Best Horror Funko Pop! Figures

Horror isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Funko Pops! After all, the horror genre is known for scares, gore, and plenty of death, while Funko Pops! are generally cute. Yet, the famous figure brand has partnered with many horror franchises over the years to create some wonderful Pops!



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Some of them have made famous terrifying beings look adorable and safe to display without spooking any guests. Several others, however, are somewhat still scary despite being Funko Pops! Both the scary and cute ones can be visually appealing, and the following ones are the best examples of that.

Updated October 21, 2023 By Ben Jessey: Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to show your love for all things horror. One way you can celebrate the genre is by acquiring horror-themed Funko Pops! There are many figures based on horror TV shows and movies. We included the best ones in this list. Now, we’ve returned to the collection to add a few more that you may be interested in.

Best Horror Funko Pop! Figures

Funko Pop! Hugo Simpson holding glass and plate of fish heads

Funko Pop! Hugo Simpson

Not actually the evil twin.

This is a Funko Pop! of Bart Simpson’s ‘evil’ twin Hugo from the seventh Treehouse Of Horror special. It’s an accurate re-creation of the monstrous child, as it has his hair, teeth, messed-up outfit, and broken chain around his ankle. He’s even holding fishheads and a glass of water.


  • Looks a lot like the character
  • Nice detail of him holding fish heads
  • The signature black Funko eyes actually suit the character

Hugo Simpson is one of plenty of Simpsons characters to be introduced in the Treehouse Of Horror specials. Not many of them get their own Funko Pop! which shows how memorable Bart’s attic-dwelling twin is.

His figure is a good one, too, as it looks just like the character from the show. Everything from his hair to his teeth to his ripped-up outfit is accurate. He even has his fishheads, which are the only food The Simpson family used to give him.

Funko Pop! Hannibal wearing prison uniform and holding knife and fork

Funko Pop! Hannibal

Ready for his next meal.

$10 $13 Save $3

Witness Anthony Hopkins in Funko Pop! form! Or at least, the character he played in Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lecter. He’s got the character’s signature wrinkles, hair, and prison suit. Plus, he’s holding a knife and fork, ready to eat another human, which is very in character.


  • Iconic horror character
  • Knife and fork are clever additions
  • Nice level of detail is shown by including the character’s wrinkles

Despite not technically being the main villain of Silence of the Lambs, nor having much screen time in the flick, Hannibal is the most unsettling aspect of the movie. He’s not quite as scary in Funko Pop! form, though.

Yet, the figure still resembles the Anthony Hopkins version of the character with his wrinkles and slicked-back hair. His prison jumpsuit also looks good. But the best detail is the fact he’s holding a little knife and fork, ready to munch on some humans.

Carrie - Funko Pop! Cover

Carrie – Funko Pop!

The Most Murderous Prom Queen Ever

For fans of ’70s horror movies or remakes of ’70s horror movies comes this Carrie Funko Pop! It features the titular character in her most iconic look, which is a prom dress covered in blood.


  • Iconic look
  • Contains the right amount of blood
  • Pays homage to an often-overlooked horror classic

  • Reminds people of the underwhelming remakes

The movie Carrie is an underrated horror classic from 1976. It isn’t underrated regarding reception, as most people liked the original. However, it’s underrated because people don’t talk about it too often.

As such, you don’t expect to see collectibles based on the movie, which is why this Funko Pop! is so special. Admittedly, it’s hard to tell whether this figure is based on the original movie or one of the remakes. The benefit of this is you can just pretend it’s the one you prefer.

Get Out_ Chris Washington Hypnosis - Funko Pop!

Get Out: Chris Washington Hypnosis – Funko Pop!

Moments Before Chris Gets His Revenge

$10 $13 Save $3

Get Out is a modern horror and thriller classic that won’t soon be forgotten. This detailed Funko Pop! can help you remember one of the famous hypnosis scenes that Chris had to suffer through.


