Cher reveals one big problem with her 40-year age gap romance

If only she could turn back time …

Cher has opened up about her relationship with Alexander “A.E.” Edwards, admitting that he often doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about.

The Believe singer, 77, last month confirmed that her romance with the 37-year-old model was back on, and has now detailed what it’s like dating someone 40 years her junior.

“I hate to talk about how happy I am, but no, we have a great time together,” she told Extra.

“We can talk music. We can talk about everything. He’s got a great sense of humour, he’s got the cutest son in the world, ever … We just get each other.”

“Sometimes I’m talking to him and he has no idea who I’m talking about … The other day, I said, ‘Do you know who, I don’t know, Clark Gable, [is]?’ Somebody said, ‘Yes, of course,’ but most of my references … He’ll look at me and go, ‘I wasn’t born yet,’” she added.

The candid admission comes after the singer gushed over her beau’s appearance, calling him a “beautiful man.”

“Alexander’s got diamond teeth, tattoos, white hair, and he’s way younger. He’s a beautiful man,” she told People, adding that she’s “not surprised” that her relationship with the much-younger music producer has gotten so much attention.

“Also, I think it’s fun to be interested in somebody else’s love life.” she added.

The pair realised they had a strong connection after meeting “for about 15 minutes” at a Paris Fashion Week event in 2022.

Cher explained that a mutual friend had given him her number, which was “really shocking, because people just don’t give out my number,” she said.

“I had been telling all my friends, ‘We’re too old to go out with really younger men, and I will never fall in love on text.’ So I did what I said not to do!”

“If you have happiness, you can’t think about how long it’s going to last,” she added. “You have to think about ‘How does it feel?’ and live in the moment.”

The couple, who are collaborating on her first-ever holiday album, Christmas, rekindled their romance in September after reportedly splitting in May.

Following their reconciliation, a source told Page Six that Cher “just wants to be happy” at this point in her life.

The on-again couple confirmed that their romance was back on as they returned to Paris Fashion Week this year.

This story originally appeared on Page Six and is republished here with permission.

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