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  • Look For The Merchant In Vasily’s Reach

Diablo 4’s second season has filled Sanctuary with a host of vampires and other demonic forces. Clearing out such a threat will require you to fight fire with fire, using the vampire’s own powers against them. But before you can use these powers yourself, you’ll first need to complete a short series of quests.



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Season of Blood gives players a chance to wield vampiric powers to further enhance their characters. Unlocking such powers will first require you to complete “Blood Money,” the start of a seasonal questline where players where get acclimated with this season’s unique threat. This guide will cover how to start the “Blood Money” quest chain, and we’ll briefly go over how this season’s Vampiric Power system works.

How To Start Blood Money

Diablo 4 Blood Money Quest Start

As with last season, the “Blood Money” quest automatically unlocks upon beating the campaign on any difficulty. If you opted to skip the campaign during character creation, you will have immediate access to this quest. Only seasonal characters may access this quest. If you’re playing a character on the Eternal Realm, you will not have access to this quest or Season of Blood’s unique progression systems.

The quest itself will guide you to Ked Bardu, the major hub town in Act 3’s Dry Steppes region. Speak to the Magistrate there to start the Season of Blood quest chain.

Look For The Merchant In Vasily’s Reach

Your first main objective is to locate a merchant that went missing in Vasily’s Reach, located north of Ked Bardu. Use your mount to ride over to the highlighted region on your map, then explore the top half of the region. You should find a hole in the ground that will lead to a hidden dungeon, as shown in the image gallery above. Clear out the dungeon, then return to the Magistrate back in town. This should conclude the “Blood Money” quest and progress the seasonal quest chain.

The Hunter’s Chase

Diablo 4 Season of Blood Vampiric Powers Interface

Back in the Magistrate’s office, you will be ambushed by a small horde of vampires. Defeating them will award you with Potent Blood and Vampiric Powers, this season’s unique progression system. You can view these powers by accessing your inventory and selecting the “Vampiric Powers” tab. Open the cache the Magistrate gave you to receive some Potent Blood, a currency used to unlock additional Vampiric Powers. Be sure to interact with the Blood Altar before leaving to receive a second bundle of Potent Blood.

Similar to Malignant Hearts last season, Vampiric Powers draw their energy from Pacts, unique symbols that randomly roll on all armor pieces in Season of Blood. You can view your armor’s current Pact symbols by hovering over the item in your inventory. Each armor piece can have up to five Pacts at a time. You can use Pact Consumables earned from Season of Blood content to add, remove, or reroll the Pacts on your armor. We cover this system in more detail in our Vampiric Powers guide, but this is all you need to know to finish the seasonal quest chain.

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Summons Of The Deathless

Diablo 4 Summons of the Deathless Quest Location

“Summons of the Deathless” is the next quest in the seasonal quest chain, unlocked after completing the first Chapter of Battle Pass challenges. You will need to meet with the Magistrate in the Tomb of Hallows. This dungeon is located in the Amber Sands of Kehjistan, north of the Altar of Ruin Stronghold. Make your way inside and clear out the vampires within.

Towards the end of the dungeon, the Magistrate will head back to town and ask you to continue investigating. Interact with the nearby wall to reveal a secret vampire den. A Vampire Lord will speak with you before revealing an ambush. Defeat the Vampire Lord’s minions and interact with the Blood Altar in the center of the arena. This will give you a large sum of Potent Blood and continue the quest chain. Return to Ked Bardu to meet with Erys.

A Witness In The Dust

Diablo 4 Season Of Blood Witness in the Dust Skull Coffin

“A Witness in the Dust” is the next part of the quest chain and fairly straightforward. Once again, you will need to clear out a dungeon with Hunter Erys. Travel to the Fetid Mausoleum in Hawezar, located west of the Tree of Whispers, to continue the quest chain. Keep your eyes peeled for a coffin towards the end of the dungeon, as this will contain the Profane Vampire Skull Erys is looking for. You can leave the dungeon once you claim the skull, but we suggest clearing the dungeon to progress your Codex of Power.

Once complete, you’ll need to finish the second Chapter of Battle Pass challenges to access the next section of the seasonal quest chain. Continue leveling your character and clearing out Blood Harvest regions to progress through the Season Journey.

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