Best Saloon Upgrade Order In Endless Dungeon

You can spend your hard-earned scrap to secure permanent, crucial upgrades in Endless Dungeon.

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Endless Dungeon is a roguelike game at heart – it features brutal gameplay designed to make you lose from time to time, and offers you ways to get stronger as you gather resources during these runs. One of these resources is Scrap, which is rewarded to you in big chunks upon completing areas and floors, and also drops from slain enemies in small amounts.



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Scrap can be used to purchase important upgrades at the saloon once you unlock the Workshop. These can seem expensive, but they’re worth saving up for, as they’ll provide you with the best chances of success in the dungeon.

All Workshop Upgrades

The Saloon upgrade menu in Endless Dungeon

Early in the game, you’ll unlock the Workshop. There, you’ll have access to Saloon upgrades, Crystal & Hero upgrades, and Weapon upgrades. The latter two require Cells, but the first is where you’ll spend Scrap.

There are eight Saloon upgrades to grab:

Saloon Upgrade


Weather Eye

Improves the Station Map, providing information regarding completion rates and collectables.

Hazard’s Almanac

Improves the Almanac, unlocking information about the monsters you encounter in the game.

Spare Snare

Repairs the drum kit on stage.


Increases the amount of Scrap you’ll acquire in the dungeon.


Unlocks Advanced chips in the Workshop.


Increases the amount of Scrap you’ll acquire in the dungeon. Stronger effect than Ragpicking.

Designer Wares

Unlocks advanced Booster Chests, which allows you to start runs with a chest of random goodies in exchange for Scrap.

Standing Room Only

Unlocks the third character slot, allowing you to take three people into the dungeon at once.

Best Saloon Upgrade Order

A party of Bunker, Zed, and Comrade waiting for the Crystal Bot in Endless Dungeon

While it’s certainly possible to keep running into the endless dungeon and acquire enough scrap to grab every upgrade here eventually, you’ll have an easier time with the game if you prioritise the most beneficial upgrades. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Standing Room Only is the most important upgrade here. With it, you can take an extra character into the dungeon, severely increasing your damage output and ability to cover more points. In addition, it means you’re able to tackle three character quests at once. Definitely make this your first priority, despite the expense.
  • Chipsmithy is next in importance. The advanced chips you can acquire in the Workshop are incredibly important for some characters, and having more options to choose from is no bad thing.
  • From here, you’ll likely be used to getting quite far into the dungeon. This makes Weather Eye, Ragpicking, and Re-Recycling strong gets at this stage.
  • The rest of the upgrades can be acquired in any order, really, as they don’t provide significant (or any) benefits.
  • You should end your upgrade spree with Designer Wares, as you should be spending Scrap on upgrades before you go for expensive Booster Chests anyway.

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