Bradley Cooper mocked after breaking down in bizarre interview moment

Bradley Cooper has been mercilessly mocked on social media after a bizarre video of him breaking down in tears during an interview went viral.

The clip of Cooper has gone viral on TikTok, and shows the actor becoming extremely emotional over how much he “misses” composer Leonard Bernstein, who he plays in the Oscar nominated film Maestro.

However, there’s one major catch… Cooper never met Berstein or had any form of personal interaction with the late composer.

To make things even more bizarre, Cooper’s emotional breakdown happens in front of Bernstein’s very own biological children.

During the interview with CBS Sunday Morning, correspondent Mo Rocca asked Cooper whether he missed Bernstein

“It’s hard to talk about,” he responds when asked if he misses their father. “We shared something very special. It’s hard to even articulate, but he was with me, certainly, throughout the entire time.”

The star then becomes visibly upset, with tears filling up his eyes.

“I really do feel like I know him,” he added.

Fans rushed to comment on the baffling clip, with one stating: “Just so everyone understands, Leonard Bernstein died in 1990”.

Another wrote: “That’s actually an insane thing to say,” with a third commenter agreeing: “Doing that in front of his kids is CRAZY!”

“[Saying] ‘we shared something very special’ about a man you’ve never met is crazy. I’m going to start saying about that every celebrity I like,” said another.

While another commenter joked: “This is his best performance”.

Meanwhile, Cooper was criticised last year for wearing a large prosthetic nose while portraying Bernstein, who was Jewish.

Social media users echoed Oberman’s sentiments and blasted Cooper’s insensitive makeup choice as a form of “Jewface.”

“The truth is … I’d done this whole process out of love, and it’s so clear to me where I come from,” Cooper told CBS. “My nose is very similar to Lenny’s, actually. I thought, ‘Maybe we don’t need to do it,’ but it’s all about balance, and, you know, my lips are nothing like Lenny’s, and my chin.”

He added that he “didn’t look right [without the prosthetic]” and that they had to use more prosthetics anyway as Bernstein aged in the film.

Bernstein’s three kids also expressed their approval of Cooper’s use of the prosthetic in a joint statement.

“We were touched to the core to witness the depth of his commitment, his loving embrace of our father’s music, and the sheer open-hearted joy he brought to his exploration,” the trio said on social media.

“It breaks our hearts to see any misrepresentations of misunderstandings of his efforts. It happens to be true that Leonard Bernstein had a nice, big nose. Bradley chose to use makeup to amplify his resemblance, and we’re perfectly fine with that.”

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