Best Pact To Take For Warlocks In Baldur’s Gate 3

Each boon pact available to warlocks in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a powerful option, but the boons they provide are very different. Here’s the breakdown.

Of all the classes available to you in Baldur’s Gate 3, warlock is one of the most fun. While it doesn’t learn many spells, those it does learn make it a versatile, adaptable class perfectly suited to combat. Wyll, the game’s resident warlock, will likely be your introduction to the class’s ins and outs.



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One of the warlock’s benefits as it levels up is the gift of a pact boon. There are three to choose from, and each provides a significant buff to your warlock’s abilities. Picking a pact boon that suits your playstyle is paramount, as they can be crucial to your plans.

All Warlock Pacts

a githyanki monk, tiefling barbarian, and high elf warlock on the character creation screen of baldur's gate 3

Upon reaching level three, you’ll be prompted to choose one of three pacts. At level five, these pacts are upgraded.



Use Cases

Pact of the Chain

You gain a familiar. Your range of familiars is larger than most sources of a familiar.

Upon being upgraded, your pact familiar gains the Extra Attack feature.

Familiars can be useful both in battle and when exploring. More bodies on the field is an underrated power to have – distracting enemies can be the key to success.

Pact of the Blade

You can summon a pact weapon or turn a regular weapon into a pact weapon. This buffs the weapon and lets you use it with proficiency. Melee pact weapons can be thrown and automatically retrieved. The weapon’s damage will scale with Charisma instead of Strength or Dexterity.

Upon being upgraded, you will be able to attack twice in one turn with a pact weapon. This stacks with sources of extra attacks, such as Haste and the Extra Attack feature of other classes.

While many warlocks will want to stay out of close combat, this pact gives them some great options to use in melee range. It’s also a great thematic fit for Wyll, if you care about that.

Pact of the Tome

You gain a handful of spells for free, added to your spell book. Specifically, you obtain Guidance, Vicious Mockery, and Thorn Whip.

Upon being upgraded, you’ll gain Haste, Animate Dead, and Call Lightning.

The warlock’s spell list is quite slim – this allows you to buff it significantly with useful spells. Those learned when the pact is upgraded are among the best spells in the game.


Which pact is right for you will depend on your overall strategy in battle. Overall, though, the Pact of the Chain is on the weaker side, so if you care about making the most of your warlock, your choice is realistically between only the Pact of the Blade and the Pact of the Tome.

  • If you find that your Eldritch Blasts are powerful enough and your warlock is powerful enough at long range, or if your party is already capable of handling melee threats, the Pact of the Tome is likely to be your best choice. Haste is a wonderful spell and Call Lightning expands your element selection brilliantly. In addition, Guidance is always handy to have around.
  • If you want your warlock on the frontlines or want to take advantage of stacking multiple attacks per round, the Pact of the Blade is a fantastic pick. Of course, remembering that you need to reapply your pact boon every time you take a long rest is something that many find tricky, but once you have the habit formed, it will significantly increase your warlock’s damage output.

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