Best Halloween Loungefly Backpacks In 2023

Fall is one of the best seasons to enjoy. Maybe it’s the gorgeous autumnal colors set to a backdrop of your favorite pumpkin spice drink, cozy and cute clothing, and a nice breeze. It could also be the thrill of the end of the month, with Halloween posing as your favorite spooky time of year.



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No matter how you want to go about Halloween, there’s one thing you’ll definitely want with you, and that’s a Loungefly backpack. Whether you’re in it for the truly scary or the cutest Halloween decorations, we’ve got a great variety of the best Loungefly backpacks to choose from.

Updated on September 24, 2023 by Jerel Levy: With the Halloween season fast approaching, we had to update this list with even more perfect Loungefly bags to have for the spooky season.

Loungefly Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters House Double Strap Shoulder Bag

Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters House Loungefly Backpack

This Hocus Pocus loungefly backpack has the most gorgeous artwork of your favorite characters. All three Sanderson sisters sit in their doorway, waiting to collect little children while Max and his sister walk by. The bad is gorgeous, atmospheric, and best of all, it glows in the dark.

12″ X 9″ X 4.5″


  • The windows glow in the dark
  • The artwork is gorgeous and atmospheric
  • The inside is layered with more character pattern, making it just as cute

Any Halloween fan will instantly notice your Hocus Pocus loungefly goodness. Probably one of the most iconic Halloween films that isn’t a horror, the sisters lurk in the doorway as Max and his sister walk by, unaware of what’s about to unfold. This artwork is both adorable and extremely accurate, turning your favorite characters into even cuter versions of themselves. Turn the lights off, and the bag (and the Sanderson house) truly come to life as all the windows glow in the dark, signaling the sinister secret the house hides. The pattern inside also includes the movie’s main characters in a gorgeous print (including Binx).

Stitch Exclusive Spooky Stories Halloween Glow Mini Backpack

Stitch Spooky Stories Halloween Loungefly Backpack

Who doesn’t love a scary story being read to them on Halloween? Stitch comes to you with his cute little pointy purple Halloween hat and his book of spooky stories in this Loungefly exclusive Halloween backpack. It has his hat and cute ears outlining the backpack as his little animal friends (also dressed up for Halloween) gather around to hear the scariest stories. Even better, this backpack glows in the dark!

9”W x 10.5”H x 4.5”D


  • Has glow in the dark parts, including on Stitch
  • His cute ears, hat, and halloween costume evoke the holiday perfectly
  • If you’re a collector, it’s an exclusive piece you won’t find anywhere else

  • Exclusivity means it can only be purchased from Loungefly

If you want an exclusive Halloween backpack of your favorite alien experiment, Stitch and Loungefly have got you covered. Stitch, all dressed up for Halloween, brought his favorite spooky stories to the Halloween party and read them to his animal companions, also dressed up for the holiday. The backpack is a vibrant blue with orange and purple color pops for Halloween, and sections of Stitch even glow in the dark as well, quintessential for a Halloween backpack.

Halloween Michael Myers Glow Mask Loungefly Backpack

Halloween Michael Myers Glow Mask Loungefly Backpack

This Michael Myers Halloween loungefly backpack is perfect for the season. The eponymous backpack is the epitome of Halloween, with a cosplay version of the iconic Halloween mask front and center on the backpack. The mask glows in the dark, and the back of the backpack features the Halloween home with the famous line “The Night He Came Home” which also glows in the dark. Inside is the printed pumpkin, knife and mask pattern. 

9” W x 10.5” H x 4.5” D


  • Lots of little details add to the overall backpack
  • The mask and the iconic house on the back glow in the dark
  • Instantly iconic and recognizable

Who should be on your backpack for Halloween? The one and only Michael Myers, of course. With a franchise named “Halloween,” we’d be remiss not to include the iconic mask backpack itself. Covering most of the backpack is Michael Myers, with a cosplay version of his mask as the focal point and the top of his iconic jumper as well. You’ll notice the details when you look closely, including the iconic knife-shaped metal zipper charm. Of course, the mask and other portions of the backpack glow in the dark.

Loungefly Pokémon Gengar Floral Characters Mini Backpack

Loungefly Pokémon Gengar Floral Characters Mini Backpack

This Loungefly backpack exclusive to Box Lunch features everyone’s favorite Halloween Pokemon, Gengar. Front and center on the bag is the Ghost and Poison-type Pokemon, ready to haunt anyone who comes too close. Behind him are the iconic Pikachu and Eevee duo, rounding out the adorable backpack with floral arrangements and a beautiful sunset backdrop behind Gengar itself. 

9 1/4″ W x 10 1/2″ H x 5″ D


  • Pokemon meets Halloween
  • This bag is cute enough to be used all year round
  • Generation 8 starters and Pikachu and Eeve all feature along with Gengar

  • Exclusivity means it’s only available at Box Lunch
  • Won’t be here for this Halloween

With so many creepy Pokemon ready to haunt you for Halloween, it’s no surprise there’s an exclusive Loungefly backpack to match the Halloween season. Not only is it versatile enough for Halloween and fall or everyday use, but it even has a surprise for any Generation 8 fans. The starters, Scorbunny, Sobble, and Grookey all adorn the sides of the backpack. It’s perfect for Gen 8 fans, Halloween fans, Gengar fans, or fans of the iconic mascot dup. Everyone can find something to love with this bag.

Minnie Mouse Exclusive Halloween Sequin Mini Backpack Loungefly

Minnie Mouse Halloween Sequin Loungefly Backpack

Perfect for the Halloween holiday season, this cute mini backpack from Loungefly is an exclusive item you can grab from the original store. Everything about it just oozes Halloween when you look at all the details that come with this backpack. Minnie’s ears drape the bag, with sequins on them and the front and side pockets. Looking closer, you’ll spot the bow that’s shaped like a bat, the bat patterns on the black of the backpack, and the bat tassel on the front zipper. Gorgeous details make for a great Halloween piece. 

9”W x 10.5”H x 4.5”D


  • Glamorous and on theme for Halloween
  • Cute details are scattered across the bag
  • Great for your Minnie backpack Loungefly collection

  • Exclusivity means it can only be purchased from Loungefly

Perfect for matching with every outfit come fall, this Minnie Mouse Exclusive Halloween Sequin Mini Backpack from Loungefly will be your go-to all season. With the Disney mouse ears and Minnie Mouse bow in the perfect orange and black coloring of the holiday, it’s a great grab to last you until next Halloween. Who says you can’t be glamorous for Halloween?

Child's Play Chucky Loungefly Backpack

Child’s Play Chucky Loungefly Backpack

This backpack from the iconic movie Child’s Play replicates Chucky’s outfit from the film. The attention to detail is a spooky good addition, with a quote from the movie on the back and his overalls and real bright red buttons represented on the front.  Even the Good Guys script on the front of his jumper is here. Makes an excellent cosplay addition as well. 

9″ W x 10.5″ H x 4.5″ D


  • Great addition for cosplay
  • Attention to detail from the movie translates to the backpack
  • Both subtle and overt at the same time, can be used during any season

Hiding in plain sight, be the terror of those around you with this Loungefly Child’s Play Chucky backpack. Completely unassuming at first glance, diehard fans of the evil doll will eventually recognize the menacing nature of all the details surrounding this backpack. When they eventually see the little knife on the zipper, and start to piece together what all the weapons truly represent on this backpack, they’ll instantly understand how sinister the “Wanna Play” on the back of the backpack is. This one also doubles as the perfect cosplay accessory.


Disney Villains Chernabog Loungefly Backpack

Have a devil on your backpack with this Loungefly bag featuring Chernabog. This Disney Fantasia villain will help you get into some trouble with its design. The hands on the front reach out to grab you as the bag uses black and blue hues to make the villain seem alive, just in a smaller version. The wings on the back make it look like it’s flying toward you. It’s as cute as it is terrifying, making it the perfect backpack companion. 

W: 10″ X H: 10.5″ X D: 4.5


  • The perfect bag for the holiday season
  • The art and design make it look like Chernabog is coming out of the bag
  • The wings and extra peripherals make for a striking silhouette ripe for scares

Talk about a demon on your shoulder, or in this case, a devil on your back. Have a mini Chernabog on your backpack this Halloween with this Loungefly bag. The perfect little sinister addition, this backpack shrinks the huge monstrosity down to an adorable and notable size for all of your Halloween mischief. Feel confident with this little imp by your side on all Halloween Eve.

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