Best Tracks Missing From Mario Kart 8


  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has the most tracks available, with DLC doubling the number of playable tracks.
  • Some iconic tracks from previous Mario Kart games are missing in 8 Deluxe, such as N64 Moo Moo Farm and Double Dash Dino Dino Jungle.
  • Players would love to see the inclusion of popular tracks like DS Rainbow Road and Wii Daisy Circuit in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.



When it comes to Mario Kart games with the most tracks available, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe wins by a long shot. Upon launch, the game already had all the base tracks and DLC tracks from the original Wii U title, but the booster DLC would double the number of playable tracks.

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While many of the courses in this booster pack are from the mobile game Mario Kart Tour, there are also plenty of entries from previous Mario Kart games that have gotten a new coat of paint. However, some amazing courses are still missing, so here are some omissions that need to be added.

8 N64 Moo Moo Farm

Yoshi races through Moo Moo Farm

You might see the name of this track and be confused since Moo Moo Meadows is already in Mario Kart 8 and is one of the most iconic tracks having been ported over from Mario Kart Wii; however, Moo Moo Farm is a similarly named track that is completely different.

While Moo Moo Farm might not be as iconic as its younger sibling, it is still just as fun to race. The course was also featured in Mario Kart DS as well, where it managed to impact another generation as well. While another Moo Moo themed track might seem overboard, the theming is still fun, and it would be great to see in 8 Deluxe’s style.

7 Double Dash Dino Dino Jungle

mario kart double dash dino dino jungle

While Double Dash is seen as one of the more obscure Mario Kart games with its unique play style, and being on the less popular Game Cube, it is still a cult classic for a reason, and one of these reasons is the track variety. One of the best tracks original to this game has only reappeared in console Mario Kart games again in Dino Dino Jungle.

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The prehistoric-themed level has plenty of unique obstacles and an interesting layout that has only featured in 7 and tour since its initial release, and it would be amazing to see how it looks and plays if ported onto 8 Deluxe.

6 Double Dash DK Mountain

Mario Kart Game Cube DK Mountain Track View

Arguably, one of the most iconic tracks featured in Double Dash is DK Mountain, and this is for good reason, with it being one of the most exciting tracks to play in the game.

The track was popular enough to justify being ported onto Mario Kart Wii and Tour; however, it has not been seen on a console Mario Kart since Wii, which is a shame since the course would be even more fun to play with all the unique gameplay mechanics in 8 Deluxe. The course starts with getting blasted up the titular mountain and then racing down through unique landscapes and past dangerous obstacles.

5 DS Rainbow Road

Mario Kart DS Rainbow ROad
Mario drives on Rainbow Road.

While Mario Kart DS did not have the graphical ability of other games like Double Dash, Wii, and 7, it is impressive just how many memorable courses the portable classic spawned. A track that is assured to nearly always be remembered fondly is Rainbow Road, and DS’ iteration is one of the best.

While it does not have any of the more unique theming that can be seen in later Rainbow Roads, the layout of the course is its strength. The twists and turns keep this track chaotic, and it would be amazing to see how it could be re-imagined if brought into 8 Deluxe.

4 DS Delfino Square

mario kart ds wii delfino square

One of the classic tracks that makes Mario Kart DS such a memorable game is Delfino Square. The course is pretty simple since it features quite early on in Mario Kart DS; however, it has a fun layout with a unique setting to match. The course takes clear inspiration from Delfino Plaza in Mario Sunshine and uses this to its strength to give it a fun atmosphere.

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The course made its way into Mario Kart Wii but has not been featured in another Mario Kart game since. There are plenty of stunning town-based courses in 8 Deluxe, so getting to see a classic one remade would be a great opportunity.

3 Wii Rainbow Road

mario kart wii rainbow road

Perhaps one of the most widely requested tracks to be featured in 8 Deluxe is the Wii version of Rainbow Road. This is seen as one of the best Rainbow Roads featured in the long-running series, and similarly to Rainbow Road in Mario Kart DS, it does this by having a unique layout that takes advantage of all the features in Mario Kart Wii.

The course still looks amazing in the original Mario Kart Wii; however, it would be even more stunning on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

2 Wii Daisy Circuit

mario kart wii daisy circuit

An aspect that Mario Kart Wii excelled at was creating a distinct atmosphere for plenty of tracks that made them memorable, and one of the best examples of this is the stunning Daisy Circuit. The track has a simple enough layout, which is fun to race through, but where it stands out is the set dressing.

The sunset-soaked stage features charming architecture, a more grounded street-based design, and statues of Daisy and Luigi as focal points. This track looked amazing on Wii, but it could be one of the best-looking displays of the Switch’s graphical ability if ported onto 8 Deluxe.

1 Mario Kart 7 Wuhu Loop

mario kart 7 wuhu loop

One of the best features introduced in Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS that is often overlooked because of the gliding and underwater riding are the longer tracks. A handful of tracks featured in 7 use just one extended track instead of looping three times. This continued into Mario Kart 8, and the tracks that use this feature, while being a little harder to memorize, always end up being some of the best.

A standout example of this is Wuhu Loop. The track celebrates the now nostalgic setting of Wii Sports Resort. While the subject matter now lacks a little relevance, featuring in 8 Deluxe would be a great call back and a fun track.

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