignore.

In it, you’ll find several disruption dogs up a flight of stairs in an open area – three in total (one unseen). You can gain these items from this dead-end area:

  • Dim Ergo Fragment
  • Saw Blade
  • Attribute Resistance Ampoule
  • Radiant Ergo Fragment

P looks up bridge toward corrupted strong-arm puppet in collapsed krat in Lies of P

Go across the plaza, destroy another crystal, and stop at the bottom of a bridge sign. There is a corrupted strong-arm puppet here.

This enemy is easily overwhelmed by staying behind it as much as possible. It also has almost the same moveset as its previous iteration.

P runs toward shortcut door in Collapsed Krat Lies of P

Go up the sign bridge, defeating another carcass on the way, and you’ll eventually find a shortcut door at the end of the path to the right.

Open it and then turn around to look down what appears to be an empty alleyway.

Go down it and through the door to the left.

A Vivid Ergo Fragment is just inside, and some writing can be found on the wall under the stairs.

P looks down alleyway secret in collapsed krt where Special Purification Ampoule was picked up in Lies of P

Go up the stairs, through the door, and to a dead end.

Look right to see a crate. Roll through it, and you’ll find a Special Purification Ampoule at the dead end of the alley. There is a Disruption crystal on the left side.

Go back to the main path and downward to a building. Inside, another new miniboss enemy will appear by charging through a wall ahead.

P picks up an Arch Extra Heavyweight Frame from defeated headbanging miniboss in Lies of P

It does a lot of headbanging – we wonder if there’s some rock music playing in that lumpy head – so you’ll want to practice your guarding.

Guard where needed; attack where you can. Eventually, you’ll defeat it for an Arch Extra Heavyweight Frame and the opening of a nearby door.

Go through the door, grab a Radiant Ergo Fragment and Resplendent Ergo Fragment, and ascend the stairs to your next Stargazer.

How To Reach The Corrupted Plague Master

P enters home and locks on to first cane carcass enemy in Lies of P

Inside the nearby home, there is but another new enemy: a cane carcass. This enemy carries a cane and a special canister on its back.

This enemy’s weakness is the canister. By striking its back and breaking the canister, it will always be immediately staggered. Strong attack it to open up a chance for a Critical Hit. As you fight this enemy, a rapid-fire carcass may come down the stairs. There is also a second cane carcass in the room to the right where there are no collectible items.

P locks onto Cane Carcass and sneaks up on it in Lies of P

On the next floor, there is one cane carcass in sight and another to the left that will come to its aid.

There is one Fable Catalyst in the room.

P looks out gap in wall where he walks on ledge of collapsed krat in Lies of P

At the top of the stairs, there is – you guessed it – another cane carcass. This one is guarding the Primer for Workshop Technicians.”

Go out the hole in the wall and carefully circle the ledge where you’ll see a new enemy: a flamethrower carcass.

P locks onto Flamethrower Carcass that just used flame breath in Lies of P

For this enemy, you’ll want to sprint to attack it quickly. Then, rush away to avoid its explosion after defeat.

Go into the door at the end of the path to the left to open a shortcut back to the Stargazer.

P locates secret chest below Walker of Illusions boss on ledge in Lies of P

Before returning to the Stargazer, turn around to the path where you defeated the flamethrower carcass. Fall down onto a walkway below on top of a second flamethrower carcass.

Follow the walkway to find a chest at the end containing the Special Krat Supply Box. This path leads back to a Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant and the home filled with cane carcasses.

You may now return to the shortcut and take a rest at the Stargazer.

How To Defeat The Walker Of Illusions

P stands at entry door into room with the Walker of Illusions in Lies of P

Your next challenge is at the top of this home. It’s a not-so-optional optional boss, the Walker of Illusions.

This boss is a difficult fight to get the hang of at first, but it’s a pushover once you recognize its patterns.

P prepares to strong attack the Walker of Illusions and its summoned double in Lies of P

This boss creates a copy of itself twice – once at 50 percent and another at 20 percent of its health bar. Tips for defeating this boss include:

  1. Dodge forward, trying to stay behind it as much as possible.
  2. Count its attacks and memorize the position of the Fury attack in its combos (it’s too quick to anticipate otherwise).
  3. Focus on its illusion when it’s summoned; defeat it quickly.
  4. Beware of its Disruption scream. It comes in two waves.
  5. When needed, you can heal, apply buffs, or take a break for any reason by returning to the entry ladder and going down it. The boss’s health does not reset unless you rest.

When it’s defeated, you’ll gain a Legion Caliber and a Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant.

How To Reach The Corrupted Parade Master Stargazer

P gains Legion Caliber and Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant from Walker of Illusions fight in Lies of P

Go through the now-open door to the side. Take the elevator.

After you leave, Sophia will contact you about an attack. There are no enemies for a while, so pick up the Thermite and Half Moonstone on the way to your next Stargazer.

Optional Side Path: Item Gathering And The Riddle Master

P runs to ringing payphone to answer the King of Riddles' call in Lies of P

From this Stargazer, you can take the path through the doorway to the right on an optional side path.

There are a few bloodsucker carcasses this way. Defeat them and go left.

Take another left after the gate toward the sound of a ringing phone. You’ll find the ringing payphone on the path ahead.

King of Riddles gives P a Riddle about Ergo at Central Krat Station Plaza in Lies of P

When you answer, your riddle this time is:

“This blue flower has many ways to take root.

But only on man does it ever bear fruit.”

Answer: A bruise (Wrong/”Truth”), Ergo (Correct/”Lie”)

After answering the call, go the opposite way and toward the Disruption Crystals.

P defeats pink Dimensional Butterfly as Disruption builds from crystals in Lies of P

There is a Dimensional Butterfly and a strong corrupted puppet here.

Destroy the crystals, the puppet, and the butterfly for a Half Moonstone.

Another Half Moonstone can be found at the dead end of the path ahead when looking out at Hotel Krat.

P looks down right path at an intersection in corrupted Krat Central Station return in Lies of P

Go right at the path split, taking out a corrupted puppet on the way, and find a Gemini’s Iron Protection at the end.

Fall off the edge and return to the Stargazer.

How To Defeat The Corrupted Parade Master

P runs across bridge toward the Circus sign in return to Krat Lies of P

From the Stargazer, go up the stairs and across the bridge.

Entering the fairgrounds, collect the Dim Ergo Chunk ahead and go up the stairs to the Parade Master’s old arena. Here you’ll have to face him again.

P stands in front of the Corrupted Parade Master as he bends over staggered for a critical hit in Lies of P

This time, however, he has a few new tricks up his tentacles. There is, thankfully, no second phase.

Tips for defeating him include:

  1. Wait for his belly flops and when he stops flopping on the ground to strike.
  2. Equip Flamberge to use on him and his summoned minions.
  3. Don’t underestimate his range.
  4. Perfect Guard to break his weapon and make him a little more useless.

Thankfully, he’s so straightforward that you can use a lot of what you’ve learned from the first fight on him. However, his weakness on his right side is now gone, mitigated by his transformation.

P stands in front of darkened doors of Hotel Krat after the attack in Lies of P

After defeating the Corrupted Parade Master, you can run up to Hotel Krat with a Full Moonstone and Quartz to show for it. There are no items to gather on the way.

Simply go up the stairs and walk through the hotel doors to learn of the attack on Hotel Krat and Geppetto’s fate.

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