Best Young Right Backs For Career Mode In EA Sports FC 24

Right backs are essential when using a four-at-the-back system and wing play as your chosen playing tactical vision in the Career Mode of EA Sports FC 24. They will serve as the backbone of the entire right flank and will occasionally bomb forward to create excellent chances for your strikers.



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There are plenty of quality right backs available in the game who you can end up signing. Choosing the younger ones over the established ones will help you while performing a longer rebuild because they will not decline and will constantly grow. The following section offers a detailed list of the best young right backs in the game’s Career Mode.

Only players aged 21 or under at the start of Career Mode have been considered for this list.

10 Conor Bradley, Liverpool

An image of Conor Bradley in EA Sports FC 24-1

Conor Bradley proves to be one of the younger gems in the setup of Liverpool, and he possesses considerable talent. He can learn a lot from Trent Alexander-Arnold and turn out as the next big right back in world football.

Given his fantastic promise, EA has given him a rating of 69 in the Career Mode, and he will be ideal for signing while managing teams in the lower divisions. In terms of potential, he can reach a rating of 83 and even surpass it if given enough opportunities and playtime.

9 Sael Kumbedi, Olympique Lyon

An image of Sael Kumbedi in EA Sports FC 24-1

If you want a quality player on a restricted budget, Sael Kumbedi can be an immense signing for your team in the Career Mode of EA Sports FC 24. He has a value of €4.2 million and can be purchased for around €5-6 million, which is not that much for someone of his quality.

The footballer will essentially commence the initial season with a rating of 71 and will steadily grow over the years, considering his potential of 83. You may also employ him in a five-at-the-back setup, as Sael Kumbedi is also incredible as a right wing back.

8 Kiliann Sildillia, SC Freiburg

An image of Kiliann Sildillia in EA Sports FC 24-1

Bundesliga is filled with hidden gems, and one such incredible talent is Kiliann Sildillia, who presently plays for SC Freiburg. The French youngster has come out from the academy of Metz and has all the right attributes to be a solid player at the right back position.

Looking at his numbers, he has an overall rating of 72 and a potential of 83, decent enough for Career Mode. Kiliann Sildillia is also very versatile and can fit in at the centre back role, and you can utilize him there whenever required.

7 Amar Dedić, RB Salzburg

An image of Amar Dedic in EA Sports FC 24-1

Amar Dedić emerges as one of the many talented players at RB Salzburg, and the Bosnian can be a great purchase if you want a right back who likes being on the front foot. He is highly potent on the attack, and his speed can help you burst on the pitch’s right side.

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Besides the right back spot, you can deploy Amar Dedić as a wing back or even at the right midfielder role. With a rating of 73 and a potential of 83, spending your money on him will be worth it, and he will prove his value over the period of the Career Mode.

6 Tino Livramento, Newcastle United

An image of Tino Livramento in EA Sports FC 24-1

Tino Livramento was probably the most signed right back in the Career Mode of FIFA 23, and he remains an immense talent in EA Sports FC 24. Following the relegation of Southampton, he joined Newcastle in the Summer 2023 Transfer Window and is looking to make it big for the Magpies.

Investing early on Tino Livramento will be a wise option, and he would be rated 74 at the start of the Career Mode. In a few seasons, his overall will skyrocket as he will be close to reaching his potential of 83.

5 Devyne Rensch, Ajax

An image of Devyne Rensch in EA Sports FC 24-1

Ajax has been known to produce some of the best footballers in world football, and their academy has created numerous superstars. Among the finest players to recently emerge from their setup is Devyne Rensch, and the Dutch full back can be a perfect purchase for your team in EA Sports FC 24.

The attributes of Devyne Rensch inside the game are excellent, and he is well-rounded in most segments, making him a terrific player to have on the pitch. He possesses a rating of 75, whereas his potential in the game has been set at 83.

4 Iván Fresneda, Sporting CP

An image of Ivan Fresneda in EA Sports FC 24-1

Iván Fresneda was a highly sought-after player in La Liga and was heavily linked to numerous top clubs in the league. In the end, the top talent joined Sporting CP towards the end of the transfer window and is looking to make his mark in the Liga Portugal.

Speaking of his rating in EA Sports FC 24, Iván Fresneda will begin the Career Mode’s first season at 72. On the other hand, his potential is 85, and he will climb up to that mark in 5–6 seasons.

3 Malo Gusto, Chelsea

An image of Malo Gusto in EA Sports FC 24-1

Since the Todd Boehly takeover, Chelsea has signed an absurd number of talents and is trying to build a team for the future. Although most of them have yet to showcase their potential, Malo Gusto is one of the better ones by the looks of his performances.

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The French international is full of quality and is extremely fun to utilize in the Career Mode of EA Sports FC 24. He has a rating of 76, and you can develop him into a superstar by making him reach his potential mark of 85.

2 Rico Lewis, Manchester City

An image of Rico Lewis in EA Sports FC 24-1

Rico Lewis has developed into a star under Pep Guardiola and has started receiving occasional game time for one of the best teams in the world. The English full back has managed to impress everyone and will improve as he matures.

The wonderkid has been rated 73, and his potential is set at 86, which is why you should certainly try signing him. Rico Lewis can further occupy the role of a defensive midfielder, and his decent passing and defending attributes will surely help you out.

1 Arnau Martínez, Girona

An image of Arnau Martinez in EA Sports FC 24-1

Arnau Martínez is hands down the best young right back you can find in the Career Mode. The Spaniard has been in tremendous form for Girona and is considered the future star of the specific position.

He comes with a rating of 80 and has a potential of 87 in EA Sports FC 24, one of the highest for the right back role. However, buying Arnau Martínez wouldn’t be cheap given that he has been valued at €39.5 million, forcing you to spend the big bucks to acquire him.

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