Best Video Game Halloween Costumes In 2023

Halloween is a fantastic time of year. Spooky movies are played almost on loop, you can eat candy with no shame whatsoever, and you get plenty of excuses to dress up. Of course, picking an outfit can be incredibly hard, especially when you’re determined to make reference to any of the gaming greats.



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Yes, the world of video games is ripe with characters to mimic for your Halloween costume, and whether you’re a ‘do it yourself’ kind of person or a ‘buy it all online’ type of person, your fellow geeks will love seeing you dressed to the nines in something entirely nerdy.

Ash Ketchum Cosplay Gear

Ash Ketchum Cosplay Gear

Catch all the candy!

Ash Ketchum may be one of the most recognizable faces in gaming and anime history, and his getup is definitely part of that. This unofficial yet quality-looking costume set will turn any outfit into a Pokemon reference.


  • Acheive your dream of becoming a Pokemon Master
  • Cap can be used on a daily basis too

  • Younger kids won’t recognize you

The set includes Ash’s iconic baseball cap, a short-sleeve jacket, and some fingerless gloves – all you need to do is pair it with a white tee, some blue jeans, and some hi-tops, and you’ve got yourself an easy, comfy Ash cosplay. And now that he’s a Pokemon Master, you can wear this costume with more pride than ever.

someone wearing a donkey kong costume
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Donkey Kong Costume

Don-key Kon-ga, OOH!

$58 $61 Save $3

Donkey Kong is a Nintendo mascot that has technically been around even longer than Mario. Loved by generations of gamers since, this costume lets you cosplay as the world’s most famous ape and is based on his most iconic video game look.


  • Looks just like the DK everyone knows and loves
  • Better mask than most when it comes to costumes in this price range

  • Can now hear Seth Rogen’s laugh whenever I look at him

Incredible to think Donkey Kong has technically been around longer than Mario. At least longer than Mario has been called Mario. The iconic video game monkey has picked up a lot of fans since his debut 40 years ago and has never really fallen out of the zeitgeist entirely since in that time. I think that’s something worth celebrating, and what better way to celebrate than to dress up as DK for Halloween, or any other time of year for that matter? You will have to deal with every other person going, “Oh, didn’t Seth Rogen voice him in the Mario movie?”, though.

kid wearing a minecraft ender dragon costume
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Minecraft Ender Dragon Costume

Kids Love Minecraft

$18 $29 Save $11

The Ender Dragon is Minecraft’s original final boss and one any avid player will have tangled with. The costume paying homage to the creature includes a patterned jumpsuit, tiny dragon wings, and most important of all, an Ender Dragon helmet.


  • Odds are your kids love Minecraft so will love this
  • Perfect way to add a video game twist to a trick or treating expedition
  • Not as weird or quirky as other Minecraft costume options
  • Officially licensed Minecraft costume

  • Those felt spines look a little flimsy

If you haven’t noticed Minecraft is one of the biggest things in the video game world right now well, where have you been? Quite literally the best-selling game of all time by more than 100 million copies, odds are if you have kids of a certain age, they’re going to be into Minecraft. It’s also likely they have faced off against the Ender Dragon and therefore have a tremendous amount of respect for it. Since pretty much all kids seem to love Minecraft, you can also rest assured a costume like this one will be a hit with everyone whether it’s worn to a party or for trick-or-treating at Halloween.

Adult's Princess Peach Costume

Adult’s Princess Peach Costume

Feel like a princess

Who says that Halloween costumes have to be spooky? There’s nothing wrong with dressing up as one of gaming’s most iconic characters of all time: Princess Peach. This costume promises a feeling of elegance while still being as nerdy as any other video game reference outfit.


  • Who doesn’t like a princess?
  • Comes in Daisy and Rosalina variants too

  • People dressed as Bowser might try to kidnap you

And hey, if Princess Peach is a bit too classic for you, Ugoccam also has Princess Daisy and Rosalina outfits for anyone who wants to be just a little more obscure in their references. Thanks to the massive success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie, there will be enough people that will recognize you.

someone wearing a spyro the dragon jumpsuit costume
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Spyro The Dragon Jumpsuit Costume

Make It The Year Of The Dragon

With Activision Blizzard now owned by Xbox, you never know when Spyro the Dragon might finally make a comeback. Until then, you can dress as the dragon with this onesie, complete with wings and shoe covers so you’re Spyro from head to toe.


