Brooklyn Beckham hits back at ‘trolling’ over his cooking fails

Self-proclaimed chef, Brooklyn Beckham, has shared how he feels about being trolled over his unorthodox approach to cooking.

Beckham, 24, is the eldest son of power couple David and Victoria Beckham and is famous for marrying billionaire heiress Nicola Peltz-Beckham. Yes, he is the man who has more than 70 tattoos in honour of his wife, including the word “married” because he is married. Get it?

Like plenty of nepotism babies, Brooklyn has dabbled in a few different careers. At one point he released a photography book, but has apparently found his true passion in cooking.

His unconventional approach to being a “chef” has, however, sparked a lot of talk online, with some of his methods so bizarre it has led fans to question whether he is “trolling” them, while others branded his content “brutally cringe”.

Interestingly Brooklyn has revealed that he doesn’t feel self-conscious about his cooking, despite the negative feedback.

“To be honest, I’m used to the hate. It doesn’t bother me,” he told Insider.

“Cooking makes me happy. I have more important things to worry about than people saying a little bit of rubbish about me.”

The young chef alerted everyone to his new and thriving career when he was featured in a viral TikTok by creator Daniel Mac in 2022.

Mac often goes viral for creating videos where he asks people in fancy cars what they do for a living.

In a now infamous clip, he spotted Beckham in a $1.2 million red McLaren P1 sports car and asked him what he does for work.

Brooklyn slid straight over the fact he is the son of a very wealthy couple and went straight into his new career.

“Um, I’m a chef,” Brooklyn explained.

“You’re a chef, really? Are you, like, the best chef in the world,” Mac asked.

“Trying to be,” Brooklyn quipped.

The exchange is iconic, putting Brooklyn and his cooking on the map.

Now, has Brooklyn worked in any kitchens? Absolutely not, but that hasn’t stopped him from living his best chef life.

You see, while Brooklyn’s is striving to be the best chef in the world, his methods are slightly controversial.

There was a brief period when he had a cooking show on Facebook Watch, called Cooking With Brooklyn. Even after that was scrapped, he has been posting videos of him cooking to his 16 million Instagram followers.

He recently caused controversy by using an entire bottle of avocado oil to cook two measly chicken pieces. To put that into perspective, if you want to get your hands on the same bottle in Australia, it will set you back about $35.

Brooklyn also went viral in 2020 when he appeared on Today and taught everyone how to make a bacon, sausage and egg sandwich.

He was also earnest about it, like people didn’t already know how to make one.

Brooklyn has a habit of going on television to make really normal food. You know, the kind of food you make when you can’t be bothered.

So he has appeared on James Corden’s The Late Late Show to make a steak and visited Rachael Ray and made burgers.

Then there was the time he did a video for Bustle, called himself an absolute “nutter” in the kitchen and then proceeded to make a classic gin and tonic.

Not to mention when he whipped out an entire blowtorch to make a humble cheese toastie.

The way he cooks is something the internet has definitely noticed and he is often dragged over his unique style.

“Is he trolling us?” someone tweeted after seeing Brooklyn make a gin and tonic.

“Someone take the blow torch away from Brooklyn,” another joked.

“Brooklyn Beckham wants to be a celebrity chef, but he can’t cook,” another remarked.

“I’m obsessed with Brooklyn Beckham passing himself off as a chef and going on an American morning show and making the most basic sausage sandwich,” another wrote.

However, Brooklyn has said he knows he isn’t a “professional”, but said he will keep making his cooking content and see where it takes him.

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