Best Routes To Farm Ergo In Lies Of P

There is no question that Lies of P is a challenging game, especially if you are not a veteran of the Soulsborne genre. Some stretches of the world, and in particular, some bosses can put up a massive roadblock. While you can learn techniques or tricks to work through this, sometimes you just need more levels.



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Of course, you can just explore the area you are in, but there are some areas in Lies of P that are best for farming Ergo efficiently. Make sure before you start farming to equip the Hunter’s Amulet from Chapter 7 if you have it to boost your ergo.

9 Krat Central Station Plaza To Cerasani Alley

lies of p krat central station plaza

If you are new to games that play like Lies of P, even the first area in the game can be tricky. While you cannot level up until you meet Sophia after Chapter 1, you might want to go back to this area for farming ergo if you are having trouble in chapter 2 or want ergo to spend at the merchant before the Chapter 1 boss.

The less repetitive way to farm ergo in Chapter 1, is to travel between the Krat Central Station Plaza and Cerasani Alley Stargazers, making sure to respawn the enemies each time. However, you can also just stay in the Plaza, respawning enemies after you beat them all.

8 Elysion Boulevard Entrance Loop

lies of p elysion boulevard entrance

Certain stretches of Elysion Boulevard can pose quite a challenge for those working through Chapter 2, and the boss for this chapter is also quite tough as well. The most efficient method for farming ergo in this chapter is taking advantage of the loop created when working through the entrance to Elysion Boulevard.

After you lower the ladder, there is a route with a good amount of simple enemies to work through, which leads you back to the initial stargazer. You can loop using the Inside The House Stargazer later in the Chapter, but this is a bit more time-consuming.

7 Center Of Venigni Works To Moonlight Town

lies of p center of venigni works

The layout of the new Chapter 3 areas unfortunately do not lend themselves to an efficient ergo farming route. This is because of the awkward enemy placements, labyrinthian layout, and litany of different status effects that can make traversing Venigni Works a pain even upon returning.

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If you are struggling with the boss for Chapter 3, going back to farm in Chapter 2 or even one is a lot more efficient, but after beating the boss, working from the Center of Venigni Works to Moonlight Town Stargazers is a good route that can help at the start of Chapter 4.

6 St Frangelico Cathedral Library Loop

lies of p st frangelico cathedral library

If you are struggling in Chapter 4, using the previous farming route can be useful, but there is an option significantly closer to the boss if you want something a bit shorter. Once you unlock the St Frangelico Cathedral Library Stargazer and continue, you will realize that the path will lead you in a loop back to where you started.

This loop is one of the more efficient routes for farming ergo in the Cathedral, however, there are some obstacles that make it a little tricky. Make sure to learn where the pitfalls and arrow traps are since these will respawn alongside the enemies.

5 Malum District Reverse Loop

lies of p malum district

Chapter 5 has quite a tricky boss, especially if you are unable to use a specter, however, it also has one of the simplest and most effective ergo farming routes that you might even come back to in later chapters.

The last Stargazer you unlock before the boss is the Malum District Stargazer, and the story will lead you from it in a long circle that will end with opening the door to the Lobster Inn that takes you back to where you started. The most efficient route to take this loop is in reverse since you can beat enemies that would shoot down at you before they even notice you are there.

4 Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert To Estella Opera House Entrance

lies of p rosa isabelle street culvert

Due to the layout of Rosa Isabelle Street in Chapter 6, there are not too many loops that you can take advantage of since the street has a linear structure. There is a short loop that ends by the Old Lady near the entrance of the street, but this is too short to be that efficient.

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If you are struggling with the boss of Chapter 6, the best bet for Ergo farming is to work between the Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert and Estella Opera House Entrance Stargazers. The Opera House does have some stronger enemies, but the disruption status effect and the winding layout make it less than ideal for farming.

lies of p grand exhibition gallery

Chapter 7 has great potential for farming ergo in its earlier areas with Lorenzini Arcade looping back on itself multiple times, however, it is let down in efficiency thanks to powerful enemies respawning, and excessive status effects making it an unfriendly choice to revisit.

If you want to farm in Chapter 7, the best choice is the extended loop that starts and ends at the Grand Exhibition Gallery. It is not the most efficient loop, but you can adapt the specific route you take through the building to avoid certain enemies. However, returning to Chapter 6 might end up being preferable.

2 Barren Swamp Entrance Reverse Loop

lies of p barren swamp entrance

The Barren Swamp has one of the best farming loops for the late game, which is appreciated since the two chapters following it do not have any viable options thanks to more restrictive layouts, which means this is a route you will likely return to often.

The loop starts and ends at the Barren Swamp Entrance Stargazer, and it opens up when you trigger a mine cart to explode through a wall. It is recommended to take this loop in reverse since you will have fewer enemies shooting down at you, and you might even be able to stealth some of them.

1 Black Seaside Loop

lies of p black seaside

Chapter 11 is, of course, one of the trickiest areas in the game, so it is appreciated that it starts off with an efficient farming loop that comes before the first mini-boss. When you unlock the Black Seaside Stargazer, your first obstacle is a massive base with cannons shooting down at you.

However, like in Chapter 8, the cannons do not respawn, so once you have taken them down, they will make this loop a lot less dangerous. There are some stronger enemies, but if you are careful with who you aggro, you can make this loop quite efficient for building up ergo in the last chapter.

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