  • Includes shoe covers, Spyro wings, and a long old tail
  • You don’t need to pull the same pose as the guy in the photo

  • Little bit pricey, but it should get plenty of use

Now that the Xbox/Activision Blizzard merger is finally complete and we can all stop talking about it, we can turn our attention to the dormant series Microsoft might now revive. Forget about putting Call of Duty on Game Pass and give me some long-overdue Spyro games. Other than venting our frustrations at the lack of them on social media, I think the best way to let Xbox know what we want is to all dress as the world’s most famous purple dragon. That’s easily done as you can just buy the costume above. It includes big dragon feet to cover your shoes and even has a long Spyro tail. Whether it’s Halloween, a party, or remembering the gold old days when Spyro games came at us thick and fast, this costume is perfect.

Inflatable Mario Riding Yoshi Costume

Inflatable Mario Riding Yoshi Costume

You can always jump off to reach greater heights

You simply can’t help but smile when you see one of these costumes – the comically tiny legs, the goofy way the Yoshi will dash about ahead of your child – it’s a perfectly joyful sight.


  • Innovative design
  • Looks ridiculously adorable

  • Requires some work to put on

This costume is officially licensed and comes with a battery pack, so it’s self-inflating. One size fits most, so you can be confident that you won’t be disappointed when this dinosaur hatches turns up at your door, just remember that you’ll have to buy the iconic Mario mustache separately.

Persona 5 Joker Costume

Persona 5 Joker Costume

Persona Not Included

One of the most stylish JRPG protagonists in recent history, Persona 5’s Joker has a great outfit. Forget stealing hearts, steal his outfit – something that Miccostumes makes very easy.


  • Easy to wear thanks to its zips
  • Pretty stylish

  • Likely unrecognizble to anyone who doesn’t know Persona

This ensemble comes with the jacket, the shirt, and the pants, so all you’ll need is a nice pair of shoes and perhaps some black hair dye, and your Joker cosplay is complete.He’s a little more obscure than some of the other costumes we’ve included on this list, but if another Persona super fan sees you wearing this, they’ll be absolutely delighted.

Pac Man Suit

Pac Man Suit

Waka Waka

If you’re feeling a bit fancier than usual and want to stunt on your friends by turning up to the party in a full-blown suit, you can’t get much better than this. This suit turns you into the entire Pac Man board, complete with ghosts all over the place.


  • Looks sharp while still being on theme
  • Great for corporate costume parties

  • It’s a suit, so you’ll need to pay a suit price

This might be a bit pricier than your usual Halloween fare, but you get what you pay for – the jacket, pants, and tie all come with the stylish yet geeky design, and while it’s a bit ostentatious, you could totally get away with wearing this suit any time of the year.

Minecraft steve costume

Minecraft Steve Costume With Sword

Block This Costume For Halloween Night

$50 $61 Save $11

Minecraft is a phenomenon of wild proportions. It’s a game that has stood the test of time and taken the world by storm, enjoyed by all ages. Kids can express their fondness for the game by dressing up as Steve, the default player character skin that you play as when you take your first steps in Minecraft’s blocky utopia.


  • Low maintenance costume
  • Easily recognizable

  • Definitely going to freak out a few kids (and adults)

This costume is officially licensed and gives the wearer an authentically pixelated look thanks to the extremely padded shoulders and square-shaped head. There are few video game characters as instantly recognizable as Steve – he even got into Super Smash Brothers, to the delight of thousands.

Nier Automata 2B Costume

Nier Automata 2B Costume

…or not to be.

There aren’t many characters who you could call cooler than 2B from Nier: Automata. She exudes strength and confidence in everything she does, so of course it would feel incredible to dress up as her for Halloween.


  • Highly detailed
  • Prevents accidental exposure

  • People will mistake you for a French maid

This costume comes with everything you need for a great 2B look – from the leotard to the hair accessories and blindfold that make 2B a recognizable face in a sea of androids. The sheer detail in this outfit is incredible – you’ll surely impress everyone at the party if you turn up rocking this – double points if you can snatch a suitable white wig to match.


What video game character is easy to cosplay?

Mario and Luigi may well be among the easiest video game characters to cosplay as all you need are some red and green caps and t-shirts, a couple of pairs of dungarees, and fake mustaches unless you’re lucky enough to have your own. They’re also more in vogue than ever right now thanks to the success of the Mario movie.

What is cosplay in gaming?

Cosplay is a way in which fans show their love for certain characters and series by dressing as them for parties, events, or just because. How a costume looks is really a sliding scale. Some are happy to simply strike a passing resemblance to the character they’re trying yo represent, while others go all out and make movie/video game-accurate costumes.

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