Best Monster High Dolls In 2023

Perfect for any time but especially for Halloween, the Monster High crew mixes beauty and brains with passion and flair and a little bit of supernatural as well. While the Monster High crew continues to grow, so too do the dolls worthy of the spotlight.



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Whether you’re a fan of the dolls, movies, or any other entry into the franchise, you’ll appreciate and probably want to collect some of these Monster High dolls. They’re ready for any occasion. Whether it be a beautiful display on Halloween night or a sleepover party where all the Monster High girls come out to play.

Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Peri & Pearl Serpintine Doll

Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Peri & Pearl Serpintine Doll

Most Unique

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Twin sisters Peri & Pearl live underwater in Laguna Blue. Though they share a body, they have totally different personalities. These twins sport glow-in-the-dark bioluminescent fins and features; they can stand on their own thanks to their tail that serves as a stand. They are adorned with beautiful deep-sea colors and vibrant jewelry reminiscent of their personality. 


  • Two headed doll for double the fun
  • Glows in the dark with bioluminescence
  • Stands on its own thanks to its tail

What’s better than one doll… two dolls. Peri and Pearl prove that two heads can be double the beauty with their doll. From the Great Scarrier Reef collection, you can watch as their fins glow in the dark. Perfect for collectors, you won’t find many two-headed dolls on display that can also stand on their own. Each head has personality and flair, and their webbed and finned arms and beautiful hair and clothing make for a gorgeous and unique combination the likes of which you’ve never seen before and won’t see again.

Monster High Cleo De Nile Fashion Doll with Blue Streaked Hair

Monster High Cleo De Nile Fashion Doll With Blue Streaked Hair

Best Dressed

Stunningly Fashionable

$16 $25 Save $9

It’s easy to tell Chloe De Nile comes from royalty, as her passion for fashion shows even when just walking the halls of Monster High. Chloe has tons of little gorgeous details such as her knee-high boots made to look like mummy wrapping, a cute fringed jacket, and designer shades to compliment her look. Along with accessories comes her cute pet puppy Tut, the perfect friend and accessory. 


  • Beautifully on theme with her fashion and accessories
  • The extra included accessories make for great additions
  • Attention to detail makes her truly feel like she’s descended from royalty

If her mummy-inspired jacket with the fringe isn’t enough to let you know Cleo De Nile means business, the designer shades, and scarab beetle adorned backpack prove just how fashionably ready she is to walk down the halls of Monster High. With every detail and item, she’s the most on-brand for her monster parents, and she’s one of the best-dressed dolls from Monster High.

Monster High Frights, Camera, Action! Belle Honey Swamp Doll

Monster High Frights, Camera, Action! Belle Honey Swamp Doll

Best Monster High Career Doll

A Blockbuster In The Making

The daughter of the Swamp Monster, Honey Swamp, is ready to make her directorial debut with this Frights, Camera, Action doll set. With all of her movie-making accessories included, you can stage the perfect scenes for Honey Swamp to capture. Gorgeous accessories compliment her look with lots of details, including an adorable pink hat, a frayed skirt, and a gorgeous blue head of curls.


  • A beautiful head of blue curls truly stands out with Honey Swamp
  • Tons of accessories create the perfect career doll to play with
  • The etching and detailing make it easy to recognize her famous monster connection

Barbie isn’t the only career woman in the doll world. Honey Swamp is pursuing her dreams as a filmmaker with this picturesque doll set. The gorgeous head of curls is a stand out here, with little accessories that compliment her beauty and silhouette. Her swamp-style belt and frayed skirt evoke the personality of her famous monster parents, and her filmmaking accessories make for a great display along with her.

Monster High Draculaura Doll, Special Howliday Edition

Monster High Draculaura Doll, Special Howliday Edition

Editor’s Choice

Be The Belle Of Any Ball

You won’t be able to take your eyes off this special edition of Draculaura. The Howliday version is glammed up to the max, with an elegant, fashion-forward outfit to display. Modern, chic, shimmering, and perfect for any holiday, Draculaura is ready with her glimmering boots, high ponytail adorned with a crown, ornamental earrings, candy cane gloves, and even more details, making her ready for the holiday season.


  • Feels and looks premium
  • Ideal for collectors
  • Great display for multiple occassions
  • Perfect for holiday gifting

Fashion and glam truly meet monsters with this special Howliday Monster High version of Draculaura. This is editor’s choice because it encompasses Monster High, has beauty and glam, and isn’t as expensive as some of the other choices here. The accessories alone are high-end and detailed enough to ensure that Draculaura gains a place on any top lists. Paired with her mini dress, sweeping skirt, studded boots, gorgeous painted face, and more, she’s definitely a doll to grab when and while you can.

Monster High Doll, Abbey Bominable Yeti with Pet Mammoth Tundra

Monster High Doll, Abbey Bominable Yeti with Pet Mammoth Tundra

Best Value

Tons Of Accessories For The Ice Queen

$25 $49 Save $24

The daughter of the yeti, Abbey Bominable Yeti proves that monsters can be glam despite their background. From the Himalayas, she’s used to being in cold climates, and her outfit matches her origins perfectly. With swatches of blues and purples and pale blue skin, she evokes a cold feeling while also making it fashionable. The snowflake on her shirt represents her icy powers, and her long hair flows in matching colors. She comes with tons of accessories as well.


  • Comes with tons of accessories
  • Incorporates the ice theme perfectly
  • Has a cute little wooly mammoth pet

With so many accessories and options, you’d think she would cost a tad bit more. For the best value, you can grab Abbey Bomniable Yeti, sweet, cute, and full of poseable and playful accessories to recreate whatever Monster High moments you can imagine. Speaking of accessories, she has her wooly mammoth pet along with all the Monster High essentials, her iCoffin phone, her snowflake backpack, and snacks and drinks for in between classes. She can’t go anywhere without her stylish shawl and outfit representing her ice powers.

Monster High Doll, Clawdeen Wolf Howliday Collector Edition

Monster High Doll, Clawdeen Wolf Howliday Collector Edition

Premium Pick

The Full Moon Just Got Even More Beautiful

Get ready to celebrate the holiday with this gorgeous version of Clawdeen. The Monster High Doll, Clawdeen Wolf Howliday Collector Edition is premium beauty and a collector’s edition for a reason. With purple curled hair, a floor-length purple gown, and matching accessories with the moon engraved in them, she’s a gorgeous Monster High doll ready for her new holiday celebration. 


  • Premium quality doll
  • Great to see Clawdeen in a gorgeous floor-length gown
  • Gorgeous detailing from the spider-web gown to the curls and crown and accessories

Another Howliday collectors edition has made the list, and it’s easy to see why. Clawdeen has never looked more gorgeous and holiday-ready. A beautiful festive winter gown, faux fur boa, crystal heels, matching belt and crown, and gorgeous purple hair make her the perfect play or display doll. Don’t forget the spider web design going down her gown, really setting the Monster High mood. The crescent moon accessories are a nice touch for this werewolf beauty.


What Is The Oldest Monster High Doll?

The oldest Monster High dolls are Clawdeen Wolf, Cleo de Nile, Deuce Gorgon, Draculara, Frankie Stein, and Lagoona Blue.

Are Monster High Dolls Being Sold Again?

Yes. You can check out our where to buy Monster High dolls link to help you purchase online as well.

What Monster High Dolls Are Coming Out In 2023?

The Monster High Scare-adice Island dolls and the Monster High Skulltimate Secrets series 2 Fearidescent dolls are releasing in 2023.

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