Best Sonic The Hedgehog Toys And Figures In 2023

Sonic has been around for many, many years. What started as a gaming series has since become a media franchise. As such, there are Sonic TV shows and movies, as well as plenty of toys and figures. These toys and figures haven’t all been made by the same companies, though. Plenty of different manufacturers have tried their hand at making Sonic-based products.



This has resulted in many distinct types of Sonic toys. There are Lego sets, Funko Pops, RC cars, playsets, and more. Naturally, they haven’t all been winners. But, like the video games, some of them are exceptional. Here are the ones that stand out the most.

Best Sonic The Hedgehog Toys And Figures In 2023

Product Image Of Sonic With Emerald Funko Pop

Funko Pop! Sonic With Emerald

He’s Still Got Plenty Of Other Chaos Emeralds To Find

This isn’t just any Sonic figure – it’s a Funko Pop! The heroic hedgehog figure is standing proudly with one hand on his hip while the other is showing off the green Chaos Emerald he’s acquired.


  • The colors are almost perfect, from the fur to the shoes
  • He’s doing a unique pose for a Funko

  • The eyes are a bit unsettling

Many video game characters have Funko Pops these days. So, it’s only natural for gaming’s most popular hedgehog to get some, too. The one in question is among the best, as the coloring is perfect, and he isn’t just doing an uninspired pose like some Sonic Pops!

He’s holding a little Chaos Emerald and has his hand on his hip. This unique stance adds a bit of personality to the figure. It also makes it look better on display. Like every Funko, it’s more designed to be a display piece than played with. But if you get it, you can do what you want with it.

Product Image Of NKOK Team Sonic Racing Shadow RC Car

Team Sonic Racing – Shadow The Hedgehog RC Car

Shadow Doesn’t Need A Race Car To Go Fast, But It’s A Cooler Way To Travel

$21 $30 Save $9

Take Shadow on a journey with this remote-controlled car. It’s based on the default Dark Reaper vehicle that serves as Shadow’s personal ride in Team Sonic Racing. So, it’s a cool black and red racing vehicle and there’s even a Shadow figure to sit in the driving seat.


  • Both Shadow and the vehicle look like they do in the games
  • Easy-to-understand controls

  • You need another one if you want to race

RC cars always provide a good time, and this Shadow vehicle is no different. It’s satisfying and fun to drive it around. What makes this one better than the average RC car is that it’s based on Shadow The Hedgehog.

He isn’t the only one to get a vehicle. NKOK has made cars for several Sonic characters over the years. Yet, the Team Sonic Racing line is arguably the best they’ve done. Plus, it’s always nice to see Shadow get a toy.

LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog - Amy’s Animal Rescue Island

LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog – Amy’s Animal Rescue Island

Amy Gets Her Own Island, While Tails Is Once Again A Side Kick

$40 $50 Save $10

Amy Rose is the center of this Lego set. In fact, it’s her own animal rescue island, so it contains plenty of little creatures, along with some brightly colored grass, sand, and water. Not only is Amy here, but there’s a Tails figure and a Crabmeat one, too.


  • Contains a great set of figures
  • The island looks stunning
  • There are a few secrets and interactive elements to the set

While she doesn’t get as much attention as some other characters, Amy Rose is an important part of the Sonic universe. So, it’s only right that she gets a Lego set based on her. And it just so happens that it’s a pretty good one.

The entire island looks stunning, and it works well as a playset. This is because you get several figures to play with, and the interactive elements of the set make it a perfect playground. It seems designed for you to do a role-play about Amy and Tails defending the little critters from Crabmeat. Yet, there is enough in the set to allow the user to come up with their own ideas.

Product Image Of Giant Eggman Robot Battle Set With Catapult

Sonic The Hedgehog – Giant Eggman Robot Battle Set

An Iconic Boss Fight Is Now An Iconic Playset

$27 $40 Save $13

Re-create Sonic The Hedgehog 2’s climatic battle between the titular hero and the Giant Eggman Robot with this playset. Sonic wins that by throwing his body into the villain’s chest multiple times. You can do that with this set due to a handy catapult. The robot’s chest even shows damage.


  • Robot Eggman and Sonic are good likenesses to the in-game versions
  • Eggman’s battle-damaged chest is a nice touch
  • When he’s taken enough damage, Eggman’s limbs fall off like they do in the game

  • Sonic has to stay in his ball shape

You may get some playsets based on levels or boss fights. Yet, most others don’t commit to their source material as much as this set does. It doesn’t just include the characters from Sonic The Hedgehog 2’s climatic fight. It also includes features that really allow you to re-create the battle, such as the weakpoint in Eggman’s chest and the villain’s sudden detachable limbs.

Even the catapult in the set is there to help you re-create the fight, as it allows you to throw Sonic at the villain. The hero doesn’t need a catapult to do that in the game, but it works well in this set.

Product image of Sonic Speed RC Vehicle

Sonic Speed RC

Sonic Is Used To Going At These Speeds

$30 $40 Save $10

This product is loosely based on the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 movie. So, it includes the movie version of Sonic. Yet, he is riding on a sweet hoverboard that you control with a unique golden ring controller.


  • The board goes fast
  • Sonic looks just like the movie version
  • Unique remote control
  • Goes in all sorts of different directions

This is a different sort of remote-controlled vehicle as it’s a hoverboard that goes forward, backward, and spins around in a circle. Therefore, the range of movement is impressive. What’s also impressive is the speed of this thing. In fact, it’s so quick that it lives up to the Sonic name.

Another element of this toy that is interesting is the controller. It’s in the shape of a classic golden ring. The shape looks odd at first, but it works and helps give the toy a unique presentation. Speaking of presentation, the Sonic riding the board looks fantastic and is accurate to the movie version of the character.

Product Image Of Sonic The Hedgehog Tails Collector Edition Action Figure

Sonic The Hedgehog – Tails Collector Edition Action Figure

Most Accurate-Looking Tails Figure Ever

$47 $55 Save $8

If you’re a Tails fan, then there is no better way to celebrate the character than by getting this incredibly detailed figure of him. It comes with several hand, mouth, eyes, and tail options. Also, it includes a little platform for him to stand on.


  • Looks exactly like the character
  • Customization options

Action figures based on established characters aren’t always very accurate-looking. That can not be said of this Tails figure by Jakks. It’s an incredible likeness. In fact, it’s pretty much perfect.

What makes it even better is that you can easily change the hands, mouth, eyes, and tail. Therefore, you’re free to make any version of Tails you want. And you even get a nice little platform to place him on. It feels like this figure is supposed to be a display piece. However, it does boast some good articulation, so it can pretty easily played with.


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