Best Romantic Gifts For Gaming Couples

A couple that gamers together probably gets into a lot of arguments about whose fault it was that they lost, but probably stays together too. If you know such a couple – or are part of one yourself – there are plenty of neat things you can gift them this holiday season. From matching outfits and accessories to couple-based activities, these are some of the best gifts you can get them.



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Of course, not everything that has to do with a couple needs to be matching, some of the items on this list are activities that a couple would enjoy doing together – when not gaming, of course. Some of the entries are two-player games themselves, so you know they’re going to love them.


It Takes Two

Problem solving together has never been this much fun!

Yes, It Takes Two isn’t the happiest or most romantic video game, but it has a great story and the co-op gameplay is thoroughly enjoyable. Whether played split-screen or via separate platforms, the game will test your coordination and communication as a couple, as you try and get past various hurdles and puzzles. Just don’t let the impending divorce in the game get to you.


  • Great co-op gameplay.
  • Intricate and fun puzzles.
  • Requires only one copy to play multiplayer.

You don’t need to buy two copies of It Takes Two to play for the online multiplayer component. Playing it on separate screens is a bit better in terms of gameplay and visibility, but it’s perfectly playable on split-screen if your screen is big enough. The story is kind of a bummer for couples, but try and focus on the amazing co-op gameplay instead. All the puzzles require you to work together and help each other out.

Player One Player Two Gamer Couples Mug

Player One Player Two Mugs

Co-op coffee

Even for gamer couples, the first thing you usually do after waking up is have a cup of coffee or tea. This set of Player One Player Two mugs is perfect for those mornings when you’re contemplating the rest of your day over a cup of joe. You might have to decide who gets to be player one beforehand.


  • Cute and simple design.
  • Great price.

No matter what kind of couple you are, gamer or not, sharing that first cup of coffee to start your day is one of the most fulfilling things in life. The rest of the day doesn’t matter when it’s just your partner, you, and a brew. These mugs will remind you that you’re in this together – player one and player two.

Matching Gamer Couple T-shirts

Matching Gamer Couple T-shirts

Coordination required

Wearing matching t-shirts is often considered corny. But you are a couple that gamers together; nobody’s stupid opinion is going to bother you. Especially when you can come together to form a pixel video game heart. Just make sure you walk on the correct side of each other. Also, you’re going to have to buy them separately.


  • Simple design which can be worn casually.
  • Pixel art makes it more attractive.

The downside of wearing these t-shirts when you’re out is that you’ll constantly need to be on the correct side of each other. Sure, it doesn’t matter all that much, but what’s the point of a combined set if you’re standing on the wrong side of each other? Aside from that, they also make great matching home clothes.

Matching Controller Keychain

Matching Controller Keychain

Haptic Feedback not included.

The last of our matching items, this keychain set is the most subtle, but cutest of the lot. This is a great gift for a couple that has just started living together, as they can each have one half on the keys to their home. Unfortunately, the controller looks very much like a PS5 DualSense, so Xbox fans may not like it.


  • Looks subtle, and cute.
  • Great for two sets of house keys.
  • Colour choice is charming.

If you’re not one to wear matching t-shirts in public, or don’t like the idea of having matching mugs, this set of keychains is subtle and thoughtful. You can each put one half on your house keys, making it a cute little thing that only you two would notice. Too bad there isn’t one shaped like an Xbox controller.

Monopoly Gamer edition

Monopoly Gamer

Stars from Let’s Go!

$24 $27 Save $3

It’s called Monopoly Gamer, but this edition of the immensely popular board game characters and places from Nintendo’s Mario games. To be fair, who doesn’t love Mario? Even if you’re not a big fan of board games, everyone is down for the occasional session of Monopoly. Add the Mario to it and that’s a great combo.


  • Classic board game with a Nintendo twist.
  • Great miniatures, each with unique abilities.

The staples of video games and board games come together in Monopoly Gamer. Unlike what the name suggests, this edition is more like a Mario themed Monopoly, rather than being about gaming or even Nintendo overall. Despite its misleading name, it’s still a great edition of the classic board game.

the ultimate gamers cookbook
via Amazon

The Ultimate Gamers Cookbook: Recipes For An Epic Game Night

The next best thing after gaming together is cooking together.

$20 $28 Save $8

Gaming can’t be your whole and sole hobby. At least one of you is bound it like doing something else. If one of those other hobbies is cooking, then here’s a way to bring it together with gaming. The Ultimate Gamers Cookbook features 50 recipes, and unlike other gaming cookbooks, the dishes aren’t from video games per se.


  • Great for couples who like cooking together.
  • Ideal recipes for a group gaming night.
  • Doesn’t feature food from video games, but food inspired by video games.

Cooking together is among the best things you can do as a couple. There are some who work well together, while others just get in each other’s way. This cookbook id for those couples who coordinate as well in the kitchen as they do in video games.


What items do gamers like?

It’s pretty obvious that gamers like anything that enhances their gaming experience, like a high-end headset, mouse, or controller. However, if you’re not familiar with gaming, you should find out what they need and if it’s compatible with their setup.

What do you give an Xbox gamer?

Things that are relates to the Xbox are ideal. For instance a controller, a headset, or even an Xbox game.

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