Best Horror Games In Fortnite

Fortnite Is known for being a popular game due to its crossover events and battle royale, but thanks to its creative mode, the game can now feature multiple genres, such as horror. The scariest map in Fortnite shows a lot of promise regarding ambiance and technology that can excite you to see what’s coming next.



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This list will show some unique horror maps that feature a good amount of gameplay while still giving you the chills; some of them focused on popular horror movies, while others are brand new ideas that provide a fresh take when mixing horror and Fortnite.

8 Carnival Escape (2385-3342-5568)

The Carnival Escape Map and it's attractions such as caroussels

Carnival Escape features multiple levels in which you must find the keys to escape and survive the night. You find yourself all alone in the middle of the 4th of July, waiting for the rest of the people who went to the carnival. This map’s lighting effects and reflections are stunning, giving it an excellent design, especially in some rooms.

The game mode can be played alone or with friends, and it has some creepy clowns that watch your every move as you try to find the keys hidden across the levels. From rooms full of mirrors to the dark, oppressing atmosphere of the carnival, there is a lot to explore on this map, and hopefully, you will survive while you are at it.

7 Find The Penny’s (Wise) (2961-7589-1661)

The House in IT where Pennywise was encounter is recreated in this Fortnite Map!

Based on the movie IT, this map is a recreation of the house where Pennywise could be found in the film, and there are puzzles and balloons to reinforce that recreation. The map can support up to five players and is based on Chapter One, a nod to the series’ origin.

The darkness can be chilly at times as you don’t know what could be lurking around, and some sections require a certain amount of coins you will need to collect to advance. As a bonus, this map gives a decent amount of experience, and the puzzles are enjoyable to solve as they feature invisible sections or careful thinking to find the answer.

6 Quiet Place (3739-2232-6062)

The Quiet Place Map Features Multiple Rooms with puzzles that need to be solved or horrors will be unleashed.

Quiet Place is a single-player map that requires you to save the Quiet Place from an evil spirit. The map features multiple rooms requiring a beat, and you will need to solve all rooms if you want to restore peace to this desolate location. You will need to sift through each area to see what is out of place and get hints about what should be done.

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The map works with props and other elements that give it a creative touch and a sense of urgency. If you take too long to solve the rooms, it will be game over as the spirit becomes enraged. There are also consequences for guessing wrong when trying to beat the room’s puzzles, so think carefully before guessing.

5 The Night At Pizzeria (1502-5843-2604)

The Night At Pizzera captures the Fnaf spirit in this horror map.

The Night At Pizzeria is based on the trendy Five Nights At Freddy’s game series, and the first-person look at the map gives it that feeling of being a horror experience. You will need to control the doors and lights of the level as you survey the cameras to see if the animatronics are moving.

While the controllers can be hard to learn initially, once you have the hang of it, it becomes a delightful map to play as you try to survive the horrors of the pizzeria while managing your resources—a faithful recreation of the Fnaf series worth playing. The map is single-player due to the nature of the mechanics in the gameplay.

4 Nightmare Shift (4441-5246-1264)

Fortnite Nightmare Shift Horror Map Corridors
Taken from: 
Victrail Youtube

Nightmare Shift is a good horror map that will get a kick out of you as you play it due to its first-person point of view and the sensation that you are not entirely alone in the abandoned building. The dark rooms can feel quite tense, and you will be surprised to see how a simple shift in perspective can alter the whole experience. It is recommended to play it single-player.

The map also offers a lot of content, as there are multiple endings to discover, each with surprises and scares to explore. You will be tasked with finding clues around the map while a dangerous and terrifying identity chases you, trying to catch you and end your existence.

3 The Backrooms (1965-9447-9912)

Backroom Map Fortnite Water Landscape
Taken from: KingAlexHD Youtube

The Backroom started as a meme and has become multiple games that are all scary and frightful as they house numerous terrifying creatures. This horror map is a fantastic recreation of the experience as the environments are crafted to perfection, and it is a great work to find out what these rooms are all about. The isolation it features makes it a good choice for a single-player map.

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You clip through rooms and visit empty offices where dangerous creatures have been sighted. It is a fun map and another example of what Fortnite will be able to accomplish in the future as these recreations of maps and game modes become more accurate and spooky to play through.

2 Evil Awaits: Haunted Escape (7962-7507-1539)

The Dark Areas of Evil Awaits make it a creepy place to explore

Evil Awaits: Haunted Escape is one of the best horror games in Fortnite, as it features multiple scary locations you will have to go through to escape. Each location has a hidden spot to advance you to the next level.

Each section of the map is as scary as the previous one, and the ambiance that the map provides is spot on as the graphics and environment are spooky enough to make you feel tense. The map can be played single-player, but it is more fun to play it in multiplayer, so grab some friends and have some fun with it’s multiple chapters.

1 Scary Doll (7595-1913-2803)

The Fortnite Scary Doll Map is an excellent first person horror experience thanks to it;s visuals

The best horror map, Scary Doll will excite you for the future of Fortnite when it comes to horror. This fantastic map uses a first-person perspective person to reinforce its atmosphere, and it looks so good that it could easily pass up as its own game. The visuals are stunning, while the creepy doll chases you as you move across the areas, filling you with incertitude.

Up to four players can play the map, which certainly nails down the look of what a horror map in Fortnite strives to be: scary. As you progress through the level and accomplish goals to escape the site, you will feel terror as the frightening doll chases you and tries to get rid of you for good. This horror map should be a template for better and bigger horror maps that will come as Fortnite keeps updating its content and resources. It is merely a matter of time.

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