Channel 10 axes Neighbours from its regular timeslot after ratings disaster

Neighbours has become a major ratings disaster for Channel 10 after being outperformed by a three-decade old US soap.

The Australian series made a comeback last month after a hiatus from screens, but it sadly hasn’t been the success the broadcaster would have hoped for.

When it debuted three weeks ago, Neighbours replaced The Bold and the Beautiful in its 4.30pm timeslot and kicked the US soap back to an earlier timeslot at 4pm.

However, this has proven to be a poor decision by Channel 10 who ended up angering Bold fans.

Following dismal ratings that have dipped below the numbers Bold would usually attract, Channel 10 has made the decision to return the US soap to its original timeslot.

This means Neighbours will now run Monday to Thursdays at 4pm instead.

“We have listened to the demand from our loyal viewers to return The Bold and the Beautiful to its original timeslot,” a spokesman from Channel 10 told TV Blackbox.

While things started out positively for the Neighbours reboot, with extensive media coverage, it’s since gone from bad to worse where ratings are concerned.

The first episode of the show drew in a total TV audience of 244,000, with a 122,000 fans across the five metro tuning in to watch.

However, during the last week the show’s ratings have sunk lower, with a mere 99,000 fans in the major centres tuning in on Monday.

To make matters worse, Bold as now begun outperforming its Aussie soap rival, attracting 109,000 viewers at 4pm in the metro ratings on Monday, with a further 106,000 on Wednesday.

Channel 10 holds the first-run rights for Neighbours, with episodes then airing on Prime Video seven days later around the world in Australia, the UK, the U.S., Canada, Ireland and South Africa.

Meanwhile, the show recently confirmed the return of Jessica Muschamp as Sharon Davies.

Muschamp last appeared in full-time on the soap back in the 90s before briefly appearing in last year’s then-finale.

Opening up about her comeback, she said: “Hi Neighbours fans. Guess what? Shaz is back, at least for a little while. It’s going to be so fun and I cannot wait for you to see it. Thank you so much for watching us, and thank you so much for saving the show. We’ll see you soon.”

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