Best Suits For Peter Parker In Spider-Man 2

The previous Spider-Man game offered us many suits to use during our playthrough, whether from the comics, movies, or even original designs. It’s no different with Spider-Man 2, and they even turn it up a notch by letting us change the color palette from some suits.



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Though the main suit is beautiful, along with the Symbiote suit variations that appear throughout the story, there are still quite impressive threads for you to wear during your crime-fighting shenanigans. While some of these suits were also available in the original and are still worth mentioning, there are also fantastic new choices here for you to choose from.

11 The Symbiote Suits

The Black Suit, the Symbiote Suit, and the Anti-Venom Suit from Marvel's Spider-Man 2

These suits are definitely the most outstanding options. They are part of the narrative; new powers come along with them, and their overall design is simply amazing, as Spider-Man deserves.

It’s pretty clear why Insomniac refused to use this suit as a mere cosmetic in the first game, now that there’s a whole plot around it. There’s also a classic version of the Black suit, which doesn’t have the same type of texture, and it looks just as great – it even comes with style choices.

10 Classic

The Classic Suit and its different styles from Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Call us old-fashioned, but classics are classics for a reason. The OG suit from Spidey’s debut is one of the most recognizable looks in superhero history, and just like in the first game, you can use it here.

It does come with gorgeous style changes, including a black version over the blue, a color swap, and a lighter blue palette over the costume.

9 Arachknight

The Arachknight suit and its different styles from Marvel's Spider-Man 2

No, this isn’t a Batman reference. It’s a Moon Knight reference, instead. From a world where these two heroes became one, we have Spidey rocking a cape, which is quite a rare sight.

It does come in black if you want it to resemble Batman a bit, along with blue and a red and yellow color scheme. Though we’re not the biggest fans of the last option, the other ones are pretty solid and worth putting in here.

8 Scarlet III

The Scarlet III suit and its different styles from Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Scarlet Spider is famous for many things, and one of them is his wardrobe. His costumes, especially the original, are gorgeous – and also available here.

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Still, this iteration of the suit looks extremely good, too, making the tech parts required for it worthy. The black and red version is pretty beautiful, too, but you might get confused about which Spider is which during cutscenes.

7 Anti-Ock

The Anti-Ock suit and its different styles from Marvel's Spider-Man 2

The only problem about this suit is that it’s not available right at the beginning – starting off with this one would be the perfect immersion between both games. Still, we’re evaluating design, and this one is as astonishing as it was in the first game.

The color variations are also pretty good-looking, though it’s hard to beat the default black and yellow – though the white one is a close second.

6 Spider-Man 2099

The Spider-Man 2099 suit and its different styles from Marvel's Spider-Man 2

This is a repeated suit, along with the Classic and the Anti-Ock, but 2099 is a classic of its own, and it’s pretty hard to compete with its design – and though the web cape isn’t here, the web wings make it look even better.

This suit also offers excellent options with its variations, making all styles here a solid option. It would’ve been fun to have a Spider-Verse variation, but the original design is a banger nonetheless.

5 Superior

The Superior suit and its different styles from Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Superior Spider-Man is a very different take on the character, especially since it’s none other than Doc Ock as Spider-Man. Still, it’s only an aesthetic choice here, and the Doc did pretty well with his suit design.

This suit is another example of great color variations, too, with the blue and full black ones being magnificent choices. We’d still go with the default, though.

4 Saving Lives

The Saving Lives suit and its different styles from Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Not only do you get to look good, but you can match with your bestie Wraith – if you keep the purple, that is. Still, you can’t go wrong with the other color options.

Though most suits require you to progress the story or reach a certain level, you’ll need to complete all the Flame missions to unlock this one.

3 Kumo

The Kumo suit and its different styles from Marvel's Spider-Man 2

A unique design here is the Kumo, an original suit for the game, using Japanese culture as a reference and making Peter look almost like an Oni-like creature.

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The color variations change your actual skin – or at least what looks like your skin in this design – which makes the Kumo stands out even more. By the way, ‘Kumo’ is Japanese for spider.

2 Last Hunt

The Last Hunt suit and its different styles from Marvel's Spider-Man 2

You can fight Kraven in his own game and prepare yourself for your Great Hunt with this suit. And you can match with Miles since he has this exact suit and color variations at his disposal.

Similar to the previous one, you’ll need to do side content – this time, you’ll have to deal with all the Hunters’ bases across New York.

1 Suits From The Movies

The Webbed suit, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit, the New Red and Blue Suit, and the Spider-Verse Noir Suit, from Marvel's Spider-Man 2

We already had some of these suits previously, but they’re all here. All of their suits are available from Tobey to Andrew and Tom, including Andrew’s second suit and everything Tom has ever worn, including the suit that only appears at the end of No Way Home.

As for the Spider-Verse, there’s no Peter B. Parker here, but you do get to wear the Noir costume – Nicolas Cage’s voice not included.

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