Best Spider-Man Funko Pop! Figures In 2023

Funko continually has many Marvel comic Funkos available to buy, featuring all sorts of different characters. Yet, none of them individually have as many as Spider-Man. This hero has a full line based on him, his allies, and his rogues. However, saying “hero” is a bit misleading, as Spider-Man is not just a singular figure, even to the more mainstream crowd.



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There is Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and a bunch more. And Funko has made Pops! of many of them in recent years due to the popularity of the Spider-Verse movies. But which Spider-Man-based figures are the best currently available? Find out here.

Best Spider-Man Funko Pop! Figures In 2023

Funko Pop! Zombie Hunter Spidey

Funko Pop! Zombie Hunter Spidey

Now He Can Get Around With Webs And A Cloak

$12 $13 Save $1

Zombie Hunter Spidey comes from Marvel’s What If…? series on Disney Plus. Like in the show, this Spider-Man Funko Pop! is wearing one of his usual red and blue suits with the addition of the Cloak of Levitation, formally owned by Dr. Strange.


  • Based on a unique version of Spider-Man
  • The cloak and suit look a lot like they do in the series
  • Has his hand out like he is about to shoot a web

In the Zombie episode of Marvel’s What If…? Spider-Man dons the Cloak Of Levitation. Well, the cloak chooses him since Doctor Strange is now zombified. Either way, the result is a Funko of Spider-Man wearing the magical cloak.

You don’t even need to be a fan of the What If…? series to be intrigued by this figure. After all, if you’re a Marvel fan, seeing the web-slinger wearing the iconic cloak is interesting, regardless of context. And it’s certainly a unique look for the hero. That’s what makes this Pop! a good one to have, as there aren’t going to be many like it.

Funko Pop! Spider-Man India

Funko Pop! Spider-Man India

Arguably The Best-Dressed Spider-Man

There are a lot of Spider-Men in Across The Spider-Verse, but few are as fashionable as Spider-Man India. His signature suit is bright, colorful, and brilliantly designed. You can now bask in the outfit’s glory in Funko form with this Pop!


  • His signature Spider-Man suit still looks good in Funko form
  • Majestic hair
  • Won’t find many other Spider-Man India Pops!

Spider-Man India is one of the standout Web-Slingers in Across The Spider-Verse. This is mainly because of his unique outfit. Yes, every Spidey has their own look, but his suit is extremely different from the others as it’s brighter and more colorful.

Naturally, the same can be said about his Funko Pop! as the figure is wearing that exact outfit. It looks great in Funko form, as does his beautiful locks spilling out from the top of the mask. Overall, it’s a brilliant re-creation of the character from the movie and would look great in any Spider-Man collection.

Funko Pop! Deluxe Doc Ock climbing scaffolding

Funko Pop! Deluxe Doc Ock

One Of The Best Villain Adaptations In Comic-Book Movie History

Forget Spider-Man! Doc Ock is one of the best parts of the movies in which he features. This Funko is based on the scientist’s participation in the final battle of Spider-Man: No Way Home. The figure is using his tentacles to climb the scaffolding around Lady Liberty.


  • Cool action shot
  • The tentacles and glasses look great
  • Accurate hairstyle

  • Looks like he’s fighting in a metal box instead of around Lady Liberty

Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock, originally from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, made his triumphant return in No Way Home to prove once again that he’s one of the best comic-book-adapted characters ever. One of many benefits to his return is this Funko Pop!

After all, Funko was still in its infancy when Sam Raimi was making Spider-Man flicks. So, this is your chance to bag an Alfred Molina Doc Ock one. It’s a good figure, too, as his tentacles, sunglasses, outfit, and hair are all accurate to the character. He’s even doing a nice action pose as he’s attempting to climb the scaffolding.

Funko Pop! Santa Spider-Man jumping and holding a sack of presents

Funko Pop! Santa Spider-Man

He Gives Season Greetings To Innocent Civilians And Season Beatings To The Criminals

Spider-Man would make a very effective Santa Claus. And this Funko Pop! imagines what the Web-Slinger would look like if he took on Saint Nick’s job. He doesn’t have the Santa coat and pants. But he has the hat and a bag of gifts.


  • Fresh concept
  • Nice detail of the Santa sack being made from webbing
  • The hat fits the suit

Some of the best Funko Pops! out there are based on unique concepts, such as Spider-Man being Santa Claus. The hero would be very effective at delivering presents due to his speedy traversal skills.

