Britney Spears’ sister labelled ‘evil’ over Timberlake tweet

Britney Spears’ sister has been slammed by fans after they stumbled upon a tweet she posted in support of Justin Timberlake.

Jamie Lynn Spears has been forced to delete a tweet she posted back in 2013 following a wave of backlash from Spears’ followers.

In the since-deleted tweet, Jamie Lynnn tweeted a throwback photo of herself as a kid sitting on Justin’s lap in the back of a bar with Britney sitting beside him.

Alongside the snap, she wrote: “@jtimberlake Weird hearing ur music as an Adult..Ha Not only do I appreciate it. I GET it.”

Spears and Timberlake dated between 1999 and 2002. Their messy break-up played out in the public eye, and Justin famously insinuated Britney had cheated on him in the music video for Cry Me A River.

In Spears’ new memoir, the pop princess said Timberlake’s video made her look like “the harlot who’d broken the heart of America’s golden boy”.

In response to her sister’s tweets, fans rushed to hit out at the star with some labelling her “evil” for appearing to support Timberlake.

“Who would tweet this about essentially a diss track about your sister?” tweeted one fan, while a second said: “What a nasty thing to tweet.”

“This is so evil?!” a third person added.

Ironically, as Spears details for the first time in her memoir, Timberlake allegedly cheated on her twice during their relationship, both times with famous women.

According to US Weekly, she claims in her book that the former NSYNC singer hooked up with “one of the girls” from a hit ‘90s girl band while in London in 2000.

Rumours had circulated at the time that Timberlake had cheated on Spears with All Saints’ star Nicole Appleton after the pair were photographed heading back to his hotel after a night out, but it’s never been confirmed.

Spears reportedly refuses to name the other female celebrity involved in their love triangle, as she now has a family she doesn’t want to embarrass.

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