Best Tec-9 Skins In CS2

Counter-Strike 2 is a first-person shooter (FPS) game developed by Valve Corporation. Launched initially as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in August 2012, the game was later revamped and updated as Counter-Strike 2, which launched in 2023. Valve has millions of active players through its Steam platform, making Counter-Strike one of the most popular FPS series.



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Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) features many custom skin options for the Tec-9 pistol. With so many choices, picking the coolest, sleekest, and most minimalist Tec-9 skins can be challenging. This article will discuss some of the best Tec-9 skins worth equipping in your loadout. The Tec-9 is a semi-automatic pistol originally from Sweden, which has a 90.2 percent armor penetration rate and costs $500 to purchase in-game.

10 Tec-9 Cut Out

Tec-9 Cut Out Inspection

A Mil-Spec grade Tec-9 skin is available in the Operation Hydra Case. Depending on the desired wear level and float value, you can purchase it on the Steam Community Market for $4-$22. It’s often cheaper on third-party marketplaces as well.

This Tec-9 features a clean design, with a complex silver pattern painted on the receiver while the rest of the body remains stock. An extra design or aesthetic flair is incorporated into the skin, but it’s still sleeker and more attractive than the standard look.

9 Tec-9 Nuclear Threat

Tec-9 Nuclear Threat Title Screen Inspection

The Tec-9 Nuclear Threat is a Restricted-grade pistol in the Nuke Collection Souvenir Package. Depending on wear, it can also be purchased on the Steam Community Market, ranging from $36 to a whopping $1980, though it’s still not as expensive as the $400,000 AK-47 skin.

The Nuclear Threat has a unique radioactive design, though not as flashy or aesthetically pleasing as other skins on this list. The entire weapon is encased in a radioactive green pattern, giving it a one-of-a-kind look. While it may not look as sleek as other skins, the Nuclear Threat still has an iconic design with its radioactive coloring covering the whole body.

8 Tec-9 Cracked Opal

Tech-9 Cracked Opal Inspection

This Mil-Spec Tec-9 is the one of the most affordable skins, costing just over $0.07 for the cheapest wear and a bit over $2.50 for a Factory New StatTrak version.

Despite its low price, the design of this skin is quite impressive compared to others in the same range. The cracked cyan pattern across the body gives the weapon a magical glowing quality, evoking a supernatural, ancient temple discovery vibe. It’s worth considering if you want great-looking skin without breaking the bank.

7 Tec-9 Re-Entry

Tec-9 Re-Entry Inspection

The Restricted-grade Re-Entry skin can be obtained from the Chroma 3 Case or purchased on the Community Market for $0.50 to $9. The design language is similar to the Cut Out, with only the receiver featuring a complex blend of fiery red and holographic blue, plus a yellow-painted operating handle.

This flashier skin gives off a Ghost Rider vibe. While the rest of the weapon lacks embellishment, the dazzling patterns on the receiver are cool enough to earn the Re-Entry a spot on this list.

6 Tec-9 Fubar

Tec-9 Fubar Inspection

The Fubar is a Mil-Spec grade Tec-9 available through the Danger Zone Case or on the Community Market, ranging from $0.07 to $4. The Fubar’s design evokes a Rambo vibe with its camo green texture and wooden ammo magazine.

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The rainbow metallic burn on the tip of the receiver gives the impression that the pistol has seen frequent battlefield use, with the heat changing the metal receiver tip. The blend of three distinct colors and textures catches the eye despite being a Mil-Spec grade.

5 Tec-9 Sandstorm

Tec-9 Sandstorm Inspection

The Mil-Spec grade Sandstorm is available through the Operation Phoenix Weapon Case or on the Community Market, ranging from $0.05 to $3.20. The design language is similar to the Nuclear Threat, coating the entire weapon in a solid color. However, the Sandstorm has golden accents throughout the body.

The light purple hue gives off a strong Aladdin vibe, with a few opaque golden patterns covering the body, adding richness to the otherwise bland color. This is one of the prettiest affordable, minimalist skins available, so it’s worth considering if that’s your style.

4 Tec-9 Avalanche

Tec-9 Avalanche Inspection

The last Restricted-grade pistol on our list is the Tec-9 Avalanche, costing between $0.93 and $15.96 on the Community Market (or cheaper on third-party sites). It’s also available in the Revolver Case.

Featuring a clean winter blue color scheme covering the magazine and receiver, the Avalanche has just a few blue stripes on the main body. The handle is patterned for an extra touch. This crisp color combo and textured grip make the Avalanche one of the cleanest, most popular Tec-9 skins in-game.

3 Tec-9 Fuel Injector

Tec-9 Fuel Injector Inspection

Our first Classified-grade pistol, the Tec-9 Fuel Injector, is one of the best Tec-9 skins. Due to its rarity, Factory New StatTrak variants will cost over $55. Prices start at $2.92 for the lowest grade from the Gamma 2 Case or Community Market.

The Fuel Injector gives off an industrial aura rather than a tactical feel. Its minimalist design combines a black and silver receiver with splashes of construction yellow on the body and grip. Subtle markings and a unique etched pattern on the magazine add a rugged, mechanical sensibility. Overall, the color scheme and accents convey a gritty, industrial shop vibe instead of a high-tech tactical aesthetic.

2 Tec-9 Remote Control

Tec-9 Remote Control Inspection

Another Classified-grade contender, the Tec-9 Remote Control, edges out the Fuel Injector in price and aesthetics. Ranging from an affordable $2.30 to a whopping $67.68 on the Community Market (likely cheaper elsewhere), it’s also in the 2018 Nuke Collection.

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The Remote Control screams Cyberpunk in its aesthetics and design. The receiver mixes bright cyan blue with black and yellow for a tactical vibe. Small etched patterns on the body evoke an electronic feel, while the hexagonal grip pattern exudes tactical prowess. Every line and pattern placement shows tactical menace with a Cyberpunk flair. The overall look gives off electronic and tactical vibes, making it an excellent choice for those wanting a serious aesthetic.

1 Tec-9 Decimator

Tec-9 Decimator Inspection

The expensive Tec-9 Decimator claims first place, ranging from $10.96 to $169.93 on the Community Market. It’s also in the Shattered Web Case.

Though less serious looking than the Remote Control, the Decimator’s design and aesthetics exude fun. Simple color combos of light blue to candy purple and minimalist web patterns create a futuristic, virtual world vibe. Despite the minimalism, it feels decidedly playful. The pretty and futuristic look makes the Decimator worth considering if you can afford the hefty price tag.

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