Billie Eilish, Ben Affleck: Seven of the worst celebrity tattoos

Money doesn’t buy taste, and fame doesn’t help either, and the proof is in the ink.

One thing celebrities love to do, besides visit Starbucks, is get an ugly tattoo and flaunt it around like they have a modern-day Picasso painting on their skin.

Meanwhile, their tattoos look eerily similar to a JBHifi worker’s sleeve you’ve recently glimpsed when trying to buy an iPad.

Singer Billie Eilish recently left fans in a flood of confusion when she revealed her objectively very ugly back tattoo.

The tattoo, which takes up her entire back, looks like the black squiggles you drew in your schoolbook when you were going through your goth teen phase.

It has left fans in complete shock, confusion and wonder.

“That is the worst tattoo ever,” someone tweeted.

“Looks like a toddler with a marker went to town,” another wrote.

“She’s so dark and misunderstood,” another joked.

“This is what desk’s indentations look like,” one person shared.

“This looks like an injury,” someone else observed.

This is just peak celebrity behaviour.

They get slightly famous, delude themselves into thinking they have some clever taste and start collecting tattoos like Happy Meal toys from McDonalds.

Eilish has a few other horrific tattoos to add to her growing collection. She’s got her last name stamped in the middle of her chest … I guess, in case she forgets it. Plus, a dragon on her thigh and an angel fairy on her hand.

We’ve seen this tattoo trend happen with Brooklyn Beckham in a way that has made us all very uncomfortable.

Beckham is the son of Victoria and David Beckham and has married billionaire heiress Nicola Peltz-Beckham.

He has also gotten seventy tattoos in honour of Nicola and, while I’ll spare you a comprehensive rundown, the highlights include a portrait of her face that is giving Johnny Bravo vibes and the word ‘married’ tattooed on him.

Get it? Because he is married.

He also has her eyes tattooed on the back of his neck.

You couldn’t accuse Beckham of being subtle.

Imagine if they get divorced, and the first new woman that has a sleepover has to wake up staring into the eyes of her lover’s ex.

Beckham has explained that his wife is a big fan of all the ink in her honour and he even told USA Today that she “cries” whenever he “surprises” her with new ink.

The famous offspring is convinced they are tears of joy, but one glimpse at the tattoos and you could understand why she might be crying for a whole other reason.

Actor Ben Affleck is known for being an Oscar-winning director but, more importantly, he is known for his mid-life crisis tattoo.

This being a giant tattoo on his back that is a phoenix rising from the ashes. Yes, we’ve all seen this one before, though usually the man sporting it is the guy who goes to his pub so much that he has a stool set aside for him, but Affleck is a fan, too.

Before he and Jennifer Lopez got back together, she made fun of the tattoo on Andy Cohen’s show in 2016.

“It’s awful,” said.

“I would tell him that.”

Hopefully, now they’ve gotten back together, they’ve had that tough conversation and Lopez has booked him into a laser clinic.

British Singer Cheryl Cole has also fallen victim to getting a hideous tattoo – and she got this one on her bum.

Cole decided that more is more and got giant roses on her bum, covering her whole behind.

“Life’s too short and the tattoo was on the list,” she said on The Graham Norton Show.

She’s right, although it might feel slightly longer when being confronted by giant roses on your bum for the rest of your life.

There’s also Pete Davidson, who dated Kim Kardashian for a few months in 2022, and in that time, he got ‘My Girls a Lawyer’ a nod to Kardashian, who is studying to be a lawyer.

She’s no longer his girl, so the tattoo is false advertising.

Johnny Depp famously had ‘Winona Forever’ as a pledge of love for his girlfriend at the time, Winona Ryder.

They broke up in 1993 and he promptly changed it to ‘Wino Forever’ to reference his love of wine.

We also can’t ignore the lion tattoo that Ed Sheeran got on his chest. Sure, the ginger is covered in tattoos but that doesn’t mean they are good.

The lion one makes his body look like a new edition book cover for the first Narnia book The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe.

Stars simply can’t be trusted with their taste in tattoos.

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