Best Photo Mode Spots In Spider-Man 2’s Brooklyn And Queens Maps


  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 brings back the excellent photo mode and expands the map to include Queens and Brooklyn, adding new photo opportunities.
  • Some of the best sites to capture photos in the new map include the North Mural, Big Hand, Brooklyn Bridge, Downtown Zoo, Little Odessa Church, Coney Island, Brooklyn Visions, and Astoria Suburbs.
  • Players can capture unique shots at various landmarks and locations, including murals, sand sculptures, zoo ornaments, a golden-domed church, fairground attractions, a glass walkway, and suburban areas. Don’t forget to take advantage of the fireworks and the Symbiote Nests in the final act.



Marvel’s Spider-Man had an excellent photo mode, and that returns in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. What also returns is Manhattan, except now it has brought its brothers Queens and Brooklyn along for the ride.

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If you’re looking for some unique locations to test out Spidey’s classic photo mode, these are some of the best sites in the new map to get your lens caps around. We’ve also provided map markers for exactly where they are in the game, but the final two are linked to quests, so you’ll only find them when their maps are active.

10 North Mural

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Miles zipping around the corner of the north mural

Spider-Man 2’s version of New York is loaded with murals that make for excellent photo opportunities, enough for the whole list to be murals alone. But we’ve gone for the most spiderific mural, with a tribute to Miles and Peter at the north of the new map. Bold and colorful, it provides an excellent photo moment to thwip around the corner onto.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Map coordinates to the northern mural showing Miles and Peter

This mural is right at the top of the map, as you can see from the coordinates above, but it’s worth trying to hunt more out. The mural of the dancer with lines across her is a fantastic one to try to perfect the angles of your swing against.

9 Big Hand

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Peter sat in the big sand hand on the beach

Let’s give Spider-Man a big hand, eh? In the southwest of the map, you’ll get to do just that, as a sand sculpture of a giant hand sits palm open waiting for you. It’s a good one to try the character poses in, as you can make Miles or Peter sit down and chill. Both have slightly different poses too, so be sure to experiment.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Map coordinates to the beach to the west of Downtown Brooklyn-1

This is probably the most missable landmark as it’s the smallest location here, and it’s right off to the side, but it’s so unique you won’t want to miss it. And thanks to our coordinates, you won’t.

8 Brooklyn Bridge

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Miles jumping across the rungs of the Brooklyn Bridge

Technically you could go to the Brooklyn Bridge in the last game, but you’d be turned away if you attempted to cross. Now though, you can explore it fully, taking pictures on it, over it, or under it. We’ve used Miles jumping from rung to rung here, but standing on the gate towers at night is a glorious shot too.

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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Map coordinates to the centre of the Brooklyn Bridge

There are a few bridges in the game, so if you’re not a New York local, you might not know which is which. They’re all decent photo locales, but if you want that iconic architecture, it’s the most southerly bridge there is.

7 Downtown Zoo

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Peter lying next to the tiger in the Brooklyn Zoo

If, like us, you were highly disappointed that the Central Park Zoo wasn’t in the first Spider-Man game, the sequel has your back… kinda. It’s absent again, but the Downtown Brooklyn Zoo does make an appearance, and it offers some unique photo ops – like Peter chilling out next to a sleeping tiger.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Map coordinates to the downtown Brooklyn Zoo

The tiger is the only animal you can actually find in the game, with the zoo not to scale, but there are some other wild terrains you can snap, as well as the ornaments in the courtyard. Check out the map coordinates above for where to visit.

6 Little Odessa Church

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Miles relaxing on a web wire above the Little Odessa golden church

Little Odessa is the Little Russia of New York City, and its biggest landmark is a gorgeous golden-domed church. This provides an excellent background for pics thanks to its bold colours in contrast to the often grey skyline of the city. Our Miles decided to put the new web-line to good use and chill out across the spires.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Map coordinates to the Little Odessa Church

There are plenty of other churches of all sorts of styles in the game too, each with photographic intrigue. One is even key to the Just Let Go Trophy with Phin’s science fair award, which you can find here. As for this one, the map above should help you find the isolated spot it sits in.

5 Coney Island

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Peter gliding past the Coney Island ferris wheel

Coney Island’s inclusion was always going to be one of the more exciting spots on the map, and it is teeming with photo opportunities. We’ve gone for Peter gliding past the ferris wheel, but swinging through the loop of the roller coaster is a great one too. There’s also a mission where you can interact with the rides, but be sure to snap while you can as you won’t get another chance when the mission ends.

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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Map coordinates to the Coney Island fair at the south of the map

Coney Island is probably the easiest place to find on this list since it’s a fairground attached to the main map at the southern edge, but to save you scrambling around for it, the coordinates are here.

4 Brooklyn Visions

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Miles swinging over the Brooklyn Visions walkway

Brooklyn Visions will be a very popular location thanks to featuring heavily in the Spider-Verse movies, and while there’s no Gwen Stacy here, there are some great photo spots. We’ve gone for Miles swinging above the glass walkway, but with the quad, the football field, and the rooftop garden at your disposal, you’ll be sure to find the perfect spot for you.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Map coordinates to Brooklyn Visions in Williamsburg near the perpendicular bridge

You get several main missions at Brooklyn Visions, as well as a whole series of Miles-specific side quests to do for the school to unlock a snazzy new suit – but if you’ve done all those and can’t remember where the school is, the map above should help.

3 Astoria Suburbs

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Peter standing on a car while firing webs

You’ve probably seen that internet comic of Peter Parker living in the suburbs, jumping off the roof to fall flat on his face since there’s nothing to swing from. That becomes a reality in Spider-Man 2 as we travel to Astoria’s suburbs. In our pic, Peter is being the same traffic nuisance he could be in the big city, but there are lots of opportunities for green backdrops and unique locations here.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Map coordinates to the Astoria suburbs

On the map above, you can see exactly where to go. But for this one, it’s less a specific location like the mural or the hand, and more the general idea. We get to take the Spidey’s out of their comfort zone and that can create some interesting backdrops to break up the city skylines.

2 Fireworks

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Miles flying through fireworks

Early on in the game, you’ll gain access to the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man missions, letting you work on smaller community issues. One of these involves two guys setting off fireworks on the roof. Be wary of helping them straight away though, as they make for a great photo op, and once you help them, the fireworks stop – so leave them stranded until you have more suits.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 two criminals webbed up as fireworks explode behind them

These guys will also set off fireworks all hours of the day, but waiting for nightfall gives much better shots. Tre’s no need for coordinates here as you’ll see it on your FNSM, but know that at the end of the mission, even more fireworks go off, letting you snap one last pic in style. Check out ours above, and be warned, there’s a minor spoiler in the last entry.

1 Astoria Nest

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Peter walking into the Astoria Symbiote Nest

In the final act of the game, you will finally unlock those last map markers, and your job will be to clear out as Symbiote Nests by planting a disruptor at their centre and guarding it from attackers while it arms itself. When these appear on the map, dark and inky tendrils sprout from them.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Peter dressed in black standing above a city Symbiote nest surrounded by tendrils

There’s no map marker for this one, as it’s only visible while the nest is active – at this point, it will be marked by a Symbiote Nest icon. The nest won’t be there until the quest unlocks, and there’ll be no trace of it once you’ve cleared it. Therefore, you’ll need to snap pics before clearing it away. While Astoria offers a contrast, you can see above what the more urban nests look like.

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