  • Inclusion of the tears rolling down his face
  • The small detail of the cotton coming out of the chair, which saves Chris in the movie
  • Immortalizes a brilliant scene

  • Anyone who hasn’t seen the movie may be confused as to why you have a Funko Pop! of a crying man strapped to a chair
  • Isn’t based on the most famous hypnosis scene in the movie

Get Out is one of the deepest and smartest horror movies in recent memory. When you’re watching a thought-provoking piece like this, your mind probably doesn’t wander to Funko Pops! But there is a couple of them based on the movie.

This one is the best as it includes the protagonist, Chris, and shows him in one of Get Out’s best scenes. The scene occurs toward the end of the film when the antagonists try to hypnotize Chris again. It’s a classic moment that you can immortalize with this figure.

The Walking Dead_ Biker Daryl - Funko Pop!

The Walking Dead: Biker Daryl – Funko Pop!

Ready For The Open Road That Will Quickly Fill With Walkers

Daryl Dixon has long been among the most popular and best characters in The Walking Dead television series. This Funko Pop! is based on the late-series version of the character, and it really shows that the apocalypse took its toll on the poor man.


  • The figure looks worn-down and haggard like Daryl does in the later seasons
  • Contains small details like bags under the eyes and a wrongly-buttoned shirt
  • Nice to see the crossbow and knife included

  • Expensive
  • A biker without a bike

It isn’t easy to survive in The Walking Dead universe, which is why Daryl Dixon is so great, as he lives through many perilous situations in the TV series. Yet, that life still takes it out of you. This is hard to get across in Funko Pop! form, as most of these figures look bright-eyed and happy no matter what they’re doing.

This Daryl one, however, uses a few small details to make the character look a bit disheveled, like he does in the show. This is what makes this a wonderful collectible.

Universal Monsters_ Frankenstein & The Bride - Funko Pop!

Universal Monsters: Frankenstein & The Bride – Funko Pop!

A Match Made In A Lab

While they don’t have the best relationship in fiction, Frankenstein’s monster and his bride are one of the most famous pairs in horror history. So, it’s only right that they come as a delightful two-pack of Funko Pops!


  • Lack of color to resemble the old movie they’re based on
  • Nice details on the hair of both characters
  • Accurate clothing

  • The title of the Funko Pop! pack calls him Frankenstein instead of Frankenstein’s monster
  • The bride rejected the monster in the movie

Cute couples aren’t a common sight in the horror genre. You certainly don’t often see two terrifying monsters getting together. This is likely why Frankenstein’s monster and his bride are so memorable, as they’re unique.

In the Bride of Frankenstein movie, the two don’t actually get together. But their limited screen time with each other was enough for the couple to be remembered forever and commemorated in this Funko Pop! pack. And they’re two well-designed and highly detailed Pops! that look fantastic. So, who cares about their relationship status?

Jaws: Chief Brody - Funko Pop! VHS Cover

Jaws: Chief Brody – Funko Pop! VHS Cover

Any Sized Boat Is Fine For This Funko Pop!

Jaws remains an iconic horror film, and Chief Brody remains a memorable part of it. This product immortalizes both, as it not only includes a stunning Chief Brody Funko Pop! but also contains a VHS cover of the movie.


  • Inclusion of iconic VHS cover
  • Cool to see the bucket of bait and the cigarette part of the product
  • Outfit is detailed

  • Can’t buy from anywhere but the official Funko store

Horror VHS covers and posters don’t get much more legendary than the classic Jaws one. So, the fact it’s celebrated as part of this Funko Pop! is one reason the collectible is so great. Plus, it also helps make the product feel special, as while it isn’t the only Pop! with a VHS cover in the world, they’re still fairly rare to see.

The choice to accompany it with Chief Brody of all the characters is wonderful, as he’s the most celebrated character in the flick, and it isn’t just because he’s the protagonist. The guy is one of the best parts of the movie and is even responsible for its most famous line: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre_ Leatherface - Funko Pop! Cover

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Leatherface – Funko Pop!

The Often Misunderstood Monster

Few faces in horror are as well-known as the one covered in leather from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. You can celebrate that creepy man with this highly-detailed and surprisingly adorable Funko Pop!