He also makes a good Funko Pop! as the standard Santa hat actually complements the Spidey suit really well. Plus, you have to appreciate that Spider-Man isn’t using a traditional sack to carry presents. He made one out of his own webbing, which is a creative idea from the makers of this figure. So, if you want your Marvel or Spider-Man Funko collection to have a bit of Christmas spirit, this is the Pop! for you.

Funko Pop! Scarlet Spider figure

Funko Pop! Scarlet Spider

A Man Haunted By His Past

Scarlet Spider doesn’t consider himself a Spider-Man. This is likely why he has such an interesting and distinct outfit that still looks good in Funko form, as this figure proves.


  • The comic-like effect on his head makes the figure look more like the character
  • Doing a unique pose
  • The shirt is appropriately disheveled

Scarlet Spider doesn’t get a significant amount of screen time in Across The Spider-Verse, but he does enough to stand out. His unique look is a big reason why viewers notice him.

That look has been re-created for this Funko Pop! And it’s not just his messed-up shirt and Deadpool-like suit. The creators of this figure have captured the character’s comic-book-like design, particularly on his head. The result is a true comic book Funko.

Funko Pop! Spider-Gwen

Funko Pop! Spider-Gwen

A Hood Automatically Makes A Hero Costume Look Cooler

This Pop! has everything you expect from a Spider-Gwen Funko. It has her signature white, pink, and black hooded outfit with sneakers. It’s a good look.


  • The whole getup is a perfect re-creation of her look from Across The Spider-Verse
  • Doing the classic web-shooter pose

There was a time when it would’ve been hard to find Spider-Gwen merchandise and collectibles. However, in recent years, the character has soured in popularity due to the Spider-Verse movies. The design for this Funko comes from Across The Spider-Verse.

This means not only has she got the white outfit, but she is also donning her signature sneakers. It’s pretty much a perfect re-creation of the character’s look from the movie. Therefore, if you’re a stickler for accuracy, this is the Funko for you. Plus, who doesn’t love Spider-Gwen?

Funko Pop! Spider-Man Unmasked

Funko Pop! Spider-Man Unmasked

Spider-Man In Battle

Peter Parker doesn’t need his mask to be Spider-Man. This Funko is proof of that as it shows the icon hero maskless with scars on his face in his suit from No Way Home.


  • Maskless Spider-Man Funkos are rare
  • The scars on his face are a nice touch
  • Wearing his brilliant suit from No Way Home

You don’t see an abundance of unmasked Spider-Men as collectibles. It makes sense, as the mask is usually the coolest part of the suit. However, in a sea of masked Spider-Men, unmasked ones do stick out. That is what makes this figure so special. And you still get to see the rest of the beautiful suit, so you don’t miss out entirely.

The lack of a mask does create possibilities, too. For example, it allowed the designers to make it seem that this Spider-Man is in the midst of a vicious battle with his disheveled hair and scarred face. A mask would’ve covered all of this up.

Funko Pop! Spider-Man - Miles Morales - Miles in Advanced Tech Suit

Funko Pop! Spider-Man – Miles Morales – Miles in Advanced Tech Suit

Miles In His Fanciest Suit

The video game version of Miles Morales has many different suits. This Funko Pop! is wearing the advanced tech one, which is a slick black-and-red number that has a bit of a metallic look. The figure is also firing out a web that reaches all around his body.


  • Based on the video game version of Miles
  • Wearing the best suit in the game
  • Inclusion of web

In Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the protagonist can wear all sorts of different outfits. The advanced tech suit is among the most popular. Therefore, it’s nice to see it used for this Funko Pop! In fact, it’s nice to see the game acknowledged by Funko in general.

After all, it’s partially responsible for Miles’ growing popularity. Yet, most Spider-Man Funkos are based on the movie version of the character. So, if you’re a fan of the games, this is a good figure to pick up, especially as the suit and mask are visually stunning.


What is the rarest Spider-Man Funko Pop?

The metallic Spider-Man from San Diego Comic-Con is the rarest Pop! based on the Web-Slinger. This is because it was an SDCC exclusive, so it was never sold by retailers.

How many Marvel Funko Pops exist?

There are currently over 1,300 Marvel Funko Pops. That is a number that will almost certainly grow because there are continually new Marvel projects coming out, and Funko figures aren’t typically far behind.

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