Britney Spears was ‘very drunk’ and ‘bored’ when she married Jason Alexander

Britney Spears has detailed the boozed-up story behind her infamous 55-hour marriage to her childhood friend Jason Alexander.

In her highly anticipated memoir, The Woman in Me, Spears revealed she and Alexander decided to get hitched in 2004 after a drunken night together in Vegas, reports Page Six.

“He and I got s**tfaced,” the singer writes, according to Time.

“I don’t even remember that night at all, but from what I’ve pieced together, he and I lounged around the hotel room and stayed up late watching movies … then had the brilliant idea of going to A Little White Chapel at three thirty in the morning.”

The Grammy winner, 41, also confirmed that she and Alexander tied the knot because they were “bored,” not because they were deeply in love.

“People have asked me if I loved him. To be clear: he and I were not in love,” she explains.

“I was just honestly very drunk — and probably, in a more general sense at that time in my life, very bored.”

While the Princess of Pop admitted she didn’t take the marriage “seriously” from the start, her family did — and made sure she knew how disappointed they were when news came out about their nuptials.

“They made way too big a deal out of innocent fun,” Spears recalls.

“Everybody has a different perspective on it, but I didn’t take it that seriously. I thought a goof-around Vegas wedding was something people might do as a joke.”

She continues, “Then my family came and acted like I’d started World War III. I cried the whole rest of the time I was in Las Vegas.”

Spears also writes that her family’s anger about the situation made her realise how badly they wanted control over her.

“I realised: something about me being under their control and not having a stronger connection to someone else had become very, very important to them,” she reflects.

Of course, the marriage was annulled before she and Alexander went their separate ways.

That was until he attempted to crash the pop star’s 2022 wedding to her now-estranged husband Sam Asghari and was subsequently charged with aggravated trespassing, stalking and battery.

Alexander previously gave his version of the events about his spontaneous marriage to the singer in a 2012 interview with the US’ ABC News.

He claimed Spears flew him to Vegas in her private jet and denied it being a “booty call.”

“It was just, you know, a friend asking a friend to come on a trip,” he explained.

Alexander, who was arrested in August for stalking, also claimed Spears had the grand idea to get married after they “were doing drugs” together.

“She just came out and asked me. She was like, ‘Well, let’s get married.’ And I was like, ‘Sure. You know, let’s do this,’” he remembered.

Although the Toxic singer denied any serious feelings between the pair, Alexander claimed he was absolutely driven by love.

“I went with my feelings,” he recalled. “I was in love with her. … I feel like she felt the same way.”

He added that he only signed the annulment papers because he thought they might get back together.

Of course, Spears went on to marry Kevin Federline just months after walking down the aisle with Alexander. They welcomed two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, before splitting in 2007.

The singer married Asghari in June 2022 after five years of dating. He filed for divorce in August of this year.

Spears is set to release her memoir on October 24. In the bombshell tell-all, she also discusses her conservatorship and the alleged abortion she had while dating Justin Timberlake.

This article originally appeared in Page Six and was reproduced with permission.

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