Charlatan Inspiration Guide For Baldur’s Gate 3

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Getting to pick your background in Baldur’s Gate 3 adds to the roleplay element of your character, but there are gameplay benefits as well. Not only do you gain experience, but you earn Inspiration for completing Background Goals as you play. These goals are unique to each background, depending on what your character is like.



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As you explore the Sword Coast, you’re likely to come across Ability Checks that impact your effectiveness or decisions. Failing a roll can spell trouble, but having Inspiration means you get a second chance. While it doesn’t guarantee success, it helps avoid critical failure more often than not.

What Is A Charlatan?

Astarion when you ask him to leave the party in Baldur's Gate 3

When creating a character in Baldur’s Gate 3, you have the option to select a background. This background influences how you gain Inspiration and what some of your proficiencies are.

As an expert in manipulation and deception, your character tends to exaggerate and make deals you’ll profit from. You can happily bend the truth to suit your needs and gain bonuses along the way for your trickster antics.

A little bit of backstabbing never hurt you, so you stand to benefit from double-crossing your allies when it’s convenient to get more out of your encounters for less work.

Bringing characters like Astarion along with you can help you gain more experience and Inspiration as you explore.

While you don’t have to act in a specific way, and your character can grow as you play, there are benefits to roleplaying, such as gaining Inspiration.

You can only hold up to four Inspiration points at a time. Any additional Inspiration will be converted into experience.

How To Gain Charlatan Inspiration

As you play, you’ll come across all sorts of characters and situations that you can manipulate and benefit from. Some of these encounters will grant you Inspiration, which will let you reroll a failed Ability Check.

Passing your Ability Checks is vital to avoid combat, earn unique rewards, and unlock dialogue with NPCs.

The Charlatan Background Goals may contain spoilers for certain events as you progress.

Background Goal

How To Complete


Flexible Diplomacy

Betray the tieflings after convincing them to free Lae’zel.

Act One

A Friend To All

Gain access to the Grymforge peacefully by lying to the raft patrol.

Act One

Silver Blades, Silver Tongue

Convince Kith’rak Voss to leave without violence.

Act One

Just Passing Through

Trick the goblins in Moonhaven.

Act One

Cheese Your Way Through

Talk your way past the bandits and enter the chapel.

Act One


Poison the beer in the Goblin Camp

Act One

Anything For Profit

Successfully steal the toe ring from Novice Crusher in the Goblin Camp.

Act One

Very Important Parasite

Deceive any of the guards in the Goblin Camp.

Act One

One of Us

Use the Hag mask to avoid her mind-controlled minions.

Act One

Devil’s Advocate

Interrogate the dead mind flayer without getting caught.

Act One


Convince Flind into eating itself.

Act One

A Better Offer

Convince the pit spiders to attack the goblins.

Act One

Morally Grey

Betray the trust of Moonrise or Lastlight.

Act Two

Clear Conscience

Successfully lie to Z’rell about the fate of the goblins.

Act Two

Not to Worry, I Have a Permit

Evade repercussions when speaking to the Moonrise prisoners.

Act Two

Not My First Time

Resist the truth serum when talking to Jaheira.

Act Two

Tricks of the Trade

Successfully pretend to drink from the steins of ale.

Act Two

Shuffling the Board

Rig the game of lanceboard.

Act Two

Know Thy Clientele

Instigate Z’rell into showing off her gifts from the Absolute.

Act Two

Takes One To Know One

Expose the true form of the toll collector by removing all of her gold armor.

Act Two

Saving a Fellow tale-Spinner

Save Volo from an untimely death.

Act Three

Silver-Tongue’s Better Than Any Key

Gain access to Avery’s workshop.

Act Three

Rock-Solid Alibi

Manage to convince the Flaming Fist to let you into Wyrm’s Rock.

Act Three

Stuffed Bears in the Closet

Blackmail the merchant.

Act Three

Seams of Lavender and Thyme

Deceive your way into the circus.

Act Three

Never Trust an Honest Person

Lie your way into the big barn.

Act Three

Not So Infallible After All

Evade being arrested by a Steel Watcher.

Act Three

Perks of the Trade

Obtain a rebate for your room at Elfsong Tavern.

Act Three

Cheating the Cheater

Find the source of the genie’s trick and take it.

Act Three

Best Ways To Use Inspiration

Astarion holding the sentient amulet in Baldur's Gate 3

Using Inspiration sparingly is a good way to make it last, but you want to make sure you aren’t squandering the opportunity to reroll Ability Checks.

It’s best to bring a variety of party members with you, or double-up with similar backgrounds, to get the most out of your experience. There are many ways to gain Inspiration, and you may find more of your own.

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