  • Classic Leatherface mouth
  • Accurate clothing
  • Surprisingly adorable

  • The blood doesn’t look great
  • Too cute to be scary

Some horror characters will be remembered forever, and Leatherface is part of the group. This is because he is one of the most influential and scary slasher monsters ever. Yet, when you look at this Funko Pop! “scary” probably isn’t the first word to come to mind. After all, he actually looks quite cute in his little mask and brightly colored chainsaw.

However, that lack of terror doesn’t diminish the quality of this product, as it still looks fantastic and would look even better on display.

Chucky - Funko Pop! Cover

Chucky – Funko Pop!

A Funko Pop! Based On A Doll

Celebrate everyone’s toy-turned-serial killer with this Funko Pop! It is based on the version of Chucky seen in the Bride Of Chucky movie. And it really brings the horrifying character to life due to its immense level of detail.


  • The Menacing expression on his face
  • Scars look great
  • Outfit is detailed

  • Can’t be sure that the soul of Chucky isn’t inside the Funko Pop!

Despite being one of the least physically imposing slasher villains ever, Chucky has continually struck fear into viewers’ hearts since he debuted in the late ’90s. This figure is based on the version of the character from The Bride Of Chucky.

The reputation of that movie is mixed as some see it as the best in the series, while others aren’t as fond of the flick. This Funko Pop! though, can please any fans of the murderous doll. After all, it looks a lot like the killer and is more detailed than your average Pop!

It_ Pennywise With Balloon - Funko Pop!

It: Pennywise With Balloon – Funko Pop!

Pennywise Loves Derry

The star of the IT franchise and all-around horrifying clown, Pennywise, is immortalized in this Funko Pop! He’s in his funny clown get-up and holding a balloon that shows his love for the town he terrorizes.


  • Still scary even in Funko Pop! form
  • Includes the red balloon
  • Authentic make-up and outfit

  • Eyes don’t look as sinister as they do in the movie
  • The plain red balloon is more iconic

While Pennywise has existed for many years, the character has significantly increased in fame in recent times due to the IT movies. In fact, prior to the 2017 film, you’d be hard-pressed to find Pennywise collectibles. Now, not only is there a lot more, but there are some very good ones, too.

This Funko Pop! is currently the best figure you can find of the sinister clown on the market due to how incredibly detailed it is. And while the eyes aren’t quite what you see in the movies, at least they’re different from the basic Funko Pop! black ones.

marvel zombies she-hulk funko pop
via Amazon

Marvel Zombies She-Hulk Funko Pop!

Braaaaaaains, big green braaaaaaaains!

It has sort of been confirmed that Marvel Zombies is a part of the MCU canon thanks to What If, so that means various heroes, including She-Hulk whose undead variant is represented here in Funko Pop! form, might show up as zombies in more shows and movies in the future.


  • Just make your Marvel Pop! collection nothing but zombies
  • Or just get them all out and replace the regular versions for Halloween

  • Originally a Hot Topic exclusive so might be tricky to find

Zombies are a thing in the Marvel multiverse, something you might not have realized since the topic has only been briefly touched upon so far in the MCU.

Turns out even some of Marvel’s heroes aren’t immune to becoming undead, and some of their zombie variants are so synonymous with Marvel’s Zombies stories that they have their own Funko Pops. She-Hulk is my personal favorite, hence her zombie being the one to make this list of horror figures.


Do Sold-Out Funko Pops Come Back?

There are plenty of Funko Pops! that are exclusive to the official Funko website that are usually gone forever when they sell out. However, those that are non-exclusive can occasionally be restocked.

Are You Supposed To Keep Funko Pops In Their Box?

You’re not at all required to keep Funko Pops! in their boxes. They can look good on display regardless of whether they’re in a box or not. So, it’s up to your own preference. As with a lot of toys and figures, some believe that keeping them in their boxes makes them more valuable. Yet, that isn’t always the case with Funko Pops!

What Is The Rarest Type Of Funko Pop?

The rarest Funko Pop! ever is the Stan Lee Superhero Platinum Metallic Pop! The reason it’s considered so rare is because only ten of them were ever made. Therefore, not only are they hard to find, but it’ll also cost you plenty of money to get one.

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