Can We Talk About All The Spider-Man 2 Sequel Teases Yet?

A lot of spoilers in here for Spider-Man 2, folks. Not just typical ‘oh the Spider-Men win’ stuff either. We get deep into the spoilerific weeds here. If you somehow clicked on this article not expecting spoilers, click off. But we have this thing called ‘bounce rate’ so if you could click the logo at the top to go to the homepage first? Please and thanks. Anyway, Insomniac is definitely making Spider-Man 3, as evidenced by the gameload of sequel teases Spider-Man 2 packs in which go way beyond the post-credits… although sure, those are cool too.



First thing’s first, we aren’t going to play as Venom in the sequel. That’s been the main topic of discussion so far, but it’s clear that this has mainly been led by people who haven’t finished the game. Once you reach the end and know Venom is defeated and trapped, you see Insomniac’s ‘well, maybe’ as the firm ‘no’ that it is. Playing as Venom in a short burst is fine, but I’m not sure that mindless destruction could sustain a whole game – especially for a sequel in a series so frequently praised for its story.

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That doesn’t mean we won’t have any new characters to play as though. The game ends with an obvious tease of Cindy Moon, AKA Silk. She’s a significantly less popular character than Miles, but offers more room to work with. If Insomniac does Silk right, its version could become definitive . She may not be alone, either. When we meet Silk as Miles, we have Hailey by our side. As I outlined in my theory, I think the sequel benches Peter as our mentor and sees Miles lead a team of Cindy and Hailey, taking the roles of Silk and Spider-Gwen respectively.

Cindy Moon meeting Hailey, Rio, and Miles in Spider-Man 2 post-credit scene

So let’s talk about Peter. He kinda retires at the end of this one, for the sake of his relationship with MJ. Given that he is a contender for the most popular character of any genre in the world, Insomniac’s suits know Peter Parker sells video games. It would be an almighty swing to leave him out completely, but there is a way to have him present and centred without being fully playable. Spider-Man: Miles Morales showed it could be done, and if he takes on a mentor role (and then is called into action in a telegraphed but still exciting 11th hour twist), you could get away with it.

Spider-Man 2’s central story was heavily built around Peter, so moving to Miles for the third game makes sense, especially if Silk is the play here. Hailey/Gwen is my own personal wish, but Silk’s inclusion is obviously where we’re heading, and that changes the dynamics of the game. Another thing that could change everything is the fact the Fantastic 4 logo is being painted on a rooftop, signalling their impending arrival.

Speaking of being obviously where we’re heading, it’s finally the goblin hour. With Harry in a vegetative state as the game ends, killed by Peter in the fight with Venom then revived by Miles, Norman is desperate. His son inches from death, his great plans for salvation ruined, Norman sets up two arcs that will be key to the sequel – firstly, Doc Ock is brought back into things, and secondly, the Green Goblin is finally mentioned… kind of.

With Doc Ock, Norman asks if he knows who the Spider-Men are. His answer suggests he knows Miles too, although this doesn’t line up with the timeline as it stands. He’s also been working on some great plan that could see him return as a central villain from the start rather than his late heel turn in the first game. As for Green Goblin, the passing mention of G-Serum is loaded with poetic irony. Either Norman or Harry will crack out the pumpkin bombs in the sequel, I’m sure of it.

Marvel's Spider-Man screenshot Spider-Man and Doc Ock boss battle on building

Otto and Norman being the core villains goes against the idea of Peter retiring, so it may be that they are the ones to force him back into the spandex, hereby giving Insomniac some justification for back-tracking on the ending. In a move that may alarm some fans, the retirement of Peter mixed with Norman’s rise as Goblin and Otto’s return recalls the controversial comic book arc The Final Chapter – this is even what Otto calls his great plan. In this comic, it is revealed that Aunt May didn’t die, but has been held hostage.

There’s almost zero chance Insomniac actually adapts The Final Chapter 1:1. For one thing, it predates Miles by 15 years, and secondly, everyone hated it. There’s more chance One More Day gets adapted, and there’s no chance of that either. However, using its foundation for Goblin’s emergence (say, with MJ taken hostage) is possible.

These aren’t the only villains we’ll see in the next outing either. Black Cat conveniently leaves but could well be back, while the Chameleon is discovered but never fought or tracked down. Most interesting though is The Flame, who turns out to be Cletus Kasaday, AKA Carnage. You may remember Woody Harrelson as Kasaday in the Tom Hardy Venom movies. At the end of his side quests, Kasaday gets some Symbiote of his own (which turned out to be his plan from the start), setting up the arrival of Carnage.

The Symbiotes themselves also wear the mark of Knull, but I’d need another 1,000 words to explain what that means (expect to see that very thousand on TheGamer soon). Carnage and possibly even Knull could be handled via some DLC as Silver Sable and mob storylines were in the original Spider-Man, but I think Knull especially needs time to breathe across a full experience.

Close-up of Cletus Kasady holding the capsule of symbiote and saying

Then there’s the story itself, and the wheel of time that keeps on turning. Miles is going away to college. He could stay in New York, and even continue living with his mother, but it’s still a big step in his story. It also could mean a new map; the web wings and the addition of Brooklyn and Queens keeps Manhattan fresh, but will a sequel warrant further expansion? The Bronx and Staten Island are needed to complete the set.

These aren’t just story threads that could be continued some day, somehow. They are written as specific cliffhangers by a team with confidence safe in the knowledge that they will get a sequel. I don’t know if it goes 2.5 into 3, or just jumps right to the full sequel, but Spider-Man isn’t done yet. The fans aren’t done, Insomniac isn’t done, and despite his retirement, I don’t think Peter’s done either.

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