Brooke Blurton cries on Not So PG podcast over No vote

Former Bachelorette star Brooke Blurton has broken down in tears on camera, voicing her sadness and anger at the result of last weekend’s referendum on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Australians overwhelmingly voted No to the Voice proposal in a referendum on Saturday, with 60 per cent rejecting the change to the constitution to include Indigenous representation. Only one state or territory, the ACT, returned a Yes majority.

Blurton said the landslide “no” result of the referendum left her “devastated” and not wanting to call herself Australian.

“It makes me feel like everything I have worked for has been completely diminished in this country, and I feel so f**king devastated,” she told co-host Matty Mills on the latest episode of their Not So PG podcast.

Blurton, 28, is a proud Noongar/Yamatji woman, and said that she had difficulty thinking of herself as an Australian after the referendum result.

“I’m a First Nations person forefront. I f**king hate calling myself Australian.”

“I do not think that I identify with that because that invitation was put to the Australian people and it was very f**king un-Australian of you to say No to us,” she continued.

Co-host Mills told her not to give up hope, and assured her that her own work, as a youth worker with young First Nations people, did not go unnoticed.

But Blurton broke down as she revealed that work had been especially difficult this week.

“You don’t understand. I was in damage control yesterday – I’m sitting down with these girls who feel like their voice has been stripped. They have no self-esteem already, as f**king teenagers and as women, as black women,” she said.

“Here I am saying, ‘Why are you proud to be First Nations? Why are you so proud to be Aboriginal? All these girls are struggling to put words to paper. I haven’t even had a cry – this is my first f**king cry,” she said, as Mills rushed to comfort her.

Blurton posted the emotional clip to her Instagram account with the defiant statement: “Australia said NO, but I WON’T LET IT SAY NO TO OUR YOUNG PEOPLE.”

She revealed that she was feeling “devastated” going into the podcast recording, but “hadn’t let the emotion out.”

“I won’t be silent, we won’t diminish our voice or our future young leaders voices, especially right now! This episode is raw, emotional and our truth telling,” she wrote.

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