Best Mewtwo Y Builds In Pokemon Unite

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  • Mewtwo Y: Future Sight Build
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Mega Mewtwo was the featured free legendary of Pokemon Unite‘s Second Anniversary celebrations, with Mewtwo Y slotting into the Attacker role. Unlike its counterpart, Mewtwo X, this version is a ranged attacker focusing on dealing damage from a distance.



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Mewtwo X and Mewtwo Y have identical movesets and choices upon leveling up, but they couldn’t be further apart in their actual gameplay. You’ll want to throw everything you know about Mewtwo from Mega Mewtwo X out the window and approach this version with a clean slate.

Updated October 19th, 2023 by Andrew Scariati: If you’re looking for the best Mewtwo Y Build Pokemon Unite has to offer, then you’ll find everything you need here. Whether you play in an organized setting where team synergy is key or you prefer to solo queue, these Mewtwo Y builds will help you perform to the best of your abilities.

When To Pick Mewtwo Y

Mewtwo progressing into Mewtwo Y in Pokemon Unite.

On the whole, any match is a good time to pick Mewtwo Y as its strength is worth building your entire team composition around.

However, if the jungle is already claimed, don’t force them to switch by trying to override their choice with Mewtwo Y.

Unlike its melee-oriented twin, Mewtwo Y functions as a classic Attack Damage Carry (ADC), flourishing by keeping space between itself and its foes.

A successful Mewtwo Y Build in Unite revolves around combining your power with careful positioning to maintain constant pressure using your basic attacks.

As an Attacker, Mewtwo Y’s moves offer some unique twists to its attacks that separate it from the brawler style that Mewtwo X favors.

Future Sight is preferred on Mewtwo X, and Mewtwo Y makes incredible use of the move as well, especially if you’re looking for a pure-DPS build.

Mewtwo Y: Future Sight Build

Mewtwo Y's choice between Future Sight and Psystrike at Level five in Pokemon Unite.

Future Sight is an incredible DPS move on Mega Mewtwo Y and works differently than the version that Mewtwo X possesses. This Mewtwo Y build is about maximizing your damage and deleting HP bars in a flash with Future Sight’s high burst potential.

Mega Mewtwo X benefited from Future Sight pulling your opponent toward you – something that would actively hurt Mega Mewtwo Y.

While Mewtwo X’s version pulls opponents, this version of Future Sight is made specifically with Mega Mewtwo Y in mind and instead pushes foes back.


Future Sight will provide some fantastic delayed damage potential, along with the chance to surprise foes who aren’t expecting to be KO’ed by it while they’re fleeing with low HP.

Here’s what you can expect from the move:

  • Shoves the designated enemy, dealing damage, leaving them unable to act for 0.75 seconds.
  • The locked-on enemy has their movement speed decreased by 25 percent for three seconds and takes 20 percent increased damage from Mewtwo.
  • After three seconds, Mewtwo deals damage to the locked-on enemy a second time, and additional damage equal to 50 percent of any damage they took while locked-on.

So Future Sight’s damage will improve (capped at 1,500) the more damage you deal while the three-second timer is ticking.

With that in mind, Recover should be used here in order to increase Mewtwo Y’s durability while it pours as much damage out as possible, likely winning most one-on-one duels.

Teleport is still a fine option, but might not offer the same damage potential that Recover would as you can absorb attacks while continuing to focus on your target.

If you want to be optimal, then Teleport simply won’t be the best choice for this build.

An Eject Button can be used in lieu of Teleport and will provide a similar elusive quality.

Held Items

Since you’ll be looking to do as much damage as possible within three seconds, you should go all-out on increasing your attack speed.

Rapid-Fire Scarf, Muscle Band, and Scope Lens should offer the perfect balance of more critical hit damage and more basic attacks.

You can swap one of the held items for a stacking option instead, but you need to be aggressive and score to make it worth using.

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Mewtwo Y: Psystrike Build

Held Items used for a Psystrike Build on Mewtwo Y In Pokemon Unite.

This build offers an excellent blend of damage from a distance, along with a solid throw at the end of your damage burst.

If played properly using careful spacing to keep enemies at bay, you’ll be almost impossible to catch for most melee-focused threats.


Psystrike was a niche pick for Mewtwo X but is an excellent hybrid for Mewtwo Y.

Psystrike offers the full package of these benefits:

  • Mewtwo becomes unstoppable.
  • Mewtwo directs psychic waves at the enemy, dealing damage and decreasing their movement speed by ten percent for one second, stacking up to five times.
  • Psystrike damage is increased based on distance from the enemy.
  • At the end of the move, Mewtwo sends a final hit, dealing damage to nearby enemies, and throwing them for one second.
  • If Psystrike is intercepted by another target, there’s no explosion and the enemy hit is shoved instead.

These incredible effects make Psystrike a solid choice for dealing damage while also preventing your foes from either escaping or closing distance on you.

When paired with Teleport, this build becomes incredibly difficult to play against.

Mewtwo Y has access to two uses of Teleport, provided you activate the second one within three seconds of your first teleport.

Held Items

Mewtwo Y’s best held-item setup will usually include both Rapid Fire Scarf and Slick Spoon.

Due to Mewtwo Y’s reliance on basic attacks to deal massive amounts of damage, these items are essential to your output and can be slotted without worry of wasting a slot.

Muscle Band is a wonderful addition because it further boosts your attack speed, allowing Mewtwo Y to fire off an overwhelming amount of attacks.

You can absolutely experiment with Wise Glasses and Choice Specs if you’re looking to stack by playing in a lane.

Scope Lens is another great option if you need some more critical-hit damage potential.

You’ll want to master Mewtwo Y’s build; Pokemon Unite matches may seem much easier once you get the hang of this incredibly powerful Special Attacker